Chapter 435: Gaining the Answer to Everything!

Chapter 435: Gaining the Answer to Everything!

After securing the empress’ support, Bai Xiaofei hurried back to his yard and let the prime minister’s personal guard return to his position.

Next was to wait.

Since Tang Bing had put in so much effort, it was impossible for him to have no further action. And when he acted, that would be the time for Bai Xiaofei to step out. That day might not be soon, but it was certainly not far away either.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect that coming before that was a deportation order!

When they met again, Tang Bing was no longer the same, with dozens of guards following him closely, and several Master Rank puppet masters among them. Needless to say, those puppet masters had been transferred from the Globe Merchant Group.

Tang Bing was clearly determined to take over the Ancient Yue Kingdom!

“I know you all understand what I mean. The current Nabu City has no place for outsiders. Since your mission here is over, there is no need to stay, otherwise it will be bad for us all,” stressed Tang Bing as he stood in front of Bai Xiaofei. At the moment, Bai Xiaofei was definitely the last person he wanted to see.

Tricky as Bai Xiaofei was, that wasn’t the problem. The main thing was that his spiritual attack was useless against Bai Xiaofei. This was what made Tang Bing uneasy.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei must leave!

“Who said our mission is over? We have received reliable information that the item we are tasked to escort is still within Nabu City. As long as we get it back, we can continue our mission, right? As for other things, don’t worry, General Tang, it won’t affect you,” replied Bai Xiaofei calmly.

Tang Bing didn’t believe a word. Won’t affect me? You really take me for a fool?

“So, you refuse to leave no matter what?” Tang Bing’s voice grew icy. The guards around him instantly surrounded Bai Xiaofei’s group.

However, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t the least bit intimidated. He looked at Tang Bing in the eyes. “You don't have the courage to openly start a fight with me, let alone that you’re now only just a commander of Ancient Yue. Even if you are the emperor, you still won’t have backing for it. As for the Globe Merchant Group behind you…” Bai Xiaofei sneered. “With all due respect, if anything happens to us, the Globe Merchant Group will not hesitate to hand you over to Starnet for punishment. Believe me, this isn’t a threat.”

Tang Bing’s mouth twitched.

He thought he could scare Bai Xiaofei, but the latter unexpectedly saw the big picture so clearly. He finally took Bai Xiaofei seriously.

“Even if you stay, there are some things you can’t change. This is what Ancient Yue owes me!” Tang Bing gritted his teeth and actually chose to change tack.

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up as a doubt in his heart was resolved. He had a conjecture before, and Tang Bing’s words now proved it to be true.

“Mighty General… I thought it might be a coincidence at first, but it really turned out otherwise. Still, don’t you think you’re going too far?” Bai Xiaofei chuckled then revealed a serious expression.

“Too far?!” Tang Bing snorted, his eyes cruel. “This is what the Gu family deserved! Even if I’m crueler than this, it still won’t be ‘too far’! Since you must have a rough idea, I’ll just inform you in advance: I will take back what belongs to me no matter what. If you insist on intervening, I don’t mind handling you as an obstacle!”

Leaving this declaration, Tang Bing turned around and left. The hostile guards also followed him out of the small courtyard.

“What you two just said…” asked Qin Lingyan dubiously after Tang Bing left.

The faces of the other three were also full of confusion. Bai Xiaofei had been locked up here with them all the time. How did he know something that they didn’t?!

“Just read more books in your free time, especially history books,” as Bai Xiaofei said this, he took out a thick book with the title ‘Historical Records of the Ancient Yue Kingdom’ on the cover.

“Are you just gonna say it or not?!” Ignoring the book that Bai Xiaofei handed over, Qin Lingyan coldly glared at him.

Ever since that night, Qin Lingyan had become synonymous with ‘constant mood swings,’ as she looked like she had experienced some huge loss.

Clearly it’s you who initiated it!

Complaining in his heart, Bai Xiaofei still wisely yielded.

“Forty years ago, in the struggle for the throne of the previous generation of princes, the second prince rose like a dark horse, his means clean, accurate, and cruel. During this fight for the throne, a person made a huge contribution, so when the second prince ascended the throne, this person was bestowed with the position of Mighty General.”

As Bai Xiaofei told the story, everyone’s eyes shone.

“However, as time went by and the emperor got older and older, the Mighty General was still in full swing. When people get old, they tend to get easily suspicious and alarmed. The emperor began to worry that he wouldn’t be able to restrain him in another ten years, so he moved.”

“Once the hare is killed, the hound is no longer needed. While this process took quite a long time, that day still came, and because the emperor prepared for over twenty years, the Mighty General was caught completely off guard. He thought it was just a normal banquet, but it was a scheme where the emperor plotted a failed assassination of himself.”

“Then, the crime of assassination and seeking to usurp the throne was pressed upon Mighty General. The final result was biting: the beheading of the general’s entire family and the extermination of his nine kin families!”

Hearing this, everyone’s heart trembled. They had read about this kind of thing in textbooks, but this was their first time getting to know a real-life example. This emperor was really a bit too much…

“But it seems that this ‘beheading of the entire family’ wasn’t very successful, and the fish that escaped the net is a genius, so the time for the Ancient Yue royal family to bear the consequences has come.”

“You mean Tang Bing was the son of the late Mighty General?!” Qin Lingyan cried out in disbelief.

“No, I mean, just now he had kind of admitted that he’s here for revenge and what belongs to him. If I guess correctly, that should be the throne.”

Finishing his explanation, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt refreshed. By now, everything had been cleared up and every knot was untied.

“You said this was written in the historical records? There is such an objective record?!” Bai Ye was astonished. He reached out to snatch the book from Bai Xiaofei, but the latter quickly dodged.

“Of course there is no such record. However, certain things can be roughly figured out as long as you have enough information. Even the thickest bag can’t stop the cat from getting out unless every single person can keep their mouth shut.” With this, Bai Xiaofei handed the book to Bai Ye. “Senior, just don’t believe everything inside.”

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