Chapter 469: Testing the Spiritualization Art!

Chapter 469: Testing the Spiritualization Art!

While the elite team took over the south city, the two thousand troops still hiding around the east city also launched an attack!

Coupled with the fact that the city was empty after sending out almost all of its forces, the fierce attack from the two thousand troops breached the city in less than two hours. Once inside, it was simply a crushing victory for two thousand Martial Warriors. In the end, the east city was captured even faster than the south.

And the beacon signals from those two had thrown the other sides into disarray.

Help or not?

This question messed up the remaining three sides. Not helping meant they would permanently lose support from two locations, but even if they wanted to help, they didn’t have many spare troops.

In this dilemma, the north and west sides made completely different responses. The west city remained unmoved while the north city sent reinforcements! Moreover, the reinforcement team that had been sent from the east city was also returning. As a result, Bai Xiaofei’s troops inside the east city were welcoming a two-pronged siege.

As for the center city, it was already powerless to defend itself. After Bai Xiaofei’s three teams around beat back the reinforcements, they besieged the center city, leaving the defenders no time to catch a breath.

Meanwhile, upon seeing the signal from the north that their reinforcements had been sent, Bai Xiaofei’s two thousand troops that had taken over the east city immediately abandoned it and headed out to welcome the reinforcements.

Bai Xiaofei’s strategy was only suitable for a quick victory, and the element of surprise was a must for such a strategy. When the north reinforcements collided with the little-less-than-two thousand troops of Martial Warriors, the results could be imagined. There was no suspense at all.

After the north reinforcements were devoured, the north city had basically become empty. The remaining troops of over a thousand didn’t even stop to celebrate before they headed toward it.

By the evening of the first day, the center, south, and north city were all in Bai Xiaofei’s pocket. The east city was left with only one force – their own reinforcements that were returning, but their artillery had all been destroyed.

In contrast, the west city was still intact. However, it was only a matter of time before they lost the huge number of soldiers that they had sent out and became isolated…

At this point, Bai Xiaofei had passed the level!

After winning the last two cities, he directly left the Illusionary Sandboard. If there weren’t so many people waiting outside, he wouldn’t even have started this level.

The Illusionary Sandboard was meaningless to Bai Xiaofei at this point. No matter how real it was, illusions were only illusions and far from reality.

Meanwhile, the onlookers outside had gone silly! They savored every detail since the beginning, and Bai Xiaofei’s classic textbook-like commanding completely refreshed their worldview.

Most importantly, Bai Xiaofei found a point that no one had. Everyone deemed the beacon towers to be a difficult problem. They never thought that they could use the information exchanges among those towers to order their troops to make corresponding adjustments!

Simple as it sounded, it wasn’t so easy to put into operation.

Because one had to make all the arrangements before they divided their army, not everyone could do this. Like playing chess, the more steps you could predict, the greater your winning rate was! Bai Xiaofei’s commands this time was equivalent to seeing the ending from the beginning!

Therefore, it wasn’t without reason that the people outside were shocked.

When Bai Xiaofei walked out, the stupefied crowd returned to their senses. Cheers erupted as they once again put him on the pedestal.

“Bai Xiaofei, I challenge you!” a discordant voice suddenly rang out amidst the cheering.

Everyone instantly quieted down and looked over. There, they saw a fourth-year student of the Sword of Assault staring intently at Bai Xiaofei with a serious expression.

Before Bai Xiaofei could say anything, a beautiful figure came running in a hurry, and the crowd of onlookers exploded again.

It was Chu Liuyun!

No one who came to the Illusionary Sandboard to watch the level challenge lacked the brains. They quickly connected the dots and understood the relationship between the three people of interest.

Chu Liuyun was on the Blossom Ranking, and Bai Xiaofei was her guardian. Challenging the guardian was naturally a suitor who met the first two requirements.

“Xiaofei, forget it. Even if he passes your ordeal, it’s only a meal. After…”

“I am your guardian. I guard. Do you understand?” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Chu Liuyun before she could finish.

Looking at the smiling Bai Xiaofei, Chu Liuyun’s heart was warmed and her eyes reddened.

Yes, even if you lose, you are still my guardian! Forever!

Slowly walking towards the challenger, Bai Xiaofei’s smile deepened.

“Do you mind introducing yourself?”

Looking at the confident Bai Xiaofei, the challenger panicked a little but quickly adjusted. Bai Xiaofei had his persistence, and as a challenger, he also had his own confidence!

“Zhu Guang, fourth-year student of the Sword of Assault, ranked 25th on the Combat Ranking!” introduced Zhu Guang with increasing confidence. A position on the Combat Ranking was solid proof. Without real strength, he’d be pushed down in minutes!

“Oh? I’ll save myself a lot of trouble then,” with a relaxed expression, Bai Xiaofei made a comment that stunned everyone.

“What do you mean?” Zhu Guang frowned. He had thought that his Combat rank would more or less put pressure on Bai Xiaofei, but now it seemed that this was counterproductive…

“Let’s make it into one. You challenge me, and I challenge you at the same time. If you lose, your place on the Combat Ranking is mine!”

Everyone instantly revealed a surprised look.

Is the rumor true?! Bai Xiaofei really has the strength to confront an Exquisite Rank master?!

“Alright! But we’ll see whether you have the ability!” said Zhu Guang. Light flashed from his hands, and two odd-looking swords appeared. At the same time, a set of silver armor covered him tightly.

A very traditional Onslaught Stream puppet master, with both offensive and defensive abilities. However, traditional did not mean weak. His ranking on the Combat Ranking was solid proof.

Bai Xiaofei summoned Huskie and Blackie. Blackie immediately looked at the opponent in alarm while Huskie jumped around Bai Xiaofei gleefully.

“Which one of you is going?” Bai Xiaofei squatted down and asked.

Huskie instantly barked. Although Huskie could speak now, it still seemed very unaccustomed to it. More often, it would still act with its base instinct.

“Well, I thought so, too. After all, you are usually useless in combat.”

Bai Xiaofei’s words hurt Huskie deeply. After two barks full of injustice, it looked at Bai Xiaofei with discontent.

“Okay, okay, don’t look at me like that. I’m not your fangirl, your cuteness can’t affect me,” said Bai Xiaofei. Then, he put his hand on Huskie’s head, and his expression grew serious. “Spiritualize!”

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