Chapter 431: The Focus of Tang Bing!

Chapter 431: The Focus of Tang Bing!

“How can there be disputes when all Your Majesty has been doing is making great efforts? The court is currently in turmoil and thieving eyes prey on Nabu City, it is not a good time to crown a new emperor. Moreover, the late emperor once informed me that he had prepared an imperial edict, but now we can’t even find one. It’s impossible to convince the public!” said the Prime Minister solemnly. After all those words, he only meant one thing: No way the second prince was going to take that throne!

And this kind of reaction irritated the empress. It’s gotten to this point and you still refuse to budge?! Where the f*ck am I going to get you an imperial edict?! The late emperor destroyed all the empty scrolls before he died, and now we can’t even forge one because there are just no freaking materials!

The material of an imperial edict scroll was unique and making more would require at least half a year. Even though the empress now managed the entire palace, she was like a cook without rice.

“The country cannot be without a monarch for a day. No one knows where His Majesty’s edict is placed. Prime Minister, have you ever considered a situation where the edict is never found?” There was a hint of frost in the empress’ voice as she now regarded the prime minister as a thorn in her side.

“Since the edict was drafted, such a situation will not happen. If I’m not wrong, Manager Fan should know where it is stored.” The prime minister tossed it to Manager Fan beautifully. Cold sweat instantly dripped down the latter’s forehead.

Prime Minister Shen, this old man has no enmity with you! Why do you want to do me like this?!

“The prime minister must be joking. Although this old one guards the jade seal, it was the late emperor who put away the edict in the end. I really don’t know where it is.” Manager Fan’s many years of experience in the palace wasn’t for nothing as he easily dodged the bullet.

I don’t know either. What can you do about that huh! Anyone who dares to say they know where would be literally waving a flag saying ‘I want to die’…

“The verbal announcement of the late emperor cannot be neglected, or it will be difficult to appease the public. I ask Your Majesty to think twice.” The Prime Minister cupped his hands and bowed.

Behind the curtain, the empress’ face had turned blue from all the suppressed anger.

Think twice, think twice, I’ve thought seven and eight times already!!!

The empress’ mouth twitched, while the rest of the court chose to remain silent. Although they were afraid to defy the empress and her threat, it wasn’t to the point that they would be willing to speak up for her. Now the situation hadn’t been finalized, it was too early to take sides.

Otherwise, one wrong move and not only their lives, but their entire family’s lives would be at stake!

“Very good! This one will continue to search for the imperial edict, but I also hope that the prime minister will rethink his decision, or it will do no good for any of us,” coldly leaving those words, the empress got up and left.

Manager Fan announced the dismissal of court.

After everyone dispersed, Imperial Scholar Hou Jin caught up with the prime minister.

“Little Brother Shen!”

“Imperial Scholar.” Turning around, Shen Qiandong quickly responded with a smiling face. Only those who were comrades at a time like this were his true friends.

“Little Brother Shen, you have to be careful. Without surprise, that woman will definitely act in the next few days. I’m afraid that you are already a thorn that she can’t wait to remove,” Hou Jin whispered, his face full of worry.

“You too, Imperial Scholar. The two of us are like birds of a feather, only that I just can’t put my own safety before my principles. If she wants to come at me, go ahead. The accession to the throne shall be deferred as long as I live!” Shen Qiandong started with a pained smile, then his expression grew more and more serious.

“Having someone like you, why should there be any need to worry about our kingdom? But what a pity… ah…”

Hou Jin let out a long sigh, and he kept lamenting until Shen Qiandong spoke again.

“It doesn’t matter if you and I die, as long as our Ancient Yue has a good result in the end. For some reason, I’ve always had a feeling that there will be such a day. Unfortunately, I may not be able to see it.” Shen Qiandong’s expression was solemn. For that uncertain day, he was ready to risk everything.

Meanwhile, the empress returned to her chamber and summoned Tang Bing. The anger on her face clearly betrayed her mood at the moment.

“I want you to handle Hou Jin and Shen Qiandong as quickly as you can!”

What was ‘cutting to the chase’? This was it!

“There’s no need to worry, Your Majesty, they will be handled. Since you’ve waited for so many years, you have no trouble adding a few more days, right? I will take care of everything,” Tang Bing assured with a smile and a look of sure victory.

Indeed, a Spirit Stream puppet master had the ability to overturn a country!

“Are you having trouble? Don’t hesitate to say it. As long as I can help, I will do my best!” The empress actually focused on something different. In her view, Tang Bing could absolutely help her achieve her goal at lightning speed, but it was obvious that he was deliberately dragging it.

“You should know that haste makes waste, Your Majesty. It’s not just Hou Jin is opposing the second prince. You really think that those hesitant ones are no problem? In fact, they are your biggest hidden danger. Before I handle Hou Jin and Shen Qiandong, I have to deal with them, so that the second prince’s road to the throne will be completely smooth!”

When Tang Bing finished, a pleasant surprise lighted up the empress’ face. This was something she had never thought of before.

“Good! Good!! Very good!!! I will wait for your good news, I hope you won’t let me down! After the job is done, you shall get the richest of rewards!” exclaimed the empress as she drew a big cake for Tang Bing.

However, Tang Bing sneered in his heart. This cake was not what he wanted!

“Don’t worry, I have never let anyone down.” With a smile, Tang Bing then excused himself.

The next several days seemed to pass peacefully, but that was only on the surface.

As Tang Bing had said, he would deal with Hou Jin and Shen Qiandong, but they were just not his priority right now.

In the past few days, Tang Bing had not been idle for a moment. If someone observed carefully, they’d notice that every day in court, there would be more and more officials subconsciously directing their eyes towards Tang Bing, especially when there were disputes.

They were checking to follow Tang Bing’s opinion on those matters!

Tang Bing, however, seemed determined to be a wallflower to the end. He did not say a word and simply stood silently in his place as the others quarreled. Despite this, the number of people sneaking glances at him kept increasing.

Unfortunately, perhaps because he was too unnoticeable or the empress was too big of an attention attraction, neither Hou Jin nor Shen Qiandong noticed this little change.

Until Tang Bing himself finally created a court drama!

This drama completely floored Hou Jin and Shen Qiandong. It threw the two old ministers into disarray and gave rise to horror from the bottom of their hearts which then occupied their whole minds.

The title of this drama was ‘pointing to a deer and calling it a horse’!

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