Chapter 464: Bicentennial Anniversary!

Chapter 464: Bicentennial Anniversary!

“Cough cough… What? What did you see?” Properly dressed and seated, Revelation cleared his throat loudly.

Meanwhile, Lei Shan stood quite far away with his back turned to them. Compared to Revelation, Lei Shan wasn’t as shameless…

“Just now? What just happened? Didn’t I just come in?” Bai Xiaofei displayed true shamelessness with just the right amount of confusion on his face. There was no telling that he was acting at all.

This cleverness won Revelation’s favor. Why couldn’t his Revelation Pavilion be this enlightened too?

With a contented smile, Revelation happily stroked his beard, and then he couldn’t resist a burp of alcohol…

The situation became awkward again. The master and the apprentice stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Even though they knew it was just acting, sometimes one still needed a bottom line…

“I heard that your mission in Ancient Yue failed?” At that moment, Lei Shan hurriedly threw a question and successfully diverted the topic.

This question drew a sigh from Bai Xiaofei. No wonder Chu Qingtian had promised so straightforwardly and so righteously. It turned out that he already knew Lei Shan would take action and only added a little to it…

“Yes. The Globe Merchant Group intervened and sent seven Grandmasters and a rare Spiritual Stream puppet master.” Bai Xiaofei first talked about the opponent’s lineup, and then began to explain the story slowly.

During this, Lei Shan’s face grew darker and darker until anger could be clearly seen from his face. Meanwhile, Revelation looked as cool as ever and even seemed a little proud.

“See, my divination was right at the beginning. I told you that boy Ling Tianxia was a scourge, but you didn’t believe me. Regretting it now, aren’t you?” Revelation ruthlessly struck, and Lei Shan’s face grew uglier.

“Ling Tianxia?” Bai Xiaofei was curious.

“The president of the Globe Merchant Group, a proud student of your principal, who should now be at the Exquisite Rank,” explained Revelation nonchalantly as if the Exquisite Rank was worthless.

“I will handle this matter with the Globe Merchant Group,” Lei Shan was gritting his teeth as he said this. It wasn’t difficult to see that he was furious to see problems coming from the Globe Merchant Group.

“Please don’t be so angry. That bit was all I saw. There are so many people in the Globe Merchant Group, maybe that’s not your disciple’s idea,” Bai Xiaofei comforted Lei Shan, but he didn’t know if Lei Shan took it to heart.

“Actually, I’ve called you here to talk about something else.” Seemingly having no desire to struggle on the current topic, Lei Shan cut to the chase. He no longer wanted to chat and hear Bai Xiaofei’s story either.

“Something else?” Once again, a sense of disconnect from reality gushed out in Bai Xiaofei’s heart. In the past, he would have known in advance what Lei Shan wanted to say when calling him over, but now, he still didn’t have the slightest clue even when the old man was close to saying it.

Bai Xiaofei hated this feeling of being passive.

I’m one for control!!

“This year marks the bicentenary of Starnet’s establishment. In the last centenary celebration, the results were very good, so we decided to hold a bigger one this time,” Lei Shan said with a hint of expectation. It wasn’t hard to see from his expression that he attached great importance to this celebration.

However, Bai Xiaofei frowned.

“This kind of celebration should be decided by you and the vice principals. Isn’t it a bit inappropriate to call me here for this?” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stupid. He was just a student after all. If one overstepped, troubles would happen.

“Nothing is inappropriate. The last centennial celebration was organized by the Student Union. Now that the Student Union is gone, it naturally falls on your Student Community.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei’s heart settled down. If that was the case, there was nothing wrong with it.

“You mean you will provide a plan and the students will implement it?” He instantly understood what Lei Shan meant. His reply earned a smile from the old man.

“Yes, yes, exactly!” Lei Shan clapped his hands. He genuinely felt that he’d have it much easier this time than the last celebration.

That’s right, he was also the principal during the last centennial celebration. More precisely, the principal of Starnet Academy had never once changed!

“Is there a general direction?” This could be considered an agreement from Bai Xiaofei. The rest was just the details.

“Yes, hunting in the Infinite Mountain Range!” A firm and ruthless expression appeared on Lei Shan’s face.

“The Infinite Mountain Range?!” cried Bai Xiaofei in surprise. “But I heard that our academy has signed some kind of agreement with the magical beasts in the Infinite Mountain Range not to cross each other!”

In his surprise, Bai Xiaofei had a slip of the tongue.

“Who did you hear that from?!” Lei Shan instantly caught the slip. Very few people knew about the agreement between him and the royals of the magical beasts.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart tightened. After realizing that he had put his foot in his mouth, his mind started racing at an incredible speed.

He must not give away Hu Xian’er.

“They told me not to tell anyone…” Casually stalling, Bai Xiaofei rummaged through his memory for any who might have access to that information.

“Anyone who knows of this won’t have to hide from me because they are all my acquaintances. If you refuse to tell, it is your problem!” There was a hint of threat in Lei Shan’s tone, and a trace of intimidating pressure was unleashed. Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt like he could not breathe.

What rank is this old man?!

“Hey, don’t scare my precious apprentice. Can’t he have principles?” Revelation stood up and deflected the pressure at that grave moment. The aura that suffocated Bai Xiaofei instantly dissipated.

Such a delay was already enough for Bai Xiaofei. In his memory, there was a person who met that condition!

“It was the grandfather in the Illusionary Sandboard who told me. He mentioned the Infinite Mountain Range when we were chatting.”

The tension on Lei Shan’s face disappeared. He does know…

Moreover, when Bai Xiaofei mentioned Old Man Illusionary, there was a clear flash of sadness on the faces of Lei Shan and Revelation.

Their best friend could only exist in a half-dead state. That was a thorn in their hearts that could not be removed.

“How can my apprentice do wrong, you ungrateful old fogey. You already forgot how you and Min’er made up? If you scare my apprentice again, I will never be done with you!” Revelation didn’t pass on this chance to attack Lei Shan.

In fact, he had been guilty just now as well. Lei Shan didn’t know Hu Xian’er’s real identity, but he did. However, he already regarded her as his apprentice’s future wife, so he would not sell her out unless there was a big problem.

“Gramps, now can you tell me why you’re ignoring this agreement, right?” Bai Xiaofei had his own concern, which was different from most people!

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