Chapter 448: Bai Xiaofei’s Fury!

Chapter 448: Bai Xiaofei’s Fury!

"This is… blood-demonifying?!” exclaimed He Rushi, gawking with mouth wide open as Tang Bing’s momentum kept getting stronger and stronger.

Blood-demonifying was a skill derived from special puppets. A violet puppet could only use it once in its life, but this skill was extremely terrifying!

Its only effect was to absorb the energy of the recently deceased around for the puppet master’s own use!

However, the increase in power was permanent. In other words, the puppet master had to sacrifice one of their puppet quotas for a rapid level rise.

As perverse as this skill was, it was one of the taboos of the continent. Once exposed for using the dead, one would be shunned by the majority. Think about it, who would be willing to associate with someone who always looked forward to the death of the people around them?

Most people's answer would be absolutely negative. Therefore, those with a clear mind would not choose this kind of thing that harmed others and was not conducive to long-term development.

However, for the present situation, the existence of this puppet was a huge BUG!

"You guys step back."

Just when everyone was frozen in terror, Bai Xiaofei stood up and walked straight towards Tang Bing.

"Brother, this isn’t the time for you to act the hero…" He Rushi hurriedly tried to stop Bai Xiaofei. However, he was interrupted by Qin Lingyan.

"He needs a chance to vent. Believe in him, he isn’t stupid," said Qin Lingyan calmly. Everyone then lapsed into silence and quietly watched on.

After all, there was nothing else they could do but watch…

"I really admire you, you actually dare stand up at this kind of time."

Having completed the blood-demonifying process, Tang Bing was full of confidence. The energy of seven Grandmasters let him soar to the Grandmaster Rank. If it wasn’t for the fact that he still lacked the knowledge foundation for it, he would be at least a third-realm Grandmaster now!

However, the first realm alone was enough for the current situation. Moreover, the power-up that blood-demonifying offered was more on the physical body, which perfectly made up for Tang Bing's weak point.

"You should not only admire me, but also beg me to spare your life in a moment!" said Bai Xiaofei coldly as he rested his hand on the necklace that Leng Liuying had given him.

"Oh? I’ll see about that.” Tang Bing suddenly sprinted at Bai Xiaofei.

Ever since he had the idea of using blood-demonifying, Tang Bing had been secretly tempering his melee ability in order not to waste the precious chance when such a day would appear. Now, it was time to test his results!

However, the moment Tang Bing was about to hit Bai Xiaofei, a force more powerful than that of the last Grandmaster’s ice attack erupted and blew Tang Bing away.

Under everyone’s incredulous stare Bai Xiaofei had become a white great ape over five meters high!

Divine Beast Transformation, Snow Ape. This was the life-saving prop that Leng Liuying had given to him, a top-class item that could only be used once a year.

An average Snow Ape would be at least of the Exquisite Rank, but Bai Xiaofei was only a transformed one and wasn’t quite high-ranked at that, so he could only exert less than half of the strength of this holy beast form. To put it bluntly, he was at best the Grandmaster level, and was incapable of using many skills of the Snow Ape…

In a sense, Bai Xiaofei and Tang Bing were now standing on equal ground, having immense energy but hollow foundations. Their physical bodies were probably the only thing useful.

However, there were still some differences…

After forcing Tang Bing back, Bai Xiaofei immediately stampeded towards him. The momentum of his huge body was so incredible that he exploded in speed and was as fast as Qiu Mumu and the haughty girl.

Therefore, Tang Bing, who had just crawled up, couldn’t react before a huge backhand from Bai Xiaofei connected with his body.

Without delay, Tang Bing shot out like a baseball struck by a bat. When he landed, the hard marble ground cracked like a spider's web.

And this was just the beginning. After that successful blow, Bai Xiaofei pressed on and again sprinted with an agility that was out of place with his size, leaping at Tang Bing!

"Die, you f*cker!" roared Tang Bing. His vast spirit energy gushed out and swept at Bai Xiaofei. And then…

He became a tragedy.

Bai Xiaofei didn't even flinch. The spirit attack was simply pointless against him. In his blood-red sea of consciousness, Tang Bing’s spirit energy didn’t even cause a breeze…

Bai Xiaofei held his fists together and heavily smashed down on Tang Bing, deepening the dent on the cracked floor. Like a crazy beast, Bai Xiaofei swung his fists like a windmill blade at Tang Bing.

The endless thudding sounds and the roars from Bai Xiaofei's mouth shocked everyone.

Is this that same chill, crafty Bai Xiaofei?!

Gulping nervously, everyone subconsciously shook their heads. They tried to match the crazy beast in front of them with the boy who always smiled sleazily, but they all failed…

The series of rapid violent strikes lasted for about ten seconds. When Bai Xiaofei stopped, Tang Bing’s breathing had become feeble.

Lifting him up, Bai Xiaofei stared intently at him with his bell-sized eyes. Then, a humanized sneer appeared on the ferocious ape face.

"Hand over the Skypatch Pill and I'll let you go!" The ape’s voice was heavy.

Tang Bing didn't reply. He only smiled coldly…

"I like it when you keep your mouth shut! I haven't finished venting my anger yet!” Sneering, Bai Xiaofei threw him into the air. Then, he leaped off at an even faster speed.

With his fists together, Bai Xiaofei struck down. Tang Bing was once again smashed into the ground. Bai Xiaofei closely followed and stomped on his legs. Sounds of bones breaking echoed along with miserable shrieks.

"It seems I can finally find out how many bones there are in a person today!" said Bai Xiaofei as he started to crush Tang Bing's bones one by one. The process was quite slow, so slow that when Bai Xiaofei crippled his leg, Tang Bing had fainted three times…

"Kill me…" Finally, Tang Bing could no longer endure the pain. He struggled just to utter a few words out of his mouth.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei had no intention of listening to him. He kept going on with his important ‘bone count’…

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