Chapter 452: Leaving and Fulfilling!

Chapter 452: Leaving and Fulfilling!

After confessing her feelings to the ‘unconscious’ Bai Xiaofei, Qin Lingyan left with a determined expression. What Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect was that her leaving was a little different from leaving his room as imagined…

“Lingyan is gone.”

Bai Ye sullenly stared at Bai Xiaofei, who was eating to his heart’s content, and said something that startled him for a good while.

“She’s gone to find someone to save me?” Bai Xiaofei gulped, feeling slightly panicky.

It was most certainly so, but Bai Xiaofei still held a little hope that it wasn’t because he felt guilty.

“Why ask when you already know the answer? However, she isn’t going back to the academy.” Bai Ye’s words surprised Bai Xiaofei again.

“Then where is she going?!” Bai Xiaofei panicked even more. If anything happened to Qin Lingyan on the road, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“Violethorn,” Slowly stressing the word, Bai Ye stared at Bai Xiaofei in an interrogating manner. Does your conscience not hurt?

Of course it did. Definitely. Still, Bai Xiaofei would still make the same choice even if he were given a chance to start over. Everything had priorities. If the matter with Nie Qing wasn’t solved before he left, it might never be solved in his life.

“She shouldn’t be in danger, right?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a deep frown, his tone was like that of a child who had made a mistake.

“It depends what kind of danger you’re referring to. If you mean the danger on the road, you can rest assured. While Master Rank puppet masters are far from dominating this continent, surviving isn’t a problem if careful enough,” replied Bai Ye coldly. Just as Bai Xiaofei relaxed a little, his words took a turn. “The real danger is in Violethorn.”

Bai Xiaofei was instantly puzzled.

“Isn’t she from Violethorn? And I heard that her father is a very powerful noble over there. How can she be in any danger?”

Bai Xiaofei’s reaction drew a sigh from Bai Ye.

“Aren’t you usually so smart? Why suddenly so muddle-headed now? A small kingdom like Ancient Yue is already like this from just one internal struggle, can you imagine what Violethorn will be like? Moreover, why do you think that Lingyan came to Starnet? Because she doesn’t want to remain in Violethorn!”

Giving an explanation that struck Bai Xiaofei dumb for half a day, Bai Ye helplessly shook his head.

“Being born in a noble home does have its unique advantages, but there are unspeakable conditions that come with these advantages. If you are not one, you can’t understand that kind of despair.” Then, Bai Ye gazed at Bai Xiaofei. “I hope that the matter you’re so secretive about is really important, otherwise, I will hate you in Lingyan’s stead for the rest of my life!”

Having seriously stated that, Bai Ye cleaned up the tableware that Bai Xiaofei used and left, obviously having no intention to talk with Bai Xiaofei further.

After Bai Ye left, Bai Xiaofei gave a long sigh and then smiled wryly.

What can I do? I’m desperate too!

Although there was an unexpected situation with Qin Lingyan, Bai Xiaofei’s plan paid off. The Thunderstorm Bandits came!

Although there was only He Rushi, it was still a breakthrough for Bai Xiaofei.

Leading He Rushi in was Bai Ye. After Qin Lingyan left, he had become Bai Xiaofei’s grand steward. As Qin Lingyan had said, she only trusted Bai Ye.

“Is it convenient for you to leave for a while? I want to talk to him alone.”

He Rushi dropped a shocking request, stunning Bai Ye on the spot.

“Nothing to be surprised about. I checked Brother Bai and knew it was only physical exhaustion and that it was only a matter of time before he woke up, nothing life-threatening. That’s why we hadn’t visited him for so many days.” Before Bai Ye could voice his doubt, He Rushi interrupted and provided a reasonable explanation.

“Senior, leave for a little.”

Bai Xiaofei’s voice rang out at that critical moment, rescuing Bai Ye from his dilemma. He immediately turned away and left the room to He Rushi and Bai Xiaofei.

“Brother He, I’m sorry, I tricked you…” Bai Xiaofei admitted his wrongs with a wry smile.

“It’s me who should apologize. After all, I am not the one you want to trick into coming here. Sorry for the letdown.” With an understanding look, He Rushi directly exposed Bai Xiaofei.

“Since Brother He already knows, I won’t beat around the bush. I wonder if you would do me a favor?” Bai Xiaofei asked, his eyes full of expectation. Whether it would work or not depended on the answer from He Rushi.

At this, the carefree He Rushi suddenly grew serious.

“I can understand that some men can have many women, but our eldest brother and little sister can’t. I just want to ask you a question. What is your plan with our little sister?” Asking this heart-wrenching question, He Rushi waited for Bai Xiaofei’s reply. The wait lasted over two minutes.

In this kind of conversation, two minutes was already quite long…

“I’m sorry, I don’t know,” Bai Xiaofei slowly uttered these words with a struggling expression.

Hearing this, He Rushi also fell silent for a long time. In the end, he looked solemnly at Bai Xiaofei. “I can help you. At the moment, no one knows your situation except me, but I warn you, if you dare to bully our little sister, we will never be done with you!”

Leaving a malicious declaration, He Rushi left the room before Bai Xiaofei could respond. He didn’t know if he made the right decision, but he didn’t want to see Nie Qing unhappy every day.

He Rushi brought back the news to the Thunderstorm Bandits that Bai Xiaofei’s days were really numbered. In an instant, everyone erupted. All kinds of questions followed, and after they were answered one by one, the group fell silent.

“I want to see him!”

Finally, Nie Qing stood up and said something that everyone expected. This time, no one stopped her.

No matter what, Bai Xiaofei had done the Thunderstorm Bandits a great favor. He had given them the rare, priceless Skypatch Pill without batting an eyelid. If they made trouble for Bai Xiaofei at this time, it would be too ungrateful.

“I will go with you.” The speaker was a girl who had never shown up before. Her delicate cheeks and sparkling eyes coupled well and made her face pleasing to look at.

She was the reason why the Thunderstorm Bandits had risked their lives: the think tank who had recovered after using the Skypatch Pill, Qing Shuang!

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