Chapter 436: Night Raid and Calm

Chapter 436: Night Raid and Calm…

After Tang Bing and his people left, Bai Xiaofei passed his day rather peacefully. However, he knew that Tang Bing wouldn’t let this thorn in his side remain in Nabu City, and would make his move sooner or later.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect it to come so soon. On the very same night, when he just got ready for bed, Blackie, who was resting on the roof, suddenly called out a warning.

Bouncing right out of bed, Bai Xiaofei gathered with the others at the quickest speed possible. They put on a simple disguise with Blackie’s ability before hiding themselves in Bai Xiaofei’s room.

It didn’t take long for a group of people dressed in black to pay a sneaky visit. First, a white whiff of smoke drifted into the room. After a few moments, the door latch slowly moved, and then the door was slowly pushed open.

There was not a single noise during the whole process. If it wasn’t for Blackie’s senses that far exceeded that of human beings, Bai Xiaofei would have been in grave danger by now. But now, the situation was reversed!

Holding their breath couldn’t be a simpler thing for Master Rank puppet masters. Under normal circumstances, Bai Xiaofei with his physical quality could hold his breath for half an hour. Qin Lingyan and the others fell short in comparison, but ten minutes would still be no problem. For the current situation, two minutes was already enough.

A total of six people entered the room, clearly showing how seriously the other party took Bai Xiaofei. Two stood guard at the door, two leaned at the windows, while two quietly made way to the bed where Bai Xiaofei was supposed to be.

Seeing how the arrangements were well in place, they seemed to have no intention of letting Bai Xiaofei live. They didn’t even intend to spare anyone who could possibly come to his rescue. But what a pity…

The first one to approach the bed suddenly stabbed their dagger at ‘Bai Xiaofei’ in a vicious manner, as if harboring a deep hatred for him.

In that instance, Bai Xiaofei’s group moved. The ‘furniture’ in the room suddenly transformed into human weapons. Bai Xiaofei instantly broke the neck of one near the window. On the other side, Chu Yue and Bai Ye cooperated perfectly to take down another.

The third one died quite miserably. Qin Lingyan conjured up a solid Violetflame Demon Snake that blew up the assassin at the door into charred pieces.

The remaining three opponents reacted fast. The other person at the door shouted, and an invisible force sent Qin Lingyan flying. Taking this chance, that person ran away.

The other two were attacking the bed. The figure stabbing his dagger suddenly disappeared from sight in a flash, while the last one ended up in tragedy. Having no ability to flee yet in a bad position – deep in the room, the only choice left for him was a head-on confrontation. However, it was simply impossible for a person to forcefully dash out with the big Chu Yue in the area…

In the end, three corpses and one assassin with no ability to resist were left in the room, and a sure-win assassination ended in failure. This time, they lost to Blackie!

“When did the Globe Merchant Group get so adept at this kind of sneak attack? First, it was the ministers and nobles in the city, then the royal family, and now even us. Is your business trying to change professions?” There was a hint of sarcasm in Bai Xiaofei’s indifferent tone as he sat in front of the miserable assassin.

The latter did not respond. Not talking was the best way to keep a secret because even denial might reveal something.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to fear. I have nothing that I need to dig out of your mouth. The reason why I let you live is so you can go back and take my message to Tang Bing.” Bai Xiaofei sneered.

The assassin’s eyes wavered at his words.

“Tell him, if he wants to keep on with this assassination stuff, keep coming, but remember to send a Grandmaster next time, or we won’t feel any sense of accomplishment in killing them. As for us leaving, this has never been in our consideration before and it will not be in the future. I don’t care what he’s planning to do, but I sure hope he won’t go too far!” Bai Xiaofei paused a little, then continued, “I have four words for him. How the situation develops will depend on whether he will listen to these four words.”

As everyone paid close attention, Bai Xiaofei slowly spoke.

“Knowing when it’s enough!”

With this, Bai Xiaofei got up, looked at Chu Yue, and nodded. Chu Yue released his control on the assassin.

Regaining his mobility, the assassin’s eyes were filled with surprise and hesitation. Especially when Bai Xiaofei’s group opened a path for him, he felt like his world view had been overturned. What on earth is this situation?

“You only have ten seconds. If you don’t want to leave, you can remain here forever.”

As soon as those words finished, the assassin rushed out. Looking at his figure that was fast as the wind, everyone sneered.

“Are we really doing nothing?” Qin Lingyan was still a bit concerned.

“What else can we do? If Tang Bing plans to do anything, we can only wait for it. And he must act blatantly for us to counter. With sneak attacks like tonight, we can’t do anything to him even if we catch his people.”

There was a hint of helplessness in Bai Xiaofei’s tone. He didn’t want to let go of the duck delivered to his doorstep either, but he had no choice. The only thing that he could do now was try to make Tang Bing flustered…

And as it turned out, Tang Bing was indeed flustered. In the next half a month, there was no other move from him. However, the empress’ spirit worsened and worsened every day. In recent days, she couldn’t even go to court.

To Bai Xiaofei’s confusion, the empress seemed to have forgotten about the attempted assassination. She didn’t seem to have any intention of punishing Tang Bing at all, up until she collapsed…

In fact, it wasn’t that the empress didn’t want to hold Tang Bing accountable, but that she couldn’t even control herself at all.

In front of a Master Rank Spirit Stream puppet master, her mind was as weak as a child and completely unable to defend against Tang Bing. The reason why she suddenly collapsed was also due to Tang Bing’s relentless mind control.

This was like chronic poisoning. When the poison finally took effect, even the imperial physicians couldn’t find out the reason. Everyone could only watch as the empress gradually fell into a coma. Just like that, Ancient Yue entered a leaderless period!

No court, no future, everyone started to fidget. Even Shen Qiandong and the imperial scholar panicked. They then grouped up to find the fourth great prince, hoping that he could step out and preside over the situation.

However, when they came to the door, the fourth great prince chose to keep his doors closed. Shut out, the two old men were at a loss.

The situation once again became complicated…

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