Chapter 444: The Thunderstorm Bandits Appear; Sudden Turn of the Tide!

Chapter 444: The Thunderstorm Bandits Appear; Sudden Turn of the Tide!

“Gate of Good and Evil, open!” Holding himself back for such a long time just for a word from Bai Xiaofei, Yun Mo was the first to attack.

Countless hounds poured out from the wide-open gate and bolted straight towards Tang Bing. When encountering anyone from the Globe Merchant Group along the way, they’d blow themselves up without warning. As explosions rumbled one after another, the situation began to tilt in Bai Xiaofei’s favor.

Meanwhile, the others started attacking. Qiu Mumu’s small squad joined the scuffle, which not only relieved the pressure on the Ancient Yue soldiers but also created conditions for Yun Mo to aid Bai Xiaofei.

The leader of the party, Fang Lei, joined the group surrounding Elder Zhang with his blinding lightning arcs.

“Expulsion Wind!”


Elder Zhang and Fang Lei unleashed their skills at the same time. The wind that had just picked up was instantly vanquished.

The ability to control elements was affected not only by one’s level but also by the level of their puppet. And Fang Lei’s Thunderstorm Knuckles were gold rank!

“The Globe Merchant Group actually sent only you? You really don’t have to be in such a hurry to die,” Fang Lei coldly mocked. Around his fists, the forces of wind and thunder began to surge.

With Fang Lei joining the fray, Qin Lingyan, Bai Yue, and Chu Yue were liberated. They immediately retreated to one side and heavily gasped for breath, while at the same time using Starnet Stones to replenish energy. Fighting a higher-ranked opponent was still a little beyond their capacity, but it already wasn’t easy to achieve this level.

“Arrogant claptrap!” Elder Zhang was fierce with his words, but his expression was no longer as relaxed as before.

“As someone who was defeated by me before, you know better than anyone if it’s just arrogant claptrap.” Fang Lei resumed attacking. In flashing lightning, he approached Elder Zhang at a speed so fast it was difficult to capture with the naked eye.

Among Energy Stream puppet masters who were determined to turn their elemental energy into brute offensive measures, Fang Lei was one of the best. Elder Zhang had no plan to forcefully take on his attacks at close quarters. A breeze blew, and Elder Zhang’s body grew erratic as he dodged Fang Lei’s repeated attacks.

The first few were easy. Managing to dodge up to ten was lucky. But when the number of attacks piled up, Elder Zhang began to tire. As his guard slipped for a moment, his shoulder took a fist from Fang Lei.

A terrifying force of lightning energy poured into Elder Zhang’s body from his shoulder. In his panic, Elder Zhang mobilized his origin energy and cast a wind blade. While Fang Lei raised his left hand to block, Elder Zhang quickly withdrew.

A Master Rank puppet master dominating a Grandmaster Rank, who would have believed this if they didn’t see it with their own eyes?

Meanwhile, the situation on the other two sides wasn’t very optimistic for Elder Zhang’s party. A new influx of fighters steered the tide completely towards Bai Xiaofei’s side, as they were all experts whose power was almost invincible among puppet masters of the same rank.

Tang Bing, who was facing both the siege of evil hounds and Bai Xiaofei, was already overwhelmed. Unlike Bai Xiaofei, Yun Mo had no such thing as ‘going easy’ in his dictionary. As long as it was someone under Tang Bing’s control, he’d blow them up without hesitation.

Just when Tang Bing’s side was about to lose, another change occurred!

Six beams of light rose from six corners of the plaza, manifesting a crimson barrier that covered the entire area.

At the same time, six domineering energy forces could be felt from the six corners, and before long, six people from the Globe Merchant Group rushed over.

Grandmaster Rank! All six were Grandmasters!

“It seems that I’m going to win this time!” Tang Bing, who had been blown to tatters, revealed a gloomy smile. The appearance of six Grandmaster Rank puppet masters gave his confidence a sharp boost.

In fact, from the very beginning, the Globe Merchant Group had sent seven Grandmasters. The reason why they had never shown up was to catch the Thunderstorm Bandits off guard in case they appeared.

Last time, the Globe Merchant Group paid such a high price only to just heavily injure one of the Thunderstorm members. They didn’t want to experience such a loss again, so this time, they were extra careful in order to completely cut off the Thunderstorm Bandits’ escape.

The crimson barrier over the square was called the Unbreakable Blazing Formation. Even a peak Grandmaster would have to blast this barrier at full force for at least ten minutes to escape. In other words, the Thunderstorm Bandits were trapped!

However, facing the overconfident Tang Bing, Bai Xiaofei only sneered.

“Take a guess, do you think if I have or have not expected you to have other preparations?”

A simple question made Tang Bing’s scalp tingle. Did he also bring Starnet people?! If that’s the case, then they…

“Your arrangement is good, but you underestimated one thing,” said Bai Xiaofei. At the same time, the Thunderstorm members all took out a red pill and swallowed it. “You underestimated the Thunderstorm Bandits! Their power isn’t what it used to be!”

The moment these words rang out, the aura of the enhanced Thunderstorm members soared. Even the weakest one had a faint hint of passing the peak of the Master Rank, not to mention the rest.

The sudden turn of events sent Tang Bing and Elder Zhang’s mood on a roller coaster, as Elder Zhang’s chest was penetrated by Fang Lei. Full of disbelief, Elder Zhang kept looking between Fang Lei and his chest. The life that was quickly draining from his body left him no time to even leave a final word.

In a flash of lightning, Elder Zhang turned into a charred corpse and was dumped to the ground by Fang Lei. The origin energy in Fang Lei’s body exploded in power thanks to the red pill, but this state would not last long. According to He Rushi, the side effect was unknown, but it definitely would not be light.

Usually, He Rushi would already boast like crazy if he created something that didn’t let the user get out of bed for several days, but this was the first time that he gave his invention such an ambiguous evaluation. Therefore, this side effect had to be absolutely scary!

Therefore, they had to hurry!

Qiu Mumu and the haughty girl two-pronged one of the Grandmasters. He Rushi cooperated with Lan Qu to beat up another. With the temporal boost of power, He Rushi’s brute force was no longer so easily withstood. Even a Grand Martial Master would be half-dead under his punch now!

As a healer, He Tian’s combat ability was quite limited, but his recovery ability was exceptional. Bearing the title of ‘Undead Physician’ plus enjoying the power brought by the pill, he held off a Grandmaster puppet master by himself.

As for the perverse Yun Mo, he was taking on three Grandmasters at once without showing any disadvantage!

Evaluating the overall situation, Fang Lei directly ran to help Yun Mo. The combination of the strongest forces was their best option at the moment. The more people they took down before the pill effect wore out, the greater the chance of winning.

In the meantime, Tang Bing, the remaining expert of the Globe Merchant Group, was facing Bai Xiaofei’s group of four.

The situation was once again reversed!

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