Chapter 466: Three Ways!

Chapter 466: Three Ways!

“According to your situation, you have two options.” Revelation also grew serious.

Lei Shan only stood silently. This time should be given to Revelation. After all, he was the master.

“First, link a new type of puppet and make the Illusion Stream a support. Strengthen your combat ability with only puppets of this type later on. While others may flop for not having their desired puppet as their first puppet, you don’t have to worry about this because theoretically there is no limit to the number of puppets you can have. As long as you upgrade your Lunisolar Brilliance, you will grow very quickly!” Revelation tried to induce Bai Xiaofei into a dishonest practice. He firmly believed that if there was a ‘good’ reason, no man would refuse such a good thing!

“What about the second one?” Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei had to disappoint Revelation. He didn’t even hesitate to jump to the next option…

Helplessly shaking his head, Revelation sighed.

This old man has seen and known so many people, but how did I take in such a dull disciple?

“The second one is to continue developing your illusion ability, but with a clear focus. Many branches of the Illusion Stream have head-on combat capabilities. However, if you choose this road, you will struggle when fighting with others at the same rank. If you meet one with a strong spirit, you might even be trashed.” Revelation didn’t like the second option, so his tone was full of disparagement.

“You can learn from your seniors in the Demon of Illusions. They all follow this path. You should have seen them in action,” Lei Shan interrupted with a vivid example.

Hearing Lei Shan’s words, Bai Xiaofei recalled Yun Sheng, who he had seen in combat with a few students from the Fist of the Beast. Yun Sheng crushed them at that time!

Therefore, this tempted him.

Bai Xiaofei’s expression change did not escape the eyes of Revelation and Lei Shan. They could see what he was thinking about.

“If you embark on this road, you will have the power to crush lower-rank opponents, because once they are trapped in your illusions they are basically lambs to be slaughtered. However, don’t forget that there is a premise, that is, they must be fooled first!” Lei Shan’s almost whispering voice seemed to be reminding Bai Xiaofei that choosing this path wasn’t a wise move.

And Bai Xiaofei indeed hesitated.

What he wanted was the ability to thrive in dire situations like Fang Lei, not a supplement to easily slaughter low-rank opponents. However, he didn’t want to go with the first option. He knew that he couldn’t link a large number of puppets as quickly as Revelation said.

Caught in a dilemma, Bai Xiaofei paused in long consideration. Then, suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“That’s right, master, principal, you two check this!” With delight in his tone, a long wooden box appeared in Bai Xiaofei’s hand and he opened it.

Seeing the item inside, Revelation and Lei Shan were stunned on the spot.

“This is…”

“Demon Blade?!”

Two shouts came from the two well-informed old men at the same time. Then, fright appeared on their faces.

“Don’t, just don’t use this thing!”

“That’s right, listen to Old Lei this time! Don’t set your sights on the Demon Blade. No matter how it got its way to you, it’s not the right thing for you! “ Revelation grew increasingly emotional as he spoke, but he did not dare to take the box from Bai Xiaofei’s hand. That thing was just too wicked!

“I just want to know if it can help me!” inquired Bai Xiaofei firmly as he completely ignored their warnings.

The two old men looked at each other, and then Lei Shan struggled to turn his head away. He had no intention to answer this difficult question because he couldn’t afford the responsibility of the consequences.

“If you plan to take on the second option, this blade is your best choice, because it can ignore anything to achieve the hallucination effect. Being cut by it means your opponent can only wait to be slaughtered.”

Unlike Feng Wuhen and the others, the two old men had witnessed the true power of this blade, so their evaluation was the most accurate.

“However, before you have the strength of an Exquisite Rank, don’t touch it. The energy consumption required for linking it alone is enough to suck you dry. I won’t stop you from using it, but promise me you won’t before you reach Exquisite Rank!” Revelation gave in by stating his bottom line.

And he had a little scheme here. Who knew if Bai Xiaofei still wanted to gamble his life on this blade when he reached the Exquisite Rank?

“I can’t promise that I won’t. When I really have no choice, I will have to resort to it!” said Bai Xiaofei solemnly. He didn’t make the promise as he didn’t want to lie on matters concerning his moral principles.

A meaningless lie was simply a bad lie…

“Actually, you still have a third choice.” Just as Revelation was thinking about how he should dissuade Bai Xiaofei, Lei Shan cut in.

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes shone. He had a feeling that this third option might be the best for himself!

“You said before that you have talked with Gu Xing1 in the Illusionary Sandboard.”

Gu Xing, so Old Man Illusionary’s name is Gu Xing…

“That’s right. What about it?”

Bai Xiaofei was confused, but Revelation’s eyes lit up. Yes, how did he forget about that!?

“If you can persuade him to pass on his secret method to you, you can achieve your goal and moreover, it won’t affect your future puppet links at all!”

This time, Bai Xiaofei was really tempted. Completely tempted!

“What secret method?!” asked Bai Xiaofei excitedly with expectation in his eyes.

“I can’t say. You have to ask him yourself. If he is willing to tell you his name, then you have basically achieved your goal.” Lei Shan kept Bai Xiaofei in suspense, but it was indeed something he shouldn’t say.

“Master, my good master, this shouldn’t be delayed, so I’ll take my leave. You can call me at any time if there’s anything!” Bai Xiaofei simply couldn’t wait. He would fly to the God Amongst Men right now if he could.

The two old men didn’t keep Bai Xiaofei. They watched him bolt out, then looked at each other and sighed in unison.

“Say, that smelly boy won’t be so stupid as to use the Demon Blade after this, right?” Revelation was still worried about this. He was truly afraid that Bai Xiaofei would ruin himself.

“That’s for the future to worry about. What you should worry about now is whether Gu Xing will teach him or not. You know that guy.” His tone laced with a hint of concern, Lei Shan reluctantly shook his head.

Well, he really couldn’t help with this one.

“Don’t worry, my precious disciple may be stupid in everything else, but he is definitely the best at tricking people!” Revelation declared with absolute confidence.

Bai Xiaofei, who was running like crazy, let out a big sneeze.

“Damn it, which scum is talking bad about me?!”

1. Gu Xing means lone star.

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