Chapter 455: Mutual Destruction?

Chapter 455: Mutual Destruction?

That one sentence astounded the whole hall as everyone instantly sobered up. However, they were still groggy because they had drunk too much.

“What did you do to Senior?!”

Although his body was fixed in place, Bai Xiaofei showed no fear. With so many people here, he didn’t believe that Tang Bing could use a body that didn’t belong to him to stir up a big wave.

“Him? Still alive, in a sense. Do you want to see him?” With a faint smile, Tang Bing looked at Bai Xiaofei ponderingly.

“You want to seek your revenge, seek it from me. Release my senior and come to my body!” Bai Xiaofei stared intently at Tang Bing and gritted his teeth.

“Humph, you think too highly of yourself. However, if you are willing to kill yourself, I can consider releasing him. Mhm, yes! A life for a life!”

Tang Bing clapped his hands as if he had just come up with this idea on the spot, and everyone else could only watch him acting so unrestrained. Although they could defeat Chu Yue’s body in power, they could not attack…

“You know that's impossible. There has to be a better solution.” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t the hypocritical type. He preferred to negotiate even if he was at a disadvantage!

“Heh, a better solution?” Tang Bing sneered, his eyes suddenly growing sharp. “There is no better solution! I lost my earth-grade Soul Physique body, I lost the trust of the Globe Merchant House, I lost the identity that I painstaking built up in Ancient Yue, and even the spirit power that I’m proud of is trapped in this garbage of a body! I have nothing left! I don't want to ask for anything either! I just want to see you die. Now! When you die, I will leave this body immediately!”

Getting more emotional as he talked, Tang Bing was roaring towards the end. The rage that emanated from the depths of his soul scared everyone.

There was no turning back…

“Alright, you want to see me die? Let me see Senior, then I'll give you a chance to kill me!” Bai Xiaofei dropped a bomb. The people around him panicked, but seeing his firm expression, they swallowed what they wanted to say.

“Giving me conditions? You think it’s possible to make any deals between us?!” mocked Tang Bing. A dagger appeared in his hand, and everyone who was already highly nervous immediately assumed defensive postures.

However, Tang Bing didn’t stab it at anyone, but at himself! Enduring the pain, Tang Bing revealed an insane expression.

“Fair Replacement, Sharing Life and Death!!!”

Origin energy surged. As the linked party, an identical wound appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s body at the exact spot where Tang Bing stabbed the knife. Even the pain felt the same. Not only that, but his special physique also seemed to have shut down. That knife wound which would normally heal in a few breaths didn’t show any signs of healing.

“It hurts, right? Don't worry, this is only just the beginning!”

Laughing out loud, Tang Bing once again tried to stab himself. However, his hopes were dashed. Fang Lei appeared before him in a flash of lightning and the right hand that was many times more powerful than Chu Yue’s grabbed him. The knife was removed in a swift move.

The next second, Fang Lei pressed Tang Bing to the ground. With a surge of lightning, he electrocuted Tang Bing, rendering him temporarily paralyzed.

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei fell. The feeling of being paralyzed by electricity had also happened to his body.

“Beat me! Keep beating me, kill me, and see if he can live!” In another bout of crazed laughter, Tang Bing's madness became more and more obvious. The crazier he became, the less affinity he had with Chu Yue’s body.

Using this rare opportunity, Chu Yue, who was hiding in a corner of the sea of consciousness, moved! A sudden spirit strike created a blank moment in Tang Bing's consciousness. A translucent face that was completely different appeared.

“I can't live anymore, kill me! Don't let him meld completely with my body, kill me quickly while I can still control my body!” Chu Yue’s only request after appearing was for everyone to kill him…

“How do you nullify your Life and Death?” asked Qing Shuang, not giving the practical Bai Xiaofei, who had offered his own life in a negotiation, the chance to speak.

“Life and Death?! That..”

“You've said enough. Do you really want to die without a soul?” Tang Bing retook over the body at the most critical moment and abruptly cut off the answer.

“If you can hurt me like that, so can I, right?!” Suddenly thinking of something, Bai Xiaofei also took out a dagger and stabbed his thigh.

