Chapter 442: An Agreement is Impossible!

Chapter 442: An Agreement is Impossible!

The moment Gu Heng appeared, everyone was dumbfounded, even Tang Bing on the high stage.

How is this possible?! How can an ordinary person safely survive my Soul Shock?!

“You must be very surprised that he is still normal after your spirit attack,” Bai Xiaofei voiced Tang Bing’s surprise aloud for him.

Tang Bing did not answer. He could not respond to this accusation…

“You thought everything to be too simple. How can a crown prince be without some protective measures? At that time, your attack was absorbed by his jade charm. Although it couldn’t block out all the damage, he didn’t become stupid as you planned.” As for his recent performance, it’s all but an act for you to see. Otherwise, he would have followed in the footsteps of the second prince and the third prince.”

Bai Xiaofei explained slowly as if he wanted to incriminate Tang Bing, but it was actually mainly for the onlookers. What he wanted was the public completely on his side!

This was why Bai Xiaofei chose to act during the second phase of the ceremony – expressing gratitude for the people – instead of the first one. No matter how good the trump card was, it should be displayed at the perfect time so as to gain the most profit. And that time was now, when Tang Bing could only swallow his anger and wait for Bai Xiaofei to complete his move, and couldn’t display any violent behavior.

“If I remember correctly, the imperial edict appointed His Royal Highness as the first heir. So, shouldn’t some positions be switched now?” His face smug, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t resist laughing out loud.

He knew why Tang Bing mentioned the crown prince and the third prince in his forged imperial edict, it was to make the edict seem more authentic. However, it ended up helping out Bai Xiaofei.

“I’ve heard that you have the ability to change the appearances of others, and make it difficult to distinguish between true and false at that. Everyone knows that the crown prince has gone insane, and everything you just said is one-sided. Who knows if you deliberately found a fake to pose as the crown prince and disrupt the ceremony!”

Despite being terrified, Tang Bing wasn’t stupid. He quickly found a point to rebut. At the same time, he looked at the court officials kneeling below.

“I think this matter should be left to the judgment of our ministers. I believe that they will be fair!” Tang Bing deliberately emphasized the word ‘fair.’

To Tang Bing’s surprise…

“Very good, I think so too!” Bai Xiaofei agreed particularly happily and walked to Gu Heng. “Brother Gu, it’s up to you now.”

As Bai Xiaofei looked at Gu Heng, what he got in return was the latter’s firm and confident eyes.

During this period, it didn’t exaggerate to describe Gu Heng as ‘sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall.’ In order to deceive people, he had done everything he could. Otherwise, the palace full of eyes and ears wouldn’t have believed that he was really crazy.

Now, it was time for this effort to be rewarded!

“I am Crown Prince Gu Heng. As for proof, you can go to my chamber for verification. You can also ask me all about everything I have gone through. If I fail to answer one question without hesitation, I, Gu Heng, will leave!” declaring this, Gu Heng looked up at Tang Bing, his eyes full of fury.

If it weren’t because of Tang Bing, Ancient Yue wouldn’t have come to this state, and his father and two brothers wouldn’t have died so terribly! If it weren’t that he didn’t have the ability, Gu Heng would have risked his life to beat up Tang Bing right now!

Tang Bing, however, only smiled coldly. He thought his victory was already secured by leaving the final judgment to the court officials. As for Bai Xiaofei’s reaction, he regarded it as pretentious calm.

Expectations were always ideal, but unfortunately…

“How can the crown prince be fake? Since His Royal Highness is safe and sound, he should fulfill the late emperor’s edict and inherit the throne!”

“That’s right, His Highness must be enthroned!”


Opinions of the like rang one after another, and the majority of them were Tang Bing’s supporters before!

Seeing this, Tang Bing’s eyes went as wide as bells.

How can this be?! Aren’t these cowards scared I’ll do something to them?! Did something happen that I don’t know about?!

Thinking thus, Tang Bing’s eyes fell on a smiling Bai Xiaofei. If someone could make this possible, it could only be Bai Xiaofei…

“Threats alone may let you grasp the hearts of people for a while, but not for a lifetime. When enough interests are raised, anyone who isn’t a fool will make a correct judgment. This time, you lost!” explained Bai Xiaofei upon seeing Tang Bing’s shock, his eyes bright as he stared intently at the latter.

After Shen Qiandong had come looking for him, Bai Xiaofei had already thought of a day when the court ministers would come in handy for him. Therefore, in addition to Commander Wang and Commander Kang, Bai Xiaofei had spent over a dozen nights visiting numerous dignitaries.

Using his glib tongue and secret messages from the empress and the crown prince, Bai Xiaofei successfully won one official after another. However, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t let them attack Tang Bing immediately but told them to cooperate with him until today.

Tang Bing thought that today’s wind was blowing in his favor; too bad he was wrong, and not only so, but this wind was blowing fiercely against him!

“Just a group of rebels and traitors! What are you all looking at? Capture them! Do you really think it’ll be a good end for us if you don’t move?!”

At Tang Bing’s shout, the people of the Globe Merchant Group had looks of struggle on their faces. They were scared of the higher-ups’ reprimand, but the Blackscale Horse cavalry in front of them was really a little too scary…

Seeing them standing still in hesitation, Tang Bing decided to call out his hidden ace, “Elder Zhang! When is it better to move than now?!”

The instant he finished his words, a gale raged through the area. The people were knocked off their feet while the guards weren’t much better. In front of a Grandmaster Rank puppet master, ordinary people were as weak as children.

“Abandon the horses! Formation!” shouted Commander Kang in the gale.

The Royal Guards immediately gathered together, relying on each other and bracing against the raging wind.

This kind of attack, which simply manipulated element energy instead of coming from a puppet’s skills, wasn’t enough to crush well-trained soldiers, and the members of the Royal Guards and the garrison force absolutely deserved to be called well-trained.

A while later, the wind ceased. Tang Bing had jumped off the high platform at some point and was standing next to Elder Zhang.

“Turns out to be a hollow display. And here I thought it was really a cavalry on Blackscale Horses. Young man, your ability is very unusual!” Stroking his beard, Elder Zhang was calm as a sage, as if the present situation was just something trivial to him.

With the fake Blackscale Horses blown, the tables had completely turned. Everyone on Bai Xiaofei’s side was nervous, while people of the Globe Merchant Group were injected with a huge boost of morale. If they started a fight now, the scale of victory had already begun to tilt.

And since the current situation was obviously impossible to resolve by talking, a big battle was inevitable!

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