Chapter 440: Crowning Ceremony!

Chapter 440: Crowning Ceremony!

After half a month of preparations, the crowning ceremony started as scheduled. The whole imperial grounds and their vicinity were decorated, changing drastically in appearance overnight.

The grand ceremony was divided into three parts: paying homage to the ancestor, expressing gratitude to the people of the kingdom, and the crowning.

What was being carried out at the moment was the first part: paying homage to the ancestor.

In the imperial quarters, everyone was busy. The Royal Guards lined up in a long passage that stretched all the way from Tang Bing’s temporary residence to outside the imperial boundary.

Tang Bing, dressed exquisitely, walked out surrounded by a group of eunuchs and maids. Outside the door, all the court ministers were kneeling. When Tang Bing appeared, everyone paid their respects.

“The son of heaven is setting off!” shouted Manager Fan in his high-pitched voice once Tang Bing boarded the huge and luxurious sedan chair.

Ritual music began to play. The guards were positioned at the front, the maids and eunuchs in the middle, followed by the ministers, and followed by more guards at the rear. As the magnificent entourage headed out of the imperial grounds, civilians crowded both sides of the road. If it wasn’t for the garrison forces, they would have filled the road as well.

As the music band leading the entourage appeared, people knelt down one by one. On his sedan chair, Tang Bing saw everything, and a prideful ecstasy overtook him.

What belongs to me, I finally got back! From today on, this Ancient Yue Kingdom belongs to me, Tang Bing!

While Tang Bing was elated, however, he didn’t let down his guard. He had released his spiritual force and remained alert.

Although Tang Bing had ordered the blockade of Bai Xiaofei’s courtyard, he knew it posed little significance. At best, this would only allow him some time to react in advance. Moreover, he was certain that both Bai Xiaofei and the Thunderstorm Bandits would not let him have a pleasant journey. He just didn’t know when they would appear, so he could only be vigilant at all times.

However, even up until the entourage arrived at the imperial tomb, Tang Bing’s imaginary obstacle never came. His eyebrows slightly furrowed, he could only go ahead with the procedure.

After the lengthy homage, the entourage rushed to the next place.

Expressing gratitude to the people of the kingdom was one of the events that every new emperor had to go through when he was enthroned. This was intended to announce to the whole kingdom as well as assure them that the new emperor would do his best for all of his people.

Water could carry a boat as well as overturn it, those who won the hearts of their people won the country. This common sense was written on the first page of every royal textbook. Whether a royal loved their people or not, they had to do this one thing. Otherwise, they would not be able to sit still for one day if their people did not buy it…

The place to express gratitude for the people was fixed because there was only one grand square in Nabu City that could accommodate several tens of thousands of people…

At this moment, this honored square perfectly exemplified what was called ‘heavily guarded.’ Wherever one could see were patrolling guards. The civilians were well managed into various cordoned off areas, and soldiers standing straight like wooden stakes isolated them to create absolutely safe zones. At this kind of distance, it was difficult for even Grandmaster Ranks to insta-kill!

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei’s courtyard finally had made a move. Completely contrary to Tang Bing’s expected stealth, Bai Xiaofei’s group of five openly left the yard.

At the door, the Royal Guards respectfully greeted them, while the soldiers sent by Tang Bing had been tied into a bundle. In front of Bai Xiaofei, Commander Kang in shining armor cupped his fist humbly.

“Master Bai! The entourage has returned from the tomb and is now heading towards the People Square. This is the guard outfit you requested. Arrangements have been made according to your orders and can start at any time,” reported Commander Kang calmly with resolution in his voice.

Seeing Commander Kang, Qin Lingyan and the others were obviously stunned a little. At first, they thought that Bai Xiaofei was crazy, but now it seemed that they had underestimated him…

After the empress had dismissed Commander Kang from his position, Bai Xiaofei had quickly acted. He told Commander Kang to remain in the city and found a body double to replace him to be sent to the border.

As someone who had been in charge of the Royal Guards for so many years, Commander Kang’s great prestige remained even if he was removed from his post. Many soldiers were trained by him, and with Bai Xiaofei’s advice, he successfully won the support of those soldiers.

As a result, this scene happened.

“Big brother, you’re too polite. I just did what I should. Compared with the help you give me, what I did was really too insignificant,” replied Bai Xiaofei politely. Then, a handful of black horsetail hair appeared in his hand.

“This is…?” Commander Kang received the horsetail hair with a dubious expression.

“Hand this to the cavalry that I asked you to prepare, and tell them to stick it on their horses. One strand for each person will do.”

The cavalry was one of the arrangements that Bai Xiaofei asked Commander Kang to prepare. However, while people were easy to find, horses were a big problem. In the end, Commander Kang only managed to gather horses that hadn’t gone through combat training, but Bai Xiaofei told him they were enough.

Initially, Commander Kang was puzzled. Now, his confusion had turned into absolute loss. What is he trying to do with this?

“Let’s go, Commander Kang. We’ve already missed the ancestor homage. We must take part in this people appreciation stuff!” Bai Xiaofei laughed, having no intention to explain to Commander Kang. He put on the Royal Guard suit and made a ‘go ahead’ gesture.

Thus, a confrontation entered the preface…

Making his way step by step towards the high platform at the center of the square, Tang Bing’s heart drummed faster and faster. When he looked at the ant-like crowds below, a grand spirit arose spontaneously in his heart.

So this is the feeling of being all high and mighty above!

Starting today, all these people below will become my playthings, dancers in my palm! After more than 20 years of hardship, it’s finally my time to reap the harvest!

“Everyone, rise…”

With the help of his origin energy, Tang Bing’s low voice echoed throughout the whole square. The vast crowd then rose from the ground and looked at Tang Bing on the high stage with yearning or reverent eyes.

At this moment, no one discussed his origins, no one questioned anything. There was only envy. They envied the feeling of being above ten thousand!

Following the prepared manuscript, Tang Bing spoke magnificently for nearly half an hour. Because he used his puppet’s spiritual ability, the response he received was so terrifyingly positive that it felt like he was completely idolized by the people.

“Finally, I assure you that in my lifetime, I, Gu Bing, will strive to make Ancient Yue flourish. Everyone will live and work in peace and contentment. Here, I announce that in the next three years, the whole country will be exempted from all agricultural taxes!”

As soon as his declaration rang out, thunderous cheers wishing Tang Bing long life exploded. Tang Bing immersed himself in the roaring waves of cheers, slowly closing his eyes to savor this feeling.

However, at this time, a discordant voice rang out.

“You may really make a good emperor, but unfortunately, you are not qualified to inherit this throne!”

With the help of an energy sound amplifier, this voice overwhelmed the voices of the people and gathered all eyes to its source.

Under the intent gaze of everyone, Bai Xiaofei, dressed as a Royal Guard, slowly arrived at the foot of the high platform. With a smile, he looked up.

The confrontation had officially started!

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