Chapter 441: Confrontation, Breaking Through!

Chapter 441: Confrontation, Breaking Through!

The sudden appearance of Bai Xiaofei and his appalling words stupefied everyone present.

This person is looking for trouble?! During the crowning ceremony?! Does he want to die?!

This was the first thought running through the mind of the vast majority before a feeling of pleasure washed over them.

Extra show to watch!

“Guards! Why aren’t you capturing this rebellious hooligan?!!” Tang Bing wanted to handle Bai Xiaofei using his new identity.

However, the result was out of his expectations. No one moved, be it the guards or the soldiers. Turning his head, Tang Bing saw Commander Kang and Garrison Commander Wang walking over from two sides.

Tang Bing had expected the garrison commander to be here, but the emergence of Commander Kang surprised him.

“You two want to rebel?” Furrowing his brow, Tang Bing chose to put pressure on Commander Kang Garrison Commander Wang thinking they were the weakest link. Unfortunately, he was doomed to be disappointed.

Commander Kang was on the crown prince’s side, and Garrison Commander Wang belonged to the third prince’s party. And those two princes, thanks to Tang Bing, had ended up insane and dead.

Commander Kang had been directly dismissed from his position, and while Garrison Commander Wang chose to bear the humiliation of yielding to Tang Bing, it didn’t mean that he had cut off all feelings for the third prince. The favor of patronage was something that could never be fully repaid.

The enemy of an enemy was one’s friend. Bai Xiaofei successfully exploited this and persuaded Garrison Commander Wang to lend a hand.

And yet he was only one of the persuaded.

“You don’t need to scare them. Since they dare to step out, it means they aren’t afraid of death. If they can be scared, everything happening today wouldn’t be happening right now.” Bai Xiaofei drew Tang Bing’s attention back to him. “Should you summon the support behind you now? How many people did the Globe Merchant Group provide you?”

At these words, Tang Bing’s face turned livid.

“Men, come! Take down this rebel and these two traitors!”

This time, there were responses. Dozens of extraordinary-looking guards rushed out from below. At the same time, many people dressed in normal clothes also made their way out of the crowd.

Suddenly, at that moment, a series of neat horse hooves galloping echoed in the distance. Soon later, a group of cavalry riding Blackscale Horses poured in from all directions. Tang Bing’s people hadn’t even assembled when the cavalry already surrounded them.

A Blackscale Horse cavalry?! When did Ancient Yue have such a terrifying force?!

Terror was written all over Tang Bing’s face as the sudden appearance of an unexpected, powerful force was simply unacceptable to him. Moreover, using spiritual detection, he saw that all those Blackscale Horses were likely to be real…

Well, they certainly weren’t real. Who could find so many Blackscale Horses out of the blue? It was just that Tang Bing couldn’t see through Blackie’s ability. After all, Blackie could fool even Monarch Rank magical beasts, while Tang Bing was only a Master Rank puppet master.

“General Tang, your people seem scared. So the treatment your Globe Merchant Group gives them isn’t so good, maybe? They don’t seem to be willing to put their lives on the line,” commented Bai Xiaofei lightly with a smile.

This time, Bai Xiaofei was putting pressure on Tang Bing!

And it was quite useful because Tang Bing could not force the people from the Globe Merchant Group to take on the Blackscale Horse cavalry. To put it bluntly, he could not openly send others to die. Working for someone else was the same as having no foundations. It was plain inconvenience to order a force that didn’t actually answer to himself.

If Tang Bing couldn’t break this deadlock, these Globe Merchant Group people would probably choose to protect themselves and abandon him.

“It seems that you’ve come prepared, but I wonder if you’re truly fully prepared!” Tang Bing sneered and restored his calm.

Although it looked like the situation was under Bai Xiaofei’s control, he still had the overall advantage, or so Tang Bing thought, because Bai Xiaofei had a fatal problem that was impossible to solve.

He had no one on his side whose royal status was equal to Tang Bing!

Bai Xiaofei might be dominant now, but once he lost the advantage and got dragged down, this fatal weakness would be infinitely magnified. At that time, Bai Xiaofei would be deemed a real rebel and would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Tang Bing’s reasoning was ideal, but unfortunately, he underestimated Bai Xiaofei. How could Bai Xiaofei foolishly interfere without enough preparation?

“If what you meant by fully prepared is to bring you down, then I think my preparation can’t be more adequate,” Bai Xiaofei said and took out the history book that he had shown Bai Ye before.

“Tang Qianqiu was the founding hero of the first emperor, who could not have ascended to the throne without his help. But then the hound was cooked after the wily rabbit was killed, and Tang Qianqiu was beheaded along with his nine kin families. In my investigation, however, two people of the Tang Estate escaped death, one was an old steward and the other was the youngest son of General Tang who had gone out to play with that steward.”

Bai Xiaofei paused a little, then looked at Tang Bing whose mouth was twitching.

“Am I right, Fourth Young Master of the Tang family?”

Bai Xiaofei’s voice had been amplified the entire time, so what he said was heard by all. The information was like cold oil being poured onto a scorching hot pan. In an instant, everyone exploded!

Masquerading as a prince?

Then what about the imperial edict?! Is it fake too?!

That’s a crime of the beheading penalty!


A buzz of discussions arose. Just as the situation was about to spin out of control, Tang Bing’s cold voice rang out.

“I admire your ability to make up stories, but everything requires evidence. I am a prince with an imperial edict as evidence, while your words are pure slander! Do you know what you are guilty of by slandering the crown prince?!”

Tang Bing refused to admit a fact that he had once acquiesced to.

And what he said was right, Bai Xiaofei was unable to present any evidence. Everyone who could testify to this was dead, which was why Tang Bing dared to stand here without fear.

Or to be exact, Tang Bing wouldn’t let any witness live to this day when he was enthroned.

The plan to trick Tang Bing into his own demise failed, but Bai Xiaofei didn’t panic at all. He still held a trump card in his hand.

“Slander?” Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly, put on a helpless expression, and let out a long sigh. “Alright, just consider it as me slandering you then, but I won’t admit to slandering the crown prince whatsoever, because you are not the crown prince!”

As soon as those words echoed, among the people in the front row, a fully covered figure walked out under the protection of the guards. He then slowly took off the cloth covering his face.

The crown prince, Gu Heng!

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