Chapter 468: Teaching Demonstration!

Chapter 468: Teaching Demonstration!

“Why hasn’t he started yet?”

“Yeah. Don’t tell me he isn’t confident enough…”

“That’s possible. He’s already passed 23 levels. It’s not surprising if he is unsure.”

“Fart! You all know fart! You have never seen Boss Bai in the challenges. He wouldn’t even have come if he isn’t confident!”


As Bai Xiaofei cultivated the secret art, a commotion had arisen outside the Illusionary Sandboard. Some doubted while some supported him, but everyone was expecting something to appear on the screen all the same. Finally, after waiting for nearly two hours, something was shown.

The 24th level, take down five cities!

Bai Xiaofei began his long journey of conquest with his own elite army. The five target cities were located in five directions: south, east, north, west, and the center. The distance between them wasn’t very far. No matter which one Bai Xiaofei attacked first, at least three other parties could arrive to the rescue quickly. However, the defense of each city by itself wasn’t strong.

Therefore, there was only one difficult task in this level: how to overcome the quick reinforcements!

In the view of outsiders, Bai Xiaofei’s troops were strong but still not enough to have a chance in this hopeless situation. Yet without any hesitation, he advanced. And to their surprise, he actually separated his army!

Five thousand troops were divided into five teams led by several generals that he specially trained and upgraded, while Tie Zhu led a dozen elites to accompany Bai Xiaofei. Four teams blocked the only four roads leading to the center city, the remaining team lay hidden near the east city.

Because there was no time limit, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t in a hurry. The only thing to worry about was food. However, he didn’t consider this a problem. He led Tie Zhu’s group all the way to the south city. With the help of Blackie’s ability, a total of 16 people disguised as a trading caravan entered the city.

This series of actions stunned everyone outside. What is this for?! It’s likely he won’t even take down one city like this!

However, they weren’t shocked for long as Bai Xiaofei soon showed them what he had planned.

First, he let Huskie and Blackie constantly change the appearances of his troops into that of key defense military figures of the city. Bai Xiaofei was definitely an expert at this kind of sneaky act. By the time everyone realized, he had become the general of military intelligence, while Tie Zhu and the others were his deputy leader and staff.

After enough preparations, the food that Bai Xiaofei had provided the other five teams had also just run out because he told them not to scrimp and save, so as to ensure combat effectiveness as their priority!

Under this circumstance, Bai Xiaofei sent intelligence to the general of the south city: ‘Enemy troops are blocking the main roads, and they have almost run out of food. Highly likely they will act soon!’

The south general naturally didn’t doubt intelligence from a ‘family.’ He raised an alert and at the same time spread the news through the beacon tower. The linkage of five cities was reflected right here. Their mutual assistance could make any party instantly become an iron turtle shell.

Little did they know, the beacon tower was what Bai Xiaofei wanted to borrow for a while! Once the fire of war was ignited, Bai Xiaofei’s team hiding near the east city immediately moved. The team blocking the path between the east and center city also dispatched towards the east city.

When the beacon tower reported about this two-pronged attack, the north, south, and center city immediately responded. Their reinforcements poured out at the same time.

However, Bai Xiaofei’s 2000 troops only catapult-blasted several times in the periphery of the east city before stationing there, having no intention to attack. This was what the reinforcements who had left their cities didn’t know.

The general of the east city was dumbstruck for a while. After some hesitation, he still sent the other cities a reminder to be cautious of sudden changes from the enemy at all times. At the same time, he made up his mind to ‘swallow’ these 2000 troops, so he didn’t tell the other cities to withdraw reinforcements!

Seeing the fire signal change from the beacon tower, Bai Xiaofei’s stationed troops immediately reported. The remaining three teams moved, and their target was the center city.

Because a large number of reinforcements were sent, the defense of the center city dropped by at least 40%, while a total of 3000 troops were attacking it. Their fierce advance scared the people in the center city silly!

They had been tricked!

This was the center city’s first thought. Without any delay, it began actively defending while issuing an urgent emergency request. An emergency was always the number one priority from the beacon tower. The reinforcements sent by the center city immediately turned back upon seeing it. At the same time, each of the other four cities also sent reinforcements.

Meanwhile, the east city tentatively launched an attack at the 2000 troops stationed near them, only to find that the stationed area was just a ruse. No one was there!

This fortified their judgment. After the east city reported this diversionary tactic, most of its forces were sent to the center city!

All of the cities were furious. After a double confirmation, they had concluded that the enemy was going to attack the center city. More and more troops were deployed with the aim to eradicate Bai Xiaofei’s army in one go!

However, right after the east city’s beacon signal changed, the 3000 soldiers attacking the center city immediately withdrew like a receding tide. This quick response made the defenders gawk in speechlessness.

However, they did not send a message to let the reinforcements return. As far as they could see, the attackers simply had no route to retreat.

However, they really miscalculated. Although Bai Xiaofei’s army was small in number, none of them was below the Martial Warrior rank!

The three teams retreated to the three main roads and began counter-attacking. All of the reinforcements from the south, west, and north were beaten to a pulp, fleeing back in a mess leaving dead bodies all over the ground. And this was impossible for the beacon towers to report.

As the cities’ reinforcements were severely bashed, Bai Xiaofei’s small elite team also moved. Unlike the other five teams, this one consisted of only over a dozen soldiers all at the Martial Master rank and above and even had three Grand Martial Masters.

Out of everyone’s expectations, Bai Xiaofei took these fifteen men to launch an attack on the south city!

Fire spread everywhere. In the past few days, apart from climbing up ranks, one of his most important arrangements was placing flammable materials all over the city. This was the moment for a final conclusion.

After the huge fire started, the rest became simple. The elite team of sixteen people killed everything in their path. When they stopped, the south city had been completely taken down!

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