Chapter 461: Line Up, Coming Step By Step!

Chapter 461: Line Up, Coming Step By Step!

“So many things happened?!” After a full meal, Yun Sheng gawked at Bai Xiaofei after listening to his story. Surprise was not enough to describe the expression on his face. If it was possible, he wanted to go back in time and travel to Ancient Yue with Bai Xiaofei!

Really too exciting!

Most people at the dinner table shared the same thoughts as Yun Sheng. Since Bai Xiaofei had deliberately concealed some things, they could only see the excellent moments in Ancient Yue. As for the pain, Bai Xiaofei didn’t think that needed to be shared with so many people…

“You’re saying they tried to intrude in a kingdom’s politics?” Chu Qingtian’s eyebrows slightly creased. His focus was different from that of the young students, similar to Lei Min beside him.

“They were very ambiguous and left no evidence, but they were indeed people of the Globe Merchant Group, and the incident was also planned by them,” Bai Xiaofei said seriously and firmly.

“I will report this to the principal. Although Starnet usually will not take the initiative to intervene in anything outside, big issues like this are a different matter,” said Chu Qingtian lightly, but Bai Xiaofei knew what kind of storm this decision would bring.

In the past, Bai Xiaofei’s understanding of Starnet was only limited to it being a place for training talented students. Even after the Blossom Ranking matter, his understanding still had not gone beyond Starnet. However, this time it was different. The trip to Ancient Yue let him know how great the reputation of Starnet, this top academy, was!

To put it bluntly, as long as Lei Shan stepped out and gave the Globe Merchant Group a ‘reminder,’ they would have to step back for at least the next year and a half or even longer, no less!

“To be able to cause your mission to fail, the situation must be much more dangerous than what you described.” As a woman, Lei Min had a more delicate mind and even more experience. That one sentence poked right at Bai Xiaofei’s pain. In an instant, everyone looked anxiously at Bai Xiaofei.

“In any case, I’ve returned, haven’t I?” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei chose not to answer that question.

In fact, he could have completed the mission, only that he had given up the opportunity. Since Shang Youdao had figured out the right path, and the Thunderstorm Bandits were in urgent need of the Skypatch Pill, there was nothing wrong with giving up a mission for a happy ending.

“That’s right. All is good as long as you are back.” With a smile, Lei Min didn’t struggle over this problem.

“Brother Fei! You can’t go out without us next time! Even if we can’t be of any help, we don’t want to have to sit and wait every day!” cried Mo Ka dramatically.

“Alright, as long as you rank up to Master before I go out next time, I will take you with me!” Bai Xiaofei chortled as he set the bar, but what he didn’t expect was that it wasn’t enough to stop these people in front of him.

“Are you serious, Brother Fei?!” The most excited was Wang Hang. For nothing else, but because he was one of the few people in the Savage Class who had already reached the Master Rank!

During Bai Xiaofei’s absence for half a year, people in Savage Class deeply felt the effects of lacking strength. If one was not strong enough, they might not even have the chance to stand beside Bai Xiaofei. Nursing such an idea, the Savage Class members started to train like crazy, with even greater intensity than the time in the Infinite Mountain Range!

Heaven did not disappoint those who put in effort. Their hard work paid off.

In addition to Lin Li, the next tier in power of the group, Xu Chen and Wang Hang also ranked up and joined her at the Master Rank. Unexpectedly, the quiet Chen Hui had also advanced to the same rank. Everyone else was just one step away, even Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo of the Support Stream were no exception.

As for Wu Chi, he still honestly remained in the Body of Steel per Bai Xiaofei’s advice. His puppet could not be revealed for now, so he could only wait for that day when he finally would be able to display his true might. If nothing else, he should be the strongest amongst them outside Lin Li.

However, it had become Wu Chi’s daily routine to listen to courses in the God Amongst Men and the Sword of Assault. As he told outsiders, he wanted to get to know the ‘enemies’ better, while in fact, he was absorbing knowledge he never deliberately sought out before like a sponge!

Hearing Wang Hang’s question, Bai Xiaofei realized something was wrong. He must have underestimated this group of animals!

“Are you guys… all Master Rank?” he asked weakly.

Wang Hang immediately revealed a proud smile. He was no longer the quiet, almost invisible wallflower he had been before. He was now an independent individual, and this transformation was made possible by the joint efforts of Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye! Of course, Qi Wei also had credit…

“It can’t be that all of you have reached the Master Rank, right?” Bai Xiaofei gulped and there was disbelief in his voice. After all, the name of the Savage Class wasn’t without reason, and the aptitude of Mo Ka, Shi Kui, and the like was actually not very high…

“No hurry, we will definitely reach that before you go out next time!” the henpecked Xing Nan patted his chest and declared. As soon as his words dropped, Zhu Sisi cast him a disdainful glance and he immediately sat down with his head hung.

As an ‘old couple,’ Xing Nan understood the deep meaning in Zhu Sisi’s eyes.

There are so many beautiful women here, are you doing this to show off?!

Of course not, how would I dare to?!

Xing Nan’s embarrassment naturally didn’t escape the others’ eyes. Everyone snickered, and Bai Xiaofei used this opportunity to check out the Savage Class members.

Everyone was still the same. Nothing had changed, and time had not erased something that he had worried it would…

“Alright, I promise that when you are all Master Rank, we will leave Starnet collectively to do a mission!”

Those words brought joy to all! For the Savage Class, this news was no different from an unexpected gain!

However, Lin Li remained quiet as she sat in her corner. Bai Xiaofei noticed her reaction but did not say anything. It wasn’t that he was worried he would make the other girls jealous, but he knew that she would not open up at a gathering like this.

At heart, Lin Li was still that simple and shy little girl.

“Brother Fei, I have two things to say here.” After celebrating the good news, Fang Ye’s expression suddenly became serious.

Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath.

Things that will come, will come eventually. It’s impossible to hide…

This was the third wave after Chu Qingtian, who represented the academy, and then the Savage Class. From the looks of it, they had already queued up.

“Go ahead,” said Bai Xiaofei.

Fang Ye couldn’t help glancing at Chu Qingtian and Lei Min. He had no worries about the others, but was completely uncertain about these two seniors…

“There are no outsiders here, just say it.” Bai Xiaofei immediately understood and directly dispelled Fang Ye’s concerns.

Taking a deep breath, Fang Ye readied himself and began.

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