Chapter 443: Fight!

Chapter 443: Fight!

“The Globe Merchant Group has grown arrogant to this extent? Deploying so many people to influence the major event of a kingdom? If this spreads, I’m afraid your business will take a blow!” Frowning, Bai Xiaofei made his final resistance.

He was not afraid of fighting, he was afraid that the casualties couldn’t be controlled once a battle broke out…

When taking on a Grandmaster in addition to a group of Master and Proficient Rank puppet masters, one of them even being a rare Spirit Stream, it was impossible to hope for zero casualties.

“No, no, Tang Bing is not a member of our Globe Merchant Group. We just accepted his entrustment to help him avenge his family. As for his relationship with Ancient Yue, I don’t think I need to elaborate, since you probably know more about it than this old man does,” retorted Elder Zhang with a smile.

Although this reason was far-fetched, it still worked just as well. The Globe Merchant Group only needed an excuse, and this one qualified!

As for future consequences, they could completely eliminate the negative influence by manipulating the public. What’s more, what happened here today perhaps would not even get out at all.

“Young man, you are a talent of Starnet Academy with a bright future ahead of you. There is no need to have a fight to the death in this small place. Why don’t we give each other face and stay our hands?” Elder Zhang offered calmly, stunning the onlookers.

But Bai Xiaofei chuckled.

“You are too courteous, senior elder. However, compared to my own life, what I want more is to see the difference between the people outside and Starnet!” Bai Xiaofei raised his hand slightly, and Blackie and Huskie appeared beside him, staring in alarm at the people of the Globe Merchant Group.

As for Qin Lingyan’s group, they still hadn’t made an appearance so far. Tang Bing scanned the area but found nothing.

“In that case…” spoke Elder Zhang. He didn’t have to finish the sentence. His people already rushed towards Bai Xiaofei’s side and a wedge-shaped wind shot at Bai Xiaofei’s heart!

“Fair Replacement!”

At that critical moment, Chu Yue stepped out from hiding and launched his puppet. His tried-and-tested ability only made Elder Zhang’s body freeze a little, but this brief period was enough for Bai Xiaofei.

Sliding to the side, Bai Xiaofei avoided the wind blade from hitting his vitals as it only pierced his arm. Dodging the fatal attack, he didn’t escape and instead used this rare opportunity to hook his right arm towards Elder Zhang’s neck.

If this move succeeded, Bai Xiaofei had the confidence to send even an Exquisite Rank puppet master to his death!

“Expulsion Wind!” Aware of the danger, Elder Zhang decisively used his second skill. A strong wind out of nowhere blew away Bai Xiaofei, Blackie, and Huskie.

At the same time, the two long-range puppet masters from the Globe Merchant Group launched an attack on Bai Xiaofei, who was flying upside down.

“Fair Replacement, Strong Shield!”

An energy shield appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei and saved his life. Chu Yue wasn’t called a golden puppet master of the Defense Stream for nothing.

Chu Yue’s successive moves attracted a wave of hostility. Four people of the enemy party rushed towards him in unison. At that moment, Commander Kang led his guards to stop them.

“Don’t forget whose territory you’re on!” roared Commander Kang as he struck back a Master Rank puppet master with his blade. “Royal and Garrison Guards, give our Starnet friends full support! The Globe Merchant Group wants to mess with our Ancient Yue. It is time to fulfill your oath to serve the kingdom!”

The soldiers in the area gave a loud cry, then fearlessly and fiercely flocked towards the people from the Globe Merchant Group.

Regarding quantity alone, the number of Royal Guards and garrison troops added up to at least ten times that of the Globe Merchant Group people. Moreover, the most important thing was that these soldiers had the courage to give up their lives!

The gap in quality was filled with quantity and momentum. For a moment, people of the Globe Merchant Group were as if mired in mud and unable to help.

At this moment, Tang Bing and Elder Zhang moved. This stalemate must be broken, otherwise, it would not do them any good if the battle dragged on for too long!

However, there was always a gap between expectations and reality. At the same time that Elder Zhang acted, a thread of fire appeared on his body. As he slightly frowned, Qin Lingyan appeared beside him in a flicker and her Violetflame Demon Snake tried to coil around his waist.

“Seeking death!” roaring, Elder Zhang turned around to chop at Qin Lingyan with another wedge-shaped wind blade.


At the explosion of the snake, both of their attacks became voided as the heatwave flung them away. Once she regained her footing, Qin Lingyan rushed up again.

“Wind of Entanglement!”

Following Qin Lingyan was Bai Ye, who wore a serious expression. As someone who was also an Energy Stream puppet master of the wind element, the gap between his power and Elder Zhang’s made him feel very uncomfortable, but no matter what, he had to bite the bullet and pounce.

And they only had one mission: restrain Elder Zhang for as long as possible!

“Spirit Storm!”

A strange fluctuation suddenly spread. Everywhere it went, both the people of the Globe Merchant Group and Bai Xiaofei’s party fell unconscious. Then, Tang Bing walked as if he was on a stroll at the park and used a blade to chop down five or six soldiers who were rushing towards him.


Bai Xiaofei, the only who wasn’t affected by the spirit wave, sprinted over and kicked the terrified Tang Bing flying, saving the remaining two soldiers.

Crawling up, Tang Bing glared at Bai Xiaofei and gritted his teeth. If once might be a coincidence, then twice was definitely not. His spirit attack was indeed useless against Bai Xiaofei!

Just as Tang Bing finally confirmed this, Bai Xiaofei already came running straight at him.

“Crazy Slave!”

In a flash, Tang Bing teleported to a spot far away behind Bai Xiaofei. Four soldiers who were near him stood up in a twisty manner and came towards Bai Xiaofei.

This was the same as what had happened at the cocktail party!

Clenching his jaws, Bai Xiaofei swiftly chopped at the soldiers’ necks, wanting to knock them out. However, the soldiers only fell to the ground briefly before unsteadily standing up again, then slashed their swords at him.

“People who become my crazy slaves will continue on until they die. If you can’t bear to kill them, then your only end is death!” Tang Bing sneered. Then, he launched his ability again at several unconscious soldiers nearby. They quickly became crazy slaves and joined the group besieging Bai Xiaofei.

“You will die very miserably!” Throwing a vicious glare at Tang Bing, Bai Xiaofei attacked. This time, he went for the kill…

Killing a few zombie-like soldiers was very simple for Bai Xiaofei, but the mental suffering for him in this process was beyond words. There was an essential difference between killing the enemy and killing one’s own people…

Bai Xiaofei just put down a few soldiers when there were already new ones to fill their spots. He fell into a deadlock.

“You guys should move now!” shouted Bai Xiaofei after realizing that he couldn’t break the deadlock. The next second, several powerful surges of energy shook the area.

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