Chapter 446: He Tian’s Resolution!

Chapter 446: He Tian’s Resolution!

A series of thunderous sounds echoed in the whole plaza as Bai Xiaofei used practical actions to show what was called ‘pay to win.’ From standing up against the Grandmaster puppet master to now, he had thrown out at least 20 puppet cores! And from the look of things, this number would only continue to rise!

On the other side, Tang Bing had been taken down. In the face of a four-person siege, he simply couldn’t resist and was now in the custody of Qin Lingyan’s group, unable to affect the situation at all.

Qin Lingyan and the other three went on to deal with the other people of the Globe Merchant Group. As for helping Bai Xiaofei deal with the Grandmaster, they were helpless.

“I’d like to see how many puppet cores you have!” The Grandmaster gritted his teeth as he blocked another skill from the puppet core that Bai Xiaofei threw out. This way of fighting was hopelessly annoying! If he could, he would rather fight Fang Lei in full condition than wasting his time on Bai Xiaofei.

“Enough to blow you to death!” replied Bai Xiaofei domineeringly with a snort, but in fact, he only had three puppet cores left. One defense, two attack skills. If the Grandmaster didn’t show any openings soon, he would have to use his last few cards!

Only that, their side effects…

Letting go of the hesitation in his heart, Bai Xiaofei glanced at Fang Lei’s group. Zhao Tiantian was treating them as Qin Lingyan, Bai Ye, and Chu Yue defended them from the enemy, but from Zhao Tiantian’s embarrassed expression, the progress seemed to be pessimistic.

In other words, it seemed unrealistic to hope for help from the Thunderstorm Bandits.

“You actually dare to get distracted?!” The Grandmaster raised his sword, and an ice blue halo descended onto Bai Xiaofei’s head at a speed that was impossible to escape.

Bai Xiaofei decisively used up the last defense core. A milky white light barrier appeared and isolated him from the outside world. At the same time, he threw an attack core at the Grandmaster. Not checking if this core served any meritorious service, Bai Xiaofei continued to resonate with his origin energy inside the protective barrier.

From the moment this fight started, his origin energy resonance had never stopped. The accumulation of origin energy from Devouring the Heaven and Earth coupled with his already vast origin energy foundation and abnormal physique, allowed the power-up that origin energy resonance brought him to have no upper limit.

Unfortunately, the accumulation hadn’t yet been enough for Bai Xiaofei to resist a Grandmaster puppet master.

He needed more time!

Rushing out from the heart of the explosion caused by the attack core skill, the Grandmaster sensed the increasingly strong fluctuation from Bai Xiaofei. Killing intent immediately filled his heart.

“Wintry Sword!” Origin energy madly poured into the Grandmaster’s sword. After a moment, it turned into a bright ice crystal and with a gentle wave of its owner, the sword broke into countless ice shards.

This unexpected scene made everyone’s heart tighten. No one was foolish to think that this was a mistake from a Grandmaster. It was definitely a killing move!

The next second, the unarmed Grandmaster dashed straight towards Bai Xiaofei, during which short ice swords formed around him, then all shot at Bai Xiaofei, who was still in the middle of accumulating his force.

Knowing that he couldn’t escape this attack, Bai Xiaofei threw out the final puppet core in one swift move.

When your confidence is at its peak, that will be my best chance. In such a state, you definitely will be caught off guard.

With this idea, Bai Xiaofei also rushed to the Grandmaster no later than when he had thrown the core. Meeting halfway, the ice sword and the puppet core exploded. Fire and frost energy collided, creating a frightening shockwave at the center of the square.

Then, Bai Xiaofei and the Grandmaster flew into the shock wave at the same time. At that very moment, another person also moved!

He Tian!

No one knew how He Tian did it, but he simply ignored the side effects of the pill and joined the fight at an astonishing speed. This sudden change didn’t even occur to Fang Lei and his group, let alone Bai Xiaofei and the Grandmaster who were wholeheartedly in combat.

Out of everyone, the most horrified was Zhao Tiantian.

As the person who checked their injuries, she knew clearly what He Tian’s physical condition was, not to mention whether he still had the fighting capacity. She was shocked if he was able to stand up alone. How could a person whose meridians were over 80% damaged mobilize origin energy?!

The onlookers’ surprise aside, Bai Xiaofei in the shockwave was experiencing something that he would never forget.

Those short ice swords weren’t all of the Grandmaster’s strike, they were just appetizers.

At the instant when they were about to collide, five whole swords identical to the initial sword puppet appeared and stabbed towards Bai Xiaofei at an astounding speed which he could not escape from. Meanwhile, an ice-blue round shield also formed around the Grandmaster. Inside the cover, the Grandmaster’s smile was particularly smug.

“Smelly brat, die! You are still too green!”

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei realized that he had been tricked. From the very beginning, the Grandmaster had no intention of a reckless confrontation with him. All was to dupe him into a bigger trap.

When Bai Xiaofei was in despair, He Tian suddenly joined the fray and resolutely welcomed the ice swords. He grabbed one with each hand, and used his back to block the remaining three!

Horrid frost energy instantly took away his mobility. At the last moment of his consciousness, he shot out a long blue blade at the close Grandmaster, and the seemingly reliable shield collapsed instantly!

No one could have anticipated this sudden turn of events. Having no time to think about anything else, Bai Xiaofei decisively seized this opportunity.

The moment the Grandmaster approached him, Bai Xiaofei’s origin energy resonance was converted into a burst of speed and power. He glided sideways and wrapped his arms around the Grandmaster’s waist, throwing him back in a suplex into the ground.

Sounds of cracking rang out as half of the Grandmaster’s bones were smashed. His head that first hit the ground exploded like a watermelon.

When the smoke and dust dispersed, the scene of the battlefield cleared in everyone’s eyes. Bai Xiaofei was half kneeling in front of He Tian, holding his body that had turned into an ice sculpture. Tears were flowing out uncontrollably.

“Uncle, it’s all over. You will be fine! I’ll call someone to treat you!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice was full of panic, and the only reaction He Tian could make was to curl up his lips slightly.

A full-force blow from a Grandmaster puppet master was enough to destroy anyone…

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