Chapter 472: Be Honest for Leniency, and also Preferential Treatment

Chapter 472: Be Honest for Leniency, and also Preferential Treatment…

“Here, this is for you.” In a very good mood, Chu Liuyun took out an antique token engraved with the word ‘Multihouse’ on one side and her family name ‘Chu’ on the other.

“This is…?” Bai Xiaofei received the token with a puzzled expression.

“Give this to Brother Feng. The person holding this token can buy a batch of precious grain at reserve price at any branch of the Multihouse Business every month. It should be useful to your merchant group that has just started,” said Chu Liuyun lightly with a smile.

She was very happy to be of help to Bai Xiaofei…

“As expected of Big Sister Liuyun. This will be more than just useful. You are a big help!” Bai Xiaofei carefully held the token and looked at it like it was a treasure.

“As long as it can help. I won’t delay you as there are more people waiting for you. I’m already satisfied that I can occupy you for so long.” Chu Liuyun playfully giggled. Before Bai Xiaofei could answer, she had already walked away.

Reluctantly shaking his head, Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. She was right. There were still several great ‘gods’ at home who he hadn’t appeased yet…

For example, Hu Xian’er, who he was going to see now.

On the way back to the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei had already started to jitter. He wanted to see Hu Xian’er very much but was also feeling inexplicably guilty. It must be because he had been away for too long, and also because he had gone a little too wild in Ancient Yue.

Men. Acting all unrestrained and impressive outside, but at home, they became meek puppies… Of course, this only included good men, scum were an exception. Those that used their own strength against their own family were not men and could at best be called male.

Unknownst if everyone had reached some tacit understanding, there wasn’t a single figure in Demon of Illusions after twilight. The entire faculty looked frightening and cold.

Bai Xiaofei first went to Hu Xian’er’s room. After knocking on the door for a long while without receiving a response, he was relieved, thinking that this was his chance to catch a breath and went to his room. The moment he opened the door, Bai Xiaofei froze. The heart that had just settled down leaped to his throat again.

Hu Xian’er, dressed in student uniform, was sitting quietly at the table, sipping tea. Bai Xiaofei didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t seen her for so long, but at this moment, her every movement looked particularly attractive.

However, as enchanting as it looked, Bai Xiaofei still smelled a hint of danger…

“You’re back. Look at you. You’ve solved the matter with Sister Liuyun, I suppose?” said Hu Xian’er indifferently. This was the first time she exuded her queenly aura when she was alone with Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but panic. This was definitely the start of an interrogation!

“Mhm. That Zhu Guang is okay, but he’s still no match for me.” His tone uneasy, Bai Xiaofei felt as if he had been pinpointed by a teacher.

“Not going to come over and take a seat? This is not like you.” Hu Xian’er revealed a captivating smile but there was some deep meaning in her expression.

It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t dare!

Bai Xiaofei shouted in his heart but could only display a silly smile, then trotted over to Hu Xian’er and began to massage her shoulders.

“I’m not tired, but the Student Community must have exhausted you during my absence.” Bai Xiaofei fawned as he tried to lead the topic so as to avoid Ancient Yue.

Unfortunately, Hu Xian’er knew him even better than the worm in his stomach…

“It’s mostly Fang Ye handling everything. I only taught some stupid people a lesson. It must be different for you though. Back at the welcome party, you must have hidden a lot of details from your story.”

Bai Xiaofei’s ploy failed as Hu Xian’er threw the ball back at him.

Heaving a long sigh in his heart, Bai Xiaofei accepted his fate. Although Hu Xian’er didn’t make it clear, he wasn’t stupid. He knew what she wanted to hear.

“I admit, I met a girl…”

Hu Xian’er’s mouth instantly twitched, but she controlled it.

“A girl?”

“Well… it’s a little big sister.” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly corrected it, and then there was a hint of happiness within the fear on his face.

As his second woman, Nie Qing left him just as deep an impression as Hu Xian’er. Although they weren’t together for long, he still remembered her every expression.

“Tell me about it. I really want to hear this story. It must be unforgettable, right?” Hu Xian’er turned her head and looked at Bai Xiaofei, her pair of fox eyes flashing with expectation, which surprised him.

She’s not angry?!

How could she not be angry?! What did she tell you before you left? However, it was useless to be angry now!

It was impossible for Bai Xiaofei to know the emotions in Hu Xian’er’s heart. At her request, he started filling in his previous story.

Gradually, with Bai Xiaofei’s narration, Hu Xian’er’s expression softened. Not because of anything else, just because Nie Qing saved Bai Xiaofei’s life, and that was enough.

“Then why didn’t you bring her back?! You’re not worried about letting her follow that group of thieves to roam around the world?”

Hu Xian’er’s questioning tone struck Bai Xiaofei dumb.

This change of attitude is too fast! Sure enough, there are differences between the worldview of magical beasts and humans.

“I tried, but she didn’t agree at all. She didn’t even say goodbye when she left. The only thing left was a pair of earrings.” Bai Xiaofei sighed and his face grew sad.

Who didn’t want to keep his woman by his side? But sometimes things wouldn’t go as one wished.

“Maybe she can’t accept our existence yet, but I believe that time will solve everything. Don’t be too sad.” Hu Xian’er took Bai Xiaofei’s hand in hers. The tenderness in her expression made him restless.

His reaction naturally didn’t escape her eyes. As many thoughts paraded through her mind, a blush dyed her pretty face particularly attractive.

“I missed you…” murmured Bai Xiaofei as his burning eyes fixed on Hu Xian’er.

“Don’t you have anything more charming to say?!” Hu Xian’er stared back with a hint of displeasure, but her sullen look was nothing but endless allure in his eyes.

“I’m out of words, but do actions count?” As Bai Xiaofei said this, Bai Xiaofei had already picked up Hu Xian’er and threw her on the soft bed amidst her surprised yelp. The next second, he pounced over…

How could she be safe when she had already entered the tiger’s den?

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