Chapter 437: Tang Bing’s New Identity!

Chapter 437: Tang Bing’s New Identity!

Just when everyone thought that all hope for Ancient Yue was lost, a piece of news that shocked everyone came from the palace: The imperial edict had been found!

As a result, a court session without a presiding official was held, and all the ministers who were concerned about this matter gathered at the grand hall. Tang Bing, as usual, stood quietly in his corner.

Under the gaze of all, Manager Fan presented the imperial edict he found to Shen Qiandong.

“Prime Minister, according to the order by His Majesty the Late Emperor, you are the only one with the right to announce this imperial edict.” Manager Fan bowed respectfully.

Shen Qiandong instantly became the focus of attention. Swallowing hard, he slowly received the edict with trembling hands. It’s well sealed, and it’s not fake…

As Shen Qiandong rolled open the edict and the contents slowly greeted his eyes, his expression changed again and again. He first frowned, then sighed, and finally was horrified. Looking over at Tang Bing standing in the corner, Shen Qiandong fell into a daze.

“Prime Minister, announce the edict already. Many are waiting!” urged a minister that couldn’t bear the wait.

This ignited a chain reaction as everyone started to urge Shen Qiandong. Meanwhile, the imperial scholar suddenly had a bad feeling.

Swallowing several mouthfuls of saliva, Shen Qiandong slowly read aloud the contents of the edict, which could be divided into three parts.

First of all, the crown prince was the first heir in line and was to become the next emperor should no special circumstances occur.

Unfortunately, a special circumstance had happened, the crown prince was now silly…

Secondly, the next in line after the crown prince was the third prince – Gu Li.

Unfortunately, Gu Li had been sentenced to death by the empress…

Finally, the third part, which was the one that befuddled Shen Qiandong. And this one was indeed shocking…

The emperor said that he had a child in the outside world during his early years. Due to many reasons, he couldn’t bring the mother into the palace, and he had only met the child once. If something happened to the first two princes in line, then it would be fate and he was willing to give that child a chance.

And this child’s name was Tang Bing, whose special feature was a heart-shaped birthmark on the shoulder!

When Shen Qiandong finished announcing the edict, all eyes fell on Tang Bing and sounds of nervous gulping echoed in the grand hall. Under the intent gaze of the officials, Tang Bing slowly took off his top, revealing a heart-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder.

His implication was obvious: I am that child. Now, I am the only one who is qualified to inherit the throne!

“Can I receive the edict now?” Tang Bing came up to Shen Qiandong.

However, the latter was unresponsive. His brain had crashed…

“Do you want to oppose my father’s order, Prime Minister Shen?” said Tang Bing coldly, pulling Shen Qiandong’s consciousness back to his body. Under the influence of a surge of origin energy, Shen Qiandong slowly handed the edict to Tang Bing.

“Greeting Your Highness!” A minister knelt down.

Then, the rest of the court knelt down one by one like dominoes. Finally, even Shen Qiandong and Hou Jin were no exception.

“Please rise. I’m not used to this, and I hope you can give me time. I won’t let you down!” Tang Bing said indifferently, smoothly playing innocent.

“The kingdom can’t be without a leader. I ask Your Highness to ascend the throne as soon as possible and save Ancient Yue from this mire!” Manager Fan, kneeling beside Tang Bing, said loudly, bringing in a big round of approval.

Shen Qiandong and Hou Jin wanted to reject, but they couldn’t find the right words. Saying anything otherwise at this moment would be deemed as opposing the imperial edict. By confirming the edict to be real earlier, Shen Qiandong had personally destroyed one of his own paths.

“I will adapt as quickly as I can. Since ascension to the throne is no trivial matter and I will only be justified after announcing this to the entire kingdom, the preparations will take time. I hope to have your aid in this. I, Gu Bing, will definitely repay this favor in the future!”

Tang Bing had changed his name. Hearing his new name, the ministers below buried their heads a little deeper…

After this peculiar court session ended, the shocking news spread rapidly throughout the kingdom under Tang Bing’s arrangement.

Naturally, Bai Xiaofei heard about it.

In any case, even if he didn’t know of it, Shen Qiandong would tell him everything in his visit anyway. To Shen Qiandong’s worry, Bai Xiaofei only replied with one word.


This word was Shen Qiandong’s greatest fear. The longer he waited, the more uneasy he felt. To tell the truth, he didn’t believe the edict was real, but he simply couldn’t find any chance to turn the tables or else he wouldn’t have come to Bai Xiaofei again.

As Bai Xiaofei told his group about the new situation that had developed, Tang Bing was also ushered into a conference.

“What are you going to do about that guy Bai Xiaofei? He surely will come out and cause trouble.” The one running the conference was not Tang Bing, but a white-haired and white-bearded old man dressed in sage-like plain clothes.

“He certainly would like to, but he won’t find a single chance. I’ve arranged everything properly. More than half of the court ministers are now my people!” Tang Bing sneered with a look of sure victory.

“What about the Thunderstorm Bandits? Don’t forget the mission that the headquarters assigned to you,” the old man coldly reminded, not giving Tang Bing any face at all. The other people in the room were too scared to say a word and only stood there listening.

“Rest easy, the day I ascend to the throne is the day the Thunderstorm Bandits are annihilated. They shall become sacrifices for my flag!” Clenching his fists, Tang Bing smiled. Everything was going as he planned. When the right time came for his strike, nothing would be able to stop him!

“Young man, never be too confident, or it will hurt when you fall!” The old man’s voice was still icy. This pot of cold water made Tang Bing frown.

Your mother! If it weren’t that I still need your Grandmaster Rank power, I would have destroyed you by now!

Despite cursing viciously in his heart, Tang Bing donned an ingratiating smile.

“You are right, Elder Zhang. I will be very careful. When the time comes, please help me detain those Thunderstorm and Starnet people. It can’t be possible without your help.” Tang Bing cupped his fist.

The old man slowly closed his eyes.

“I’m tired. Go make preparations.”

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