Chapter 453: Until We Meet Again!

Chapter 453: Until We Meet Again!

At night, it was always quieter than during the day, and due to this, night was always the most suitable time for doing things that shouldn’t be seen.

Two figures carefully shuttled through the luxurious courtyards where Bai Xiaofei’s group stayed. The patrol guards either didn’t see them at all or were tricked by the ability of one of these two. In this way, they passed all the danger and arrived at their destination – Bai Xiaofei’s room.

What they failed to notice was that in a dark spot, a pair of eyes were watching them but quickly closed after.

At the same time, waiting in his room, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes suddenly lit up. Finally here!

The window was slowly pushed open. Nie Qing and Qing Shuang, dressed in dark travel clothes, quietly snuck in. After making sure that there was no one else in the room, they relaxed, and Nie Qing slowly walked to Bai Xiaofei’s bedside…

Looking at his familiar yet unfamiliar face, Nie Qing suddenly felt like a lifetime had passed. Their experience together was simply a miracle. They met each other quickly, got to know each other quickly, determined their relationship quickly, and separated even faster…

Looking back, everything was like a dream.

“You are actually fine, aren’t you?” whispered Nie Qing, her lips slightly curling up. Then, she slowly sat down beside Bai Xiaofei.

The next second, Bai Xiaofei slowly opened his eyes.

No one was a fool, and some fools were just willing to be tricked. To put it another way, all they lacked was an excuse. Bai Xiaofei lying about him dying was that excuse. Now that they had met, it was no longer needed.

“Sorry, I lied, but I couldn’t help it. After all, I can’t beat Big Brother Fang and them. Since it’s unrealistic to kidnap you, I have to use this method.” With a helpless smile, Bai Xiaofei sat up.

When the four eyes met, a strange atmosphere spread.


Just as it was getting weird, Qing Shuang couldn’t hold back from clearing her throat. Nie Qing sprang in fright and Bai Xiaofei panicked.

Standing up in a hurry, Bai Xiaofei was stunned when he saw Qing Shuang.

A new face?

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Qing Shuang, Qing’er’s fifth sister, who was saved by your Skypatch Pill.” As if seeing through Bai Xiaofei’s doubt, Qing Shuang introduced herself.

It was Qing Shuang who had guessed that Bai Xiaofei was actually fine and told Nie Qing. Even Nie Qing’s whispering words just now also was her idea.

Women knew women best. After knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Qing Shuang knew what Nie Qing was thinking, so she chose to help her.

It wasn’t a bad thing for Bai Xiaofei that his trick was exposed in advance, only that he couldn’t be the one exposing it himself.

“Nice to meet you, Fifth Sister. I have heard that you are exceptionally smart, but I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful as well. Yun Mo is really blessed to have the favor of such a beautiful and intelligent woman like you.”

Bai Xiaofei was well aware that flattery could not be skipped.

Regarding the art of flattery, he had developed it to the point of fluently mixing truth and lies, making his target feel that he really meant it.

“Don’t you praise me too much, lil’ brother. I get smug too easily. I only came here today to thank you. If you keep saying all those nice words, I won’t be able to do it well.” Despite saying this, the smile on Qing Shuang’s face betrayed her.

Who wouldn't like hearing others complimenting them?

“There’s no need for that, we were just helping each other out. Without Brother Fang and them, we might not even be a match for the Globe Merchant Group in a fight,” Bai Xiaofei said truthfully, scoring a point for himself again.

A team’s think tank largely determined the team’s attitude towards a person. In other words, to please Qing Shuang was basically to please the entire Thunderstorm Bandits. The other people’s ideas were but a word from her…

The influence of a think tank’s guidance on their team was extremely terrifying!

“Alright, alright, let’s be done with courtesy. I’m only an escort tonight. If I take up too much time, I will be hated.” Qing Shuang pushed Nie Qing forward and headed to the window. “I’ll be outside for a while. You two have a good time!”

The sound of the window closing rang out as soon as her words finished. Bai Xiaofei and Nie Qing both suddenly felt reassured. Looking at each other with a long sigh of relief, they laughed at the same time.

“I shouldn’t have said that about you before.”

“I really didn’t lie to you before.”

Saying this in unison, the two smiled at one another again. This matter was now considered in the past. After such a long time, both Bai Xiaofei and Nie Qing had already thought it through.

“Although I know you didn’t mean it, I thought for a long time, and I still can’t accept seeing other girls around you.”

This time, Bai Xiaofei was an honest listener. However, his eyebrows were twisted together. Sure enough, this problem just could not be accepted by some.

For a moment, Bai Xiaofei was silent. At a time like this, he could not explain, ask questions, and react excessively. Waiting quietly was the only choice.

Bai Xiaofei wisely made this choice, but in this way, he gave Nie Qing the initiative.

“I know you are not a womanizer, and it’s impossible for you flower men to give up the fertilizer that you have already planted yourself in, so I will not force you to make any choices without any reason. I’ve thought about it. I aspire to be a heroine, so how can I be tied down by something like love? Some things are enough in memory. After all, in memory they are the most beautiful.”

Nie Qing smiled at Bai Xiaofei, then pulled his right hand and hooked their pinky fingers together, then sealed it with the thumb-touch.

“Promise me that no matter what happens, you will not forget me, and you must be very excited when you see me again!” Tightly staring at Bai Xiaofei, Nie Qing’s face was stubborn, but her pair of big eyes were teary.

“Alright, I promise you! But let me remind you that the next time we meet again, no matter what you think, I will tie you up and you will be mine completely, even the gods can’t stop it!” Gritting his teeth, Bai Xiaofei said his longest sentence in a long time, but it was quite domineering.

“In that case, let tonight be that day. I haven’t had enough fun outside!” Nie Qing giggled foolishly with reddened eyes.

After giggling for a while, she suddenly threw herself into Bai Xiaofei’s arms.

“Don’t forget me, okay?”

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