Sure enough, after a few seconds, the same wound appeared on Chu Yue’s body, but the difference was that Bai Xiaofei’s self-inflicted wound was healing!

Bai Xiaofei had finally found a solution, but he hesitated. He could use this method to grind Tang Bing to death, but the body was Chu Yue’s. If Tang Bing died, wouldn't Chu Yue be…

“Just do it!” Just as Bai Xiaofei hesitated, Chu Yue once again reclaimed brief control, but only shouted three words.

“Yes, do it! Kill me and see if he can live!” Tang Bing taunted immediately after.

Refraining from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases1, everyone could not help at all despite all of that power they had. With Fang Lei's example, no one dared to do anything except hold down Tang Bing.

“A group of trash! Congratulations on missing the only chance to save this brat!” Accompanying another bout of mad laughter was a manic fluctuation from Tang Bing. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei felt as if the energy in his body was being ignited, going active while still directly inside his body.


As the origin energy in him burned, Bai Xiaofei couldn't think of any other ability related to this state except self-destruction!

And he was right. Tang Bing wanted to self-detonate! He already said it himself, it was no longer worthwhile for him to live. He just wanted to see Bai Xiaofei die right in front of him!

“Get away, he wants to blow up!!” shouted Bai Xiaofei as he suppressed the restless force in his body.

However, everyone didn’t react right away. They could not bear to just watch Bai Xiaofei die!

“Don't worry about me, I can survive! Go quickly!” Guessing what they were worried about, Bai Xiaofei yelled again.

This time, Bai Ye got a rough idea. With resolution, he grabbed the nearest to him, Nie Qing and Zhao Tiantian, and ran.

“Believe him, he isn’t someone who jokes about his own life!” Covering Bai Xiaofei with a lie, Bai Ye was the first to retreat outside the danger zone. Driven by him, the rest followed.

After being restrained for that delay, the force in Bai Xiaofei’s body had become extremely frantic.

“Old geezer, I hope your technique is really useful!” With no other choice, Bai Xiaofei staked everything on his origin core and the cultivation technique that Revelation had taught him.

The next second, his origin core started circulating. With its rotation, special energy rushed into his body and began to calm the restless force. However, Bai Xiaofei's reaction had been a bit too slow. Next to him, Chu Yue's body started emitting a red glow. Amidst Zhao Tiantian's piercing cry, a destructive wave spread, and everyone entered their defensive states.

Bai Xiaofei, who was in the center of the explosion, almost became another explosion source. When Tang Bing set himself off, the force in Bai Xiaofei's body also spread outward!

However, at the instant of the outbreak, the hairpin that Leng Liushuang had gifted him suddenly flew out. It exploded into countless ice crystals and a force of frost poured into Bai Xiaofei's body. This saved Bai Xiaofei from being blown to pieces from the inside, but it could not completely eliminate the effects of Life and Death…

His meridians, internal organs, and bones were all affected by the mini-scale internal explosion. If it wasn't for his origin core that stabilized his body at that critical moment, the small explosion alone would be enough to shatter the organs!

There was no instant death, however, there was no difference between Bai Xiaofei's state and death at the moment. His whole body was limp, and his consciousness had roamed off somewhere.

“Bai Xiaofei!!!” When the smoke dispersed, Nie Qing was the first to rush over. Checking Bai Xiaofei’s condition, panic was written all over her face.

How did this happen?! How is this possible?!

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, Nie Qing's face was full of helplessness.

At this time, the rest also flocked over. They were also full of helplessness and grief after seeing his current state.

“You can save him, right? You can certainly save him, right?” Nie Qing looked at He Rushi with the last glimmer of hope in her eyes.

He Rushi did a preliminary check on Bai Xiaofei, and after thinking for a long time, he took out a pill from his storage ring.

“I can only sustain his life for the time being,” he said and crushed the pill into powder, then used origin energy to deliver the powder into Bai Xiaofei’s body.

As He Rushi had said, his pill could only sustain Bai Xiaofei’s life temporarily. His body would continue to decline, albeit a bit slower than it would have. In other words, without a miracle, Bai Xiaofei would die for sure!

1. Chinese idiom: having a difficult time fighting the villain because innocent people will get hurt.

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