Chapter 445: Crisis, Forceful Ending!

Chapter 445: Crisis, Forceful Ending!

“Something’s off about them! Their state can't be maintained for a long time!”

After paying the price of three Grandmasters, the remaining Grandmasters of the Globe Merchant Group finally realized something distinct. Therefore, they instantly switched tactics to drag out the fight!

It was either take out their life-saving cards or run around to dodge them for now. In short, victory would be theirs as long as they survived through the Thunderstorm Bandits’ drug duration.

This reaction from them made Fang Lei’s group anxious. They weren’t afraid of head-on exchanges, but dragging the fight on like this was another story, especially when they could feel that their time was running out.

“Concentrate, we’ll break them down one by one!”

Every move has its counter. If we can’t take you down separately, then we’ll do it one by one!

In a flash, Fang Lei appeared in front of a Grandmaster and conjured lightning on the other three sides to block half of the opponent’s retreat space1. He Tian and He Rushi dashed over and blocked two more sides, while Qiu Mumu and the haughty girl smashed down from the sky with a terrifying force.

At this moment, the only tiny escape space left was in the direction where Yun Mo and Lan Qu were. Left with no choice, this pitiful Grandmaster could only grit his teeth and chose this tiny route. And then, he was face to face with a huge three-headed hound…

In desperation, the Grandmaster chose to struggle…

Which didn’t change a thing. In front of Lan Qu floated a ragged scarecrow. A blood-red thread of light connected and bound the scarecrow and the poor Grandmaster together. Lan Qu, instantly and gently, stuck a long needle into the scarecrow, and the Grandmaster found himself unable to mobilize his origin energy at all…

Although this effect was short-lived, it was enough for Yun Mo.

The three heads of the hound each bit off a part of the Grandmaster’s body, tearing him into three pieces…

“Next!” After taking down one, Fang Lei immediately turned to the remaining two and saw that they had already run far away.

However, there was a boundary no matter how far the distance. Although the formation was created by their group, the two remaining Grandmasters still couldn’t break through it quickly either. Therefore, they had dug their own graves…

Watching as the fastest of the Thunderstorm Bandits, Fang Lei and Qiu Mumu, rushing towards them, fear overtook the faces of the two Grandmaster puppet masters, but the one standing a little behind revealed a hint of ruthlessness.

“We can’t escape. Facing them is our only choice. They certainly can’t hold out for long. With my defense ability and your melee ability, we can definitely last through…” said the one standing in front. However, before he could finish, a powerful force from behind pushed him towards the approaching Fang Lei and Qiu Mumu.

“Since you have confidence in your defense, hold on a little longer!” saying this, the Grandmaster behind glided sideways and started to run away again.

Meanwhile, the one he betrayed had no choice but to take on the joint attack of the opponents. It wasn’t without a reason that he was confident in his defensive ability. Under the siege of five people, he actually survived for more than a minute!

To the other Grandmaster’s dismay, after taking down the second last, Fang Lei’s group didn’t run out of fuel as he had imagined but instead dashed towards him at an even faster speed!

I’m dead…

This was the only thought left in the Grandmaster’s head. Looking at the nearing opponents, he even closed his eyes slowly. Since resistance was futile, it was better to die as comfortably as possible. Struggling would only increase the pain. If he could, he hoped to die in one piece…

In this way, one second, two seconds, three seconds passed…

When the remaining Grandmaster opened his eyes with an odd expression, the scene before him surprised him and also pleased him.

He was surprised that at the moment, every member of the Thunderstorm Bandits, including Fang Lei, was staggering while clutching their stomachs. What pleased him was that the situation was now reversed.

Not only he would escape death, but also all the credit would become his and his alone!

With this thought, the Grandmaster summoned his sword puppet. He then moved at an incredible speed and the sword hacked down at Fang Lei with dazzling ice-blue light.

In the face of this, Fang Lei mobilized his origin energy with difficulty to launch a puppet skill and managed to barely evade the attack. However, this also exhausted the last bit of his strength, while such an attack was as simple as raising a hand for the Grandmaster.

Looking at Fang Lei’s miserable appearance, a smug feeling rose from the bottom of the Grandmaster’s heart.

Motherf*cker, weren’t you so arrogant just now? I’ll make you watch your people get killed one by one!!

Having such an idea, the Grandmaster slowly dragged his sword towards the nearest Qiu Mumu, his ferocious face full of arrogance.

“You could dodge it, but can he?” Raising his sword at Qiu Mumu, who had no ability to resist, the Grandmaster looked at Fang Lei. He very much enjoyed the despair of others! “I will kill your people one by one and avenge my friends!”

While declaring, the Grandmaster swung down his sword. Suddenly at that moment, a figure sprang over and used their palms to take on his attack.

“Have you forgotten who actually called them here?” Blood streaming down his arms, Bai Xiaofei looked at the Grandmaster maliciously.

“Seeking death!” Being hindered put the Grandmaster in a bad mood. He increased the origin energy flow in the attack and ice blue energy slowly spread through Bai Xiaofei’s body.

Feeling his own origin energy crazily concentrated on his hands, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up into a cold smile. The next second, the light of Starnet Brilliance shone, and he abruptly attacked the Grandmaster who was close at hand!

However, the Grandmaster hadn’t lost his mind despite his fury. His group had always remained on guard against Bai Xiaofei’s Starnet Brilliance. When he saw a golden light flashing, the Grandmaster decisively retreated.

Bai Xiaofei’s attack met empty air and the three seconds of invincibility passed. However, his moment didn’t stop there. A puppet core appeared in his hand, and Bai Xiaofei rushed forth and threw it at the Grandmaster.


With a scoff, the Grandmaster stabbed his sword into the ground. A semicircular barrier then rose around him, blocking the skill that was released by the puppet core.

When Grandmaster Rank puppet masters decided to settle for a stable victory, Master Rank opponents had no chance of winning at all…

But, Bai Xiaofei had no way back!

1. Author believes in 8 sides to escape from for higher-skilled people, sort of in the shape of an octagon, unlike the normal 4 sides for normal people.

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