Chapter 450: Self-Cannibalism; Finally Awake!

Chapter 450: Self-Cannibalism; Finally Awake!

The matter seemed to have passed. After a simple ceremony, Gu Heng was successfully enthroned. Rewards were given where they were due. Those who had chosen to betray the country also got their punishment.

At the same time, Shang Youdao ushered in his own spring. Even though he hadn’t stepped out, he had funded all of Bai Xiaofei’s activities when he rallied the important officials of Ancient Yue and therefore played a vital role in Gu Heng’s successful counterattack.

Now, it was time for his efforts to be rewarded…

Because of this, Shang Youdao had thoroughly understood Bai Xiaofei’s advice for him before. Windfall from the sky wasn’t a healthy way to earn money. Doing a good job as a businessman and investing reasonably were the key!

However, Shang Youdao was only a small example of the beneficiaries. The large number of people who had upheld justice – such as Commander Kang, Garrison Commander Wang, Hou Jin, and Shen Qiandong, who gave his all to protect the crown prince – all became the pillars of the new generation dynasty.

With the help of these pillars, Gu Heng quickly reorganized the court and led Ancient Yue back onto the right track.

As for the past incident involving Tang Bing, it was sealed by Gu Heng and became a secret to be buried with the consensus of all insiders. Even the civilians who had witnessed that day were given warnings.

There were just some things that the less people knew, the better…

Generally speaking, Gu Heng had been very busy. He only had less than five hours of sleep on average every day. Even in such a situation, he still insisted on visiting Bai Xiaofei and the Thunderstorm Bandits once a day, and each time he sent a large number of tonics and delicacies. This wasn’t ingratiation, but a demonstration of his attitude.

Whether it was Bai Xiaofei’s group or the Thunderstorm Bandits, they might never have anything to do with Ancient Yue again in their life after this period, but Gu Heng still insisted on doing these things. Just like Bai Xiaofei, he didn’t want to let down his own heart.

Meanwhile, compared with the prosperous direction of Ancient Yue, Bai Xiaofei’s situation was rather pessimistic.

Everyone thought that he was merely exhausted. However, they found out during the recuperation that it wasn’t so simple. No matter how exhausted, he should have woken up in one day or two. Yet, he had remained unconscious for more than half a month!

During this period, countless physicians of Ancient Yue had visited, but none could do anything about his situation. As for Zhao Tiantian, she had already given up. She was only a student of the Light of Protection, not the Furnace of Agarwood. She was proficient in using skills to provide treatment, not the physical examination of this sort…

Therefore, everyone had no other choice but to wait. Fortunately, the signs of life in Bai Xiaofei were getting stronger every day.

In fact, Bai Xiaofei’s situation was indeed very simple. If someone could use internal sight on his body, they’d understand instantly. The reason why he couldn’t wake up was because he had been seriously drained.

Leng Liuying’s necklace only provided Bai Xiaofei with the opportunity to use Divine Beast Transformation, while the process of transforming and maintaining the transformation consumed energy from his very body. At that moment, Bai Xiaofei had only had two options.

One was to mobilize the energy in his origin core, but he had very quickly dismissed this idea. If he really chose that one, what people would have seen might not be as simple as a raging magical ape…

At a dead end, Bai Xiaofei went with the second option – self-cannibalism!

In addition to storing energy by eating a lot, Devouring the Heaven and Earth also allowed the consumption of one’s own flesh and blood to obtain explosive energy. However, this kind of energy was limited. When the energy in the flesh and blood was exhausted, Bai Xiaofei would end up in his current situation.

If it weren’t for his perverse physique, the coma would last at least two or three months before he could stand up again, while at this moment, Bai Xiaofei had already almost recovered…

“It’s my turn to watch him. Go rest. You don’t want your haggard appearance to be the first thing he sees after opening his eyes,” Bai Ye whispered to Qin Lingyan who had been sitting beside Bai Xiaofei’s bed when he walked into the room with ground meat porridge.

In the past half a month, Bai Xiaofei had never lacked people guarding next to him, and there were only two people taking turns doing this: Qin Lingyan and Bai Ye.

It wasn’t that the others didn’t want to help share their worries, but that Qin Lingyan didn’t allow anyone else near Bai Xiaofei. For some reason, she always felt a cloud hanging over her, which made her very uneasy. Bai Ye was the only person that she trusted completely.

“Call me if he wakes up. And no matter what happens, you are not allowed to leave even half a step before I come back!” Standing up, the tired Qin Lingyan seriously reminded Bai Ye.

“You have been saying this sentence to me at least once every day. Do you think I would be stupid to that extent?” With a wry smile, Bai Ye mock complained, earning a soft sigh from Qin Lingyan.

“No matter how careful we are, it’s never enough. I’m not afraid of the one in ten thousand chance, but of that phrase ‘what if.’ I always feel that something isn’t over yet, but I don’t know what it is,” Qin Lingyan voiced her concerns, then looked back at Bai Xiaofei with serious eyes.

“He doesn’t know that you have done so much. Do you think it is worth it?” asked Bai Ye as he looked at Qin Lingyan with furrowed brows.

“Aren’t you the same? Compared with me, you will be the one who won’t be remembered,” with an indicating smile, Qin Lingyan said something that only Bai Ye could understand.

Such a normal sentence, yet Bai Ye blushed…

“I’m not like you! I… I am scared that you will tell my secret to others!” Bai Ye stubbornly retorted. Luckily for him, Qin Lingyan had no plans to argue, or else Bai Ye was likely to experience utter defeat.

“I don’t remember threatening you, but whatever, I’m going to have a rest,” said Qin Lingyan nonchalantly. After a long yawn, she left the room.

When there was only Bai Xiaofei and Bai Ye in the room, the blush on Bai Ye’s face reddened. Bai Xiaofei’s actions in the past few months one by one screened in his head.

Now that’s a real man…

Reaching this thought in a trance, Bai Ye suddenly hurriedly shook his head.

“Bah, what are you thinking?!”

After driving out those improper ideas, Bai Yue picked up the porridge bowl, held Bai Xiaofei up with one hand, and started the challenging task of feeding him.

Feeding a completely unconscious person using origin energy, the kind of boring work that required care and attentiveness, successfully helped Bai Ye to train his ability to not be easily distracted…

But to his shock, this work that he had struggled with for more than half a month had a new reaction today!

“Cough cough…”

Coughing out the porridge in his mouth, Bai Xiaofei opened his eyes!

“Where… is this…?”

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