Chapter 467: The Spiritualization Method!

Chapter 467: The Spiritualization Method!

Standing at the door of the Illusionary Sandboard and looking at the long queue, Bai Xiaofei’s brows creased.

Just when he was thinking about how to cut in line, a student in the back row turned around. Upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, his expression was filled with surprise.

“Boss Bai?! You’re here to challenge the levels?!”

The cry attracted the attention of everyone around. In an instant, Bai Xiaofei was surrounded.

Fame was just very useful sometimes. When Bai Xiaofei expressed that he needed to enter the Illusionary Sandboard, the people in line made a way for him without a word, and they even looked like it was an honor to do so.

Finally, under the expectant eyes of all, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and slowly stepped into the gate of the Illusionary Sandboard.

The familiar colorful lights flashed, and Old Man Illusionary’s figure gradually materialized. Just as he was about to deliver his customary speech, he saw that the person who entered was Bai Xiaofei and swallowed his prepared words.

“You haven’t come for a long time!” The old man’s tone was mixed with surprise and complaint, and his smiling face made Bai Xiaofei feel warm.

“I went out to perform a mission and have just come back less than three days ago, otherwise, how could I not come to see you.” Bai Xiaofei smiled. He didn’t mention the secret method right away.

“You went out?! What mission? It must be an eventful one to last for so long. Tell me all about it!” Just like Bai Xiaofei had thought, the crazily bored Old Man Illusionary immediately showed interest.

Then, Bai Xiaofei again recounted his experience in Ancient Yue.

However, this time was different from the previous two when he had only said the good but left out the bad. He didn’t even omit a single detail this time and even deliberately highlighted his powerless feeling in the battles.

Being the only audience, the expressions of Old Man Illusionary changed again and again. Hearing the story, he felt like he had experienced Ancient Yue along with Bai Xiaofei. He clapped at the happy events, glared angrily at the infuriating ones, and became upset at the sorrowful ones…

Finishing the story, Bai Xiaofei inhaled a deep breath, and the two fell into a long silence. Old Man Illusionary was savoring the story while Bai Xiaofei was waiting for him.

“That guy Lei Shan must have told you to come to me.”

Bai Xiaofei never expected that this would be the first thing the old man said to break the silence. For a moment, he was dumbfounded.

However, his senses soon returned and Bai Xiaofei quickly reacted.

“I didn’t mean to hide this from you, gramps.” The first thing he did was admit his mistake. He just wanted to go step by step, but he didn’t think Old Man Illusionary’s deductive ability was so strong!

“Don’t be afraid. I like your character, and I don’t want my Spiritualization Art to rot in this place forever with me, so I will teach you.”

When the voice of Old Man Illusionary fell, Bai Xiaofei’s expression was ecstatic. He didn’t think it would be so easy!

And… the secret method was called Spiritualization Art?

“Thank you, gramps! In the future, I’ll definitely come to accompany you when I’m free!”

Bai Xiaofei looked so excited that Old Man Illusionary laughed. The word ‘smug’ was written on the old man’s face.

“Don’t be happy so early. Although I am willing to teach you, it is not certain whether you have the ability to learn it. In the beginning, my master had three disciples. They studied the Spiritualization Art at the same time. One was obsessed and went crazy, one gave up halfway. I was the only one who succeeded in the end!” Old Man Illusionary paused a little. “Moreover, my two senior brothers were no normal geniuses.”

Old Man Illusionary was very serious, but Bai Xiaofei showed no fear at all.

“Gramps, you only have to teach. No matter what the consequences are, I will bear it alone!” Bai Xiaofei cupped his fist towards Old Man Illusionary, his eyes resolute.

He was only one step away. How could he back off? Compared to going crazy from obsession, being powerless at critical moments was much more terrifying. Bai Xiaofei didn’t want to feel that way ever again in his life!

“Good. Then you listen well!”

A secret art was different from a technique. A technique was a method to accumulate and refine origin energy and its effect was gradual so as to lay a deep foundation for the practitioners. Secret arts were just the opposite. They consumed the practitioners’ foundation and were only harmful if used too much!

Even Bai Xiaofei’s Devouring the Heaven and Earth was the same. Not to mention self-cannibalism, even when he still had energy in his body, what this special technique consumed was still the longevity of his own cells. Excessive storage of energy was never a normal state anyway.

In addition to the difference in essence, their cultivation methods were also very different. Techniques only required opening the corresponding channels in the body, while secret arts demanded the entire body, from spirit to physical coordination!

Some secret arts even needed to coordinate with foreign objects!

For example, the Spiritualization Art that Bai Xiaofei was learning right now.

As the secret art that Gu Xing grew famous with, Spiritualization Art was simply heaven-defying. It gave ordinary puppet masters an ability similar to the Divine Beast Transformation!

Gu Xing called this state Spiritualization. With it, the puppet master could integrate one of their puppets into themselves and acquire the characteristics of that puppet. If the puppet was an animated one, the master would even enter a state of pseudo-Divine Beast Transformation!

This state was stronger than the normal transformation of Transformation Stream puppet masters but weaker than true Divine Beast Transformations. However, it had no rank requirement, unlike the Divine Beast Transformations that required the Exquisite Rank.

However, the Spiritualization Art had something in common with all secret arts: The stronger the effect, the greater the side effects.

Firstly, it took a huge amount of origin energy to maintain. Secondly, it had a very high requirement for the spirit. Once the spirit couldn’t keep up, the state would end immediately. Last and also the most terrible, the puppet chosen to be spiritualized would not be able to use its skills for at least seven days after the Spiritualization state ended.

In other words, this art exchanged a long weakening period for a short burst of power.

The year once Gu Xing had mastered this art, he never linked any puppets other than animated ones after, and his seven states of Spiritualization allowed him to stand at the peak of puppet masters!

Bai Xiaofei naturally couldn't be as extreme, but this ability was what he currently needed urgently, so he was staking his everything at the moment.

Obsessed then obsessed it is! This lord will either succeed or die!

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, who was dead set on cultivating the secret art, Gu Xing slowly revealed a satisfied smile.

“Revelation really found a good disciple!”

Gu Xing was envious from the bottom of his heart, not knowing that it was the disciple who had actually delivered himself to the wolf’s mouth…

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