Chapter 45 Finally Becoming The Class Monitor!

After Xue Ying finished venting her bellyful of grievances, He Meng was incapable of standing, and based on the clear and resounding sounds from before, there were at least six or seven of He Meng’s bones that had been broken!

Bai Xiaofei walked over slowly to He Meng’s side before placing his hand on He Meng’s wrist. The feeling of origin energy converging arose once more before Bai Xiaofei extracted a strand of origin energy.

“It’s done, Senior He Meng. You can be at ease. But I hope I don’t have to use this little fellow again in the future.” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at the unconscious He Meng. His chuckle was filled with disdain.

On the other hand, Xue Ying who was by Bai Xiaofei’s side instinctively moved far away because Devourer Worms were like incurable diseases, and regardless of whether the worms posed any threat to the user, no one was willing to be near them.

“Hey, how much longer do the three of you intend to lie on the ground? There are five third-year students with jade tokens here. Don’t all three of you want to consider getting up and looking for the jade tokens?” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Mo Ka and the others, who were acting dead, instantly leaped up from the ground and charged with tremendous momentum towards the group of five third-year students, who were in an even more miserable state than them.

Experience comes with practice. The three of them were slightly worried the last time, but this time the level of their audacity wasn’t inferior to Bai Xiaofei’s in the slightest, even if the people before them were third-year seniors!

The four seniors on the ground apart from He Meng actually had the ability to resist, but with Xue Ying present at the scene, they didn’t dare move a muscle until after Mo Ka and the others transferred all the Starnet Stones from their jade tokens.

After Mo Ka and them returned to Bai Xiaofei’s side with excitement, the smiles on their faces were enough to display the wealth of the five seniors.

“Seniors, the infirmary at the Furnace of Agarwood probably hasn’t closed yet. Do all of you intend to continue staying here? Or would you like to make the best use of your time and have yourselves looked at?”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, the four seniors still capable of moving a bit immediately stood up and carried He Meng as they ran out. They didn’t even dare to take a glance at Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying while doing so.

The students spectating outside noticed all this, and they split open a path when He Meng’s group of five left.

At the same time, room 807 had been set as a restricted area in their hearts!

Meanwhile, Zhang Qinghai and Zhang Qingshan, who were hiding in the corner, completely gave up hope. Even third-year students were helpless against Bai Xiaofei and the others, so they could only choose to stomach this humiliation.

The surrounding spectators gradually dispersed while the remaining six male students from the Savage Class, who were also in the male dormitory, hastily ran over.

Originally, they were watching the show as well. But they didn’t know that the “actors” in the show were Bai Xiaofei and the others, and by the time they realized this, the problem was already more or less resolved. They charged into the dormitory with flustered expressions on their faces.

“Big Sister Xue…” Their expressions instantly turned to astonishment the instant they saw Xue Ying. Then, the six students revealed an obedient and reserved appearance.

“It’s fine now, everything that needs to be resolved has been resolved.” Xue Ying cleared her throat as her attitude turned solemn once more. She could be slightly at ease when there were fewer people, but when everyone was together, she had to maintain her dignity as a headteacher.

The group of six then looked at Bai Xiaofei, and their astonishment turned into pleasant surprise. Even though they were pushed out to the outer circle of the crowd earlier, they had roughly heard what had occurred, so the gazes they shot at Bai Xiaofei at this moment couldn’t help but be filled with admiration.

“Big Brother Fei, you deserve to be our Savage Class’s class monitor. Your bearing absolutely crushes most people in our academy!” The person who spoke was Xing Nan, and the nearby Xue Ying couldn’t help but be stunned when the words “class monitor” were mentioned.

“Class monitor? Him?!” Xue Ying said and pointed at Bai Xiaofei. A trace of bewilderment appeared on her face because she intended to organize a small test in the class to determine the candidate to be class monitor.

“Right, weren’t you the one who chose him, Big Sister Xue?” Xing Nan continued, keenly sensing that something was off.

“Don’t listen to Xing Nan’s nonsense. I never said that. On the day of registration, he and Zhu Sisi didn’t give me the chance to explain before directly assuming I was the class monitor,” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly explained as he revealed a flattering and sly smile. “Big Sister Xue, you must believe a pure and good young man like me!”

Xue Ying couldn’t help but grunt coldly to display her attitude as she looked at Bai Xiaofei’s odd expression.

Pure? Good young man? You? Then would there be anyone who wouldn’t be considered pure and good in this academy? Xue Ying thought like this in her heart but didn’t voice it.

“Whatever. In any case, there needs to be someone to do some errands. But I’ll absolutely make you bear the consequences if you dare throw the face of our class!” After she confirmed him as the class monitor, Xue Ying didn’t forget to give him a fierce warning. She then revealed a puzzled expression.

“Did you really foster a Devourer Worm?” Eventually, Xue Ying was unable to restrain the curiosity in her heart because a matter such as fostering a Devourer Worm was truly astonishing.

“Fostering a Devourer Worm?!” Xing Nan exclaimed in shock before Bai Xiaofei could speak. “How could that be possible? Even our southern territory doesn’t have a way to foster Devourer Worms because the actions of Devourer Worms are based entirely on instinct. It’s impossible to form a relationship with them!” 

As soon as a specialist spoke, Bai Xiaofei instantly swallowed back the excuse he had prepared. He shrugged and laughed slyly. “Xing Nan is right: how could I have possibly fostered a Devourer Worm? This thing is hated by all in the Infinite Mountain Range and is even rarer than magical beasts that can take human form, so let alone fostering one, it’s impossible to even encounter it.” “Then how did you deceive He Meng?” Under their sudden understanding, a new question surged into their minds.

“All of you have heard of the World Devourer technique, right? I only slightly sped up the speed of his origin energy at one of the places his origin energy converges. Who asked him to be ignorant and really believe me?” 

After Bai Xiaofei unveiled the secret, all of them got to know Bai Xiaofei once more. Sure enough, the Illusion Stream really did suit him the best because they had never seen anyone better than Bai Xiaofei at making what was fake seem real!

“I heard that secret techniques like the World Devourer require guidance to learn, so you know someone who is skilled in this technique?” Xue Ying was older after all, and she could be considered to possess extensive knowledge.

“My fourth father does.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled and didn’t hide it because none of them knew who his fourth father was at any rate, and it wasn’t possible for them to go to the Gorge of Heroes to look for his fourth father…

“Exactly how many secrets do you possess? Or perhaps how many tricks have you not used?” As a trace of a smile appeared on her face, Xue Ying felt a bit pleased with this “class monitor” of hers.

“You’ll find out in the future. The list is too long for me to tell you now.” Bai Xiaofei directly stopped the topic of conversation and kept them guessing because those tricks were the foundation of his life, and it would be impossible for him to move about in the world if he revealed them all.

“Whatever. But don’t let me find out you played tricks on me. know the consequences!” Xue Ying clenched her fists as she revealed her trump card once again – threats…

“Don’t worry, I usually don’t play tricks on beauties.” Bai Xiaofei seized the opportunity to flatter her, causing Xue Ying to reveal a satisfied smile.

But she didn’t know that Bai Xiaofei had said similar words to countless people…


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