Chapter 449: Has The Dust Settled?

Chapter 449: Has The Dust Settled?

As the tragic screams gradually ceased, the onlookers couldn’t help feeling relief. Even though they knew the one being tortured was an enemy, such a scene was still very uncomfortable.

However, they could understand Bai Xiaofei. If they were him, they might have done far worse…

Finally, Bai Xiaofei, having reverted to his human form, trudged towards his group. Every step he took seemed extraordinarily heavy.

“The Skypatch Pill, it’s all yours…” Bai Xiaofei walked to Fang Lei and handed him an antique wooden box. Then, he fell unconscious…

There was no such thing as a free meal in the world. Using an ability that didn’t belong to himself at such high intensity had pushed Bai Xiaofei to his physical limits.

Bai Ye, who was nearest to him, hurriedly rushed over and barely managed to catch Bai Xiaofei. After touching the latter’s neck to check his pulse, his face relaxed a little.

“He’s fine, he’s just drained. Perhaps the Divine Beast Transformation was too consuming.”

Hearing Bai Ye’s words, everyone was relieved. Then, they glanced at each other and fell silent. Looking at the surroundings, they were really embarrassed to declare themselves the victors. Although their goals were achieved, the price was…

If He Tian hadn’t sacrificed himself, that last Grandmaster would probably have killed everyone.

If Shen Qiandong hadn’t blocked Tang Bing’s fatal blow for Gu Heng, Ancient Yue might have ended in complete chaos.

Finally, if Bai Xiaofei hadn’t prepared such a trump card, Tang Bing might have turned out the victor at this moment.

Just like how there were no two identical leaves in the world, if all of this happened again, the results might be different, but whether it’d be better or worse, no one would know…

“Chu Yue, you lead the Ancient Yue people to clean up this place and collect information about the Globe Merchant Group while you’re at it. We will take this matter to the academy. It will not end like this,” Qin Lingyan finally broke the silence.

After a brief surprise, Chu Yue then assented and left.

Meanwhile, Gu Heng had composed himself from the grief of Shen Qiandong’s death. He walked to Bai Xiaofei with an extremely complicated expression, but his eyes held nothing but gratitude. If it weren’t for this group of strangers putting their lives on the line for this, he might have been insane for his remaining life.

“Is Brother Bai okay? If you need anything, just let me know. As long as our national treasury has it, I will take it out immediately!” Gu Heng’s voice was gentle and full of concern. What he said made everyone feel very comfortable.

“He’s fine, he just needs rest. But I think they need a nod from you,” Qin Lingyan said and looked towards Fang Lei’s group who were still suffering from the side effects. This moment was definitely when the Thunderstorm Bandits were at their weakest. Even a small team of Royal Guards could completely destroy them.

“From today on, the Thunderstorm Bandits are friends of Ancient Yue. No matter how the world sees you, as long as you come to Ancient Yue, there will always be a place for you!” Gu Hen looked at Fang Lei and solemnly promised.

However, these sincere words didn’t bring Fang Lei much comfort. Compared to this, he wanted to see He Tian alive much more…

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness. We appreciate your kindness, but our identity is too sensitive and we don’t want to trouble anyone. As long as you can provide us with a place to recuperate, we will leave Ancient Yue immediately after recovery.”

The sadness in Fang Lei’s voice was so heavy that Gu Heng couldn’t find any words to dissuade him.

“Rest without worry, then. Before you leave, Nabu City will be under strict quarantine, no one is allowed to enter or leave,” Gu Heng gave another guarantee.

This time, Fang Lei nodded and returned words of gratitude.

Everyone was tired, not only physically but also mentally. It would take a long time to process everything that had happened in recent months.

Besides, this process was bound to be painful.

Since everyone was injured, neither the Starnet nor Thunderstorm members remained. They weren’t interested in seeing Gu Heng comforting the people. The formation limiting the area had already disappeared after its expiration time, so the mess in the square was thrown to Gu Heng.

If he couldn’t even handle this well, he might as well give up his crown prince position.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that it was not over yet…

Per Qin Lingyan’s words, Chu Yue started cleaning up the battlefield with the cooperation of the Royal Guards after Gu Heng dismissed the people.

If they wanted to oppose the sky-blotting Globe Merchant Group, enough evidence was necessary. And, the best way to collect evidence was none other than the corpses of the Grandmasters as well as Tang Bing’s mangled body, courtesy of Bai Xiaofei.

However, Chu Yue’s harvest was rather measly. Since the Globe Merchant Group dared to send these people, they must have also considered the worst-case scenario – their annihilation. Therefore, Chu Yue couldn’t find any useful information on those Grandmaster puppet masters.

At his wit’s end, Chu Yue turned to Tang Bing. As the mastermind of the whole event, this guy was definitely a huge source of information! Jumping into the deep dent that Bai Xiaofei had created, Chu Yue couldn’t help but gasp when he saw Tang Bing’s body.

If it wasn’t that the corpse still had clothes on, he would absolutely refuse to believe that it was a person…

Fighting back the nausea rising in his throat, Chu Yue bit the bullet and walked over. After a quick check of the surroundings without finding anything, his attention was grabbed by a glittering pendant necklace on Tang Bing’s chest.

Curious, Chu Yue reached for Tang Bing’s pendant. The moment his skin came into contact with the pendant, an eerie yet familiar energy wave invaded Chu Yue’s body and gushed straight to his head!

For a while, Chu Yue froze like a statue…

“Mr. Chu?” Commander Kang, whose shoulder was wrapped in white cloth, limped along and patted Chu Yue’s shoulder with concern. This seemed to bring back Chu Yue’s lost soul.

“Ah, Commander Kang? I’m fine, I’m fine. Let us continue.”

With a hint of panic on his face, Chu Yue hurriedly glossed it over and moved to another place to start a new search.

Commander Kang was left behind looking confused. Although he and Chu Yue weren’t familiar, the sudden disregard from the latter caught him off guard for half a day. However, Commander Kang didn’t think much of it. It was normal for puppet masters to have their own unique eccentrics. He totally understood.

As a result, the only clue was missed…

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