Chapter 433: Bai Xiaofei Emerges!

Chapter 433: Bai Xiaofei Emerges!

“Hey, are we really gonna let it be? At this rate, the Ancient Yue Kingdom will be in a complete mess.” Qin Lingyan frowned as she looked at Bai Xiaofei who was lying in a rocking chair.

Everyone could hear the hubbub outside, and Qin Lingyan’s group who were bored to death paid close attention. Yet, Bai Xiaofei just swung in his rocking chair and drank tea every day, then read a bunch of books that no one knew where he borrowed from. Aside from that, he seemed to have no other plans at all.

“Of course not, but we still lack an opportunity,” replied Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly. He then put down the book in his hand and stretched his body. In the afterglow of the sunset, this picture gave off a lazy vibe.

“Opportunity? What opportunity?” asked Qin Lingyan in confusion. Just then, Chu Yue barged into the room in a panic.

“Big Sister Lingyan! The prime minister of Ancient Yue has come!”

Seeing the alarmed Chu Yue, Qin Lingyan’s first thought was that they had trouble again. But on second thoughts, their group hadn’t gone out anywhere recently.

As Qin Lingyan mused over it, Bai Xiaofei finally stood up from the rocking chair.

“Yah, isn’t this the opportunity we’re waiting for?” Bai Xiaofei smiled and headed to the living room.

Qin Lingyan was stunned for a second before her face was filled with joy. Finally, something to do!

“This one greets Prime Minister Shen.” Stepping into the living room, Bai Xiaofei bowed slightly.

Shen Qiandong hurriedly walked over. “No! No! Please don’t be so polite to this old man, little brother. I’m here to ask you for a favor, how can I speak when you are like this?” As if he had figured out Bai Xiaofei’s character, Shen Qiandong cut to the chase.

Bai Xiaofei felt very comfortable. He had seen so much beating around the bush that it irritated the hell out of him. Getting straight to the point was the best, it saved and made effective use of everyone’s time.

“There’s nothing that can’t be said. Although what’s going on with the royal family is difficult to solve, it’s not impossible.”

The second sentence had Shen Qiandong stunned on the spot. He had expected Bai Xiaofei to be straightforward, but he didn’t expect him to be this direct. The pace really caught Shen Qiandong off guard.

Deleting all his readied long speeches, Shen Qiandong began to adjust himself to Bai Xiaofei’s rhythm.

“You will help me?” Despite removing the unnecessary, his surprise remained.

“Do you think I’m helping you?” Bai Xiaofei asked back, startling Shen Qiandong.

Indeed, no matter who Bai Xiaofei helped, it wouldn’t be Shen Qiandong who directly benefited. In the end, the reason why Bai Xiaofei was here was to get an explanation to set himself at ease.

Just one more step, and he would have everything figured out! Just one more step, and he could give an ending to all those questions!

Making Bai Xiaofei pull out and return at this moment was tantamount to asking him to die. That kind of torture was simply unbearable for him. He had been told too many stories without an end in the Gorge of Heroes. From that time on, he vowed that everything of his own experience must have an end, for better or worse!

“Let’s cut the nonsense. Time is limited, so let us start.” Announcing something that stupefied everyone present, Bai Xiaofei snapped his fingers. Huskie and Blackie quickly ran into the room.

Then, Huskie transformed into Bai Xiaofei.

“I’ll leave this place to you, don’t ruin my character,” Bai Xiaofei seriously told Huskie with a shoulder pat.

“Don’t worry, when did this godly dog ever disappoint you?”

Hearing the exact same voice from the two’s mouths, Shen Qiandong was astonished. The world of puppet masters is truly outstanding!

However, this was not the end. Walking to Shen Qiandong, Bai Xiaofei apologized before pulling off a hair from his head. Blackie activated its ability and Bai Xiaofei slowly transformed into Shen Qiandong.

“This appearance makes it easier for me to act, but I’ll have to ask Prime Minister and your guard to bear with it for a while.” Bai Xiaofei looked at the master puppet master accompanying the prime minister.

“I obey the prime minister!”

The guard was very conscious, and therefore he was left behind…

Leaving the room, ‘Shen Qiandong’ and his ‘guard’ were now slightly different. However, Shen Qiandong’s age and experience weren’t for show as he quickly adapted to his new identity.

“Why didn’t you turn into the guard? Wouldn’t that be much more convenient?” asked Shen Qiandong softly along the road.

“You will know soon.”

In the night, Bai Xiaofei led Shen Qiandong to the inner grounds of the city. Since the prime minister was qualified to request an audience in the palace at night, it saved Bai Xiaofei a lot of trouble.

However, just as the two passed through the inner gate and approached the barbican, a group of people dressed in black rushed towards them while the gate was closed. The people in black didn’t hesitate as they directly went straight for Bai Xiaofei who had Shen Qiandong’s appearance.

And then, there was no then…

Seven men in black couldn’t even last half a minute before they died at Bai Xiaofei’s hands.

Whether it was puppet masters or martial artists, anyone at the Master Rank and below were all trash to him. Besides, Master Rank puppet masters wouldn’t lie in wait as assassins in this small city.

“For those on the wall, Her Majesty the Empress has summoned Prime Minister Shen. Open the door if you don’t want your entire family executed!”

Bai Xiaofei’s thunderous declaration had completely intimidated the garrison soldiers on the wall. Unlike the assassins below, they were real soldiers of Ancient Yue. They had received word from above to cooperate with the assassins, but now when there was a direct order from someone even higher, they panicked.

Who should we listen to?!

“You only have five seconds to think about it. After that, you can’t escape death!” saying this, Bai Xiaofei began the countdown. When he counted to three, the people on the wall acted.

Smiling, Bai Xiaofei continued to take Shen Qiandong inside.

“You’re not checking the identities of the assassins?” asked Shen Qiandong doubtfully. Bai Xiaofei’s actions so far had been completely beyond his imagination. Who could have thought someone that he hadn’t held much hope for when he had come seeking help from would be so well-prepared!

“What’s there to check? How could assassins who dared to ambush a country’s prime minister be so stupid to expose their identity? Moreover, I already know who sent them,” said Bai Xiaofei indifferently.
“I’m going to see the empress. You should know how to get there?”

Although he was prepared for anything, Shen Qiandong still frowned when he heard this.

“The empress?”

“Don’t be surprised, we have to use every force available right now. The empress is one of them. Ancient Yue is too weak, so weak that it has no chance of winning if it doesn’t unite.”

Upon Bai Xiaofei’s evaluation, the struggle on the prime minister’s face slowly turned into resolution. Without a word, he started leading the way.

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