Chapter 459: Returning to Starnet!

Chapter 459: Returning to Starnet!

After several delays, Bai Xiaofei had completely resolved all remaining problems and finally put the return to Starnet on his agenda.

Learning from his last experience, he didn’t do anything extra. After simply saying goodbye to his several close acquaintances, he and his group set out filled with sorrow and grief.

They had come here as a group of five, but now, Qin Lingyan had gone to Violethorn but hadn’t returned and Chu Yue permanently rested in Ancient Yue. No one could really have expected so much to happen in six months before they came here…

Also, Bai Xiaofei left with one more regret. He had wanted to bid farewell to the Thunderstorm Bandits, but when he arrived at their makeshift base, they had already gone.

The only thing left was a pair of ordinary-looking earrings.

However, Nie Qing had mentioned the origins of those earrings to Bai Xiaofei. They were the only thing left to her by her biological mother. Once, her mother had pawned them in exchange for a meal for Nie Qing. After many years, the first thing Nie Qing did when she grew up was to redeem them. Fortunately, the pawnshop owner didn’t sell the earrings, and they became the only memory of her mother.

Now, these earrings were left to Bai Xiaofei…

Wait until the day I marry you, I’ll put these earrings back on your ears!

With this determination in his heart, he put away the earrings with great anticipation. He finally had a person to long for in this continent.

On the way back, the three basically didn’t do anything else except travel. Even communication was limited. Chu Yue’s death was like a dark cloud over their hearts, especially for Zhao Tiantian. The girl whose talkativeness rivaled Qi Wei had suddenly become completely quiet.

However, Bai Xiaofei and Bai Yue couldn’t think of anything to comfort her. Mentioning Chu Yue would only deepen her sorrow.

After half a month’s journey, they finally arrived at the familiar academy gate. Standing in front of it, Bai Xiaofei actually had the feeling that he had returned home.

And to their surprise, Qin Lingyan, who should have been behind them, was already waiting there.

Not seeing Chu Yue among them obviously shocked Qin Lingyan. After casting Bai Xiaofei a skeptical look and earning a gentle shake of his head in reply, she chose to skip that question.

“It’s good that you guys have come back. Just leave the reporting to me, go get a good rest.”

As soon as Qin Lingyan finished, a silent Zhao Tiantian directly walked past her with a cold, expressionless face.

Zhao Tiantian needed to blame someone for Chu Yue’s death, and she could only attribute it to Qin Lingyan and Bai Xiaofei. If it wasn’t because of Qin Lingyan, they wouldn’t have gone there. If it wasn’t because of Bai Xiaofei, they wouldn’t have such deep enmity with Tang Bing. If not for them, Chu Yue wouldn’t have had to die…

No one could say that Zhao Tiantian was wrong for having these kinds of thoughts. They were a part of the reasons. However, they weren’t the main reason. Zhao Tiantian was splitting hairs and couldn’t free herself from it…

After Zhao Tiantian left, there was nothing that couldn’t be said among the other three. Walking toward Bai Xiaofei, Qin Lingyan’s face turned icy.

“This is the unexpected situation you mentioned in your letter? What the hell is going on?!”

As the organizer and leader of the team, she was responsible for everyone who was brought out by her, so this reaction was completely understandable.

With a struggling expression, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and told her everything from beginning to end. Qin Lingyan’s expression repeatedly changed during this. It had been her who asked Chu Yue to check Tang Bing’s body. That was the only chance for Tang Bing to take possession of him. If she hadn’t let Chu Yue do this, would all of that after not have happened?

Thinking this, Qin Lingyan started to blame herself.

However, there weren’t so many ifs in this world. What already happened was an established fact. All you could was accept it and deal with the pain after.

“Some things might not change even if you’re given a chance to do it again, so it’s meaningless to blame yourself. You can’t change history,” said Bai Xiaofei when he saw through Qin Lingyan's inner struggle, his eyes soft.

“I will deal with this matter. Go back. I have already reported it to the department. Our result will be reported as a failure. However, because of the special circumstances, there will be no punishment. Many things have happened during our departure. Go and get updated.” Qin Lingyan paused, then looked at Bai Xiaofei. “Especially you, you will surely be very busy.”

Bai Xiaofei tensed up.

He had already prepared himself. After all, there were things that definitely happened in the academy during the long time that they were away. The Blossom Pavilion, the Student Community, the Demon of Illusions, and the plan for the Illusion Demon that Feng Wuhen and the others must have implemented by now, everything needed to be familiarized again.

Qing Lingyan’s reminder made Bai Xiaofei suddenly feel that his preparations might not be enough!

“You haven’t told anyone about my return, right?” Bai Xiaofei swallowed nervously and asked the question that was worrying him most.

He had just jumped out from that deep pit Ancient Yue and had hurried on the road for half a month. He didn’t want to consider any other possible headaches now and just wanted a good rest.

“You look down on yourself. If I did, do you think I would be standing here alone?” Qin Lingyan snorted, seemingly resenting Bai Xiaofei.

It wasn’t difficult to understand. She had been kept in the dark about Bai Xiaofei faking his coma, which upset her.

Despite this, what she said made sense. If the news of Bai Xiaofei’s return was released, there would be at least half of Starnet standing here at the moment. This was no exaggeration!

“Eh… That’s true, yeah…” Bai Xiaofei had an embarrassed smile. He could guess why Qin Lingyan reacted in this way, but he didn’t expose it since he couldn’t come up with any suitable excuse to appease her…

“Best of luck.” After leaving some meaningful words, Qin Lingyan walked off. What Bai Xiaofei didn’t know was that a big weight had been lifted off her heart.

In fact, she had stood here waiting just to make sure that Bai Xiaofei was safe, and the rest only came after.

“Busy man, I hope you won’t have to be busy after this. I’ll go back and rest first.” After Qin Lingyan left, Bai Ye stretched his back and slowly disappeared from Bai Xiaofei’s sight.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Xiaofei was alone.

“Let’s go, Huskie, Blackie. We also have to have a good rest!”

It was time for a short holiday!

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