Chapter 41 The ‘Eras’ Of Puppet Masters

Even though Fei Guangshi was astounded, he didn’t say anything, and this shock of his didn’t escape the eyes of Bai Xiaofei who had other motives.

“Not only is it Mimicry but high-level Mimicry. Little fellow, your future is limitless. What’s your name?” Lei Shan’s voice carried an extra trace of closeness, and the gaze with which he looked at Bai Xiaofei carried a trace of praise and satisfaction.

“Bai Xiaofei.” Bai Xiaofei grinned and had a rare moment of being straightforward…

“Oh? Your surname is Bai? If that little girl Luo Xi were to find out, you’ll probably have a hard time.” Lei Shan started laughing as he spoke, and it seemed as if he’d thought of an amusing thing, whereas, cold sweat flowed from Bai Xiaofei and the others.

Vice Principal Luo Xi…

Little girl…

Bai Xiaofei shivered unconsciously, and he had a new understanding of Lei Shan’s age. This isn’t an old man! This is an old ancestor!

“I’ve met Vice Principal Luo already, and she had given me my enrollment letter,” Bai Xiaofei said truthfully, simultaneously stunning Lei Shan and Fei Guangshi who heard of this matter for the first time. This news was simply astonishing to both of them because they were familiar with Luo Xi.

“That little girl Luo Xi actually let you pass?!” Even Lei Shan who was over a hundred years old was incapable of controlling his excitement, and he was unable to refrain from asking this question. The gaze he shot at Bai Xiaofei had a slightly unusual feel to it.

“Vice Principal Luo Xi is actually rather nice. But she might have some misunderstandings, and I’m confident of being able to rectify this misunderstanding.” Bai Xiaofei spoke words that went against the truth, and he directly boasted his ability up to the heavens.

But this boasting drew the attention of Lei Shan and Fei Guangshi. As far as they were concerned, someone who was capable of possessing such a thought was extremely courageous.

“As expected of a young hero. I haven’t felt admiration for someone in a long time, and you’re one of them!” Lei Shan roared with laughter, and the incident with Luo Xi allowed Lei Shan to once again have a new understanding of Bai Xiaofei. “You can request something of me if you’re really able to accomplish this. So long as it’s within my ability, I’ll absolutely satisfy your request.” 

As soon as Lei Shan finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

The scope of Lei Shan’s ability was a tad bit too large; not even Xue Ying and Gei Guangshi could have an estimation of how large it was.

Just based on Lei Shan’s current status, they were unable to think of anything that wasn’t within the scope of his ability…

“I’ll remember this. Grandpa Lei, you can’t go back on your word when the time comes.” Even though he was stunned, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stupid, and he naturally picked up the pie that fell from the sky at the first possible moment.

“A promise can never be taken back once it’s made,” Lei Shan reassured Bai Xiaofei as he stroked his dense beard. Everyone present besides Lin Li simultaneously shot an envious gaze at Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei paused for a moment before dragging the topic of the conversation back to the main point. After all, the important matter at hand was to deal with the matter of the Bounty Ranking, and without Lei Shan’s word, he might need to go through a great deal of trouble and might not succeed. “Grandpa Lei, you didn’t come here merely for the sake of seeing Huskie or for talking about Vice Principal Luo with me, right?”

“Of course, finding out about your puppet was only a necessary process. Only after I’ve confirmed your identity as a Mimicry Stream puppet master would the remaining parts of the conversation be meaningful.” Lei Shan paused for a moment before he continued. “Do you have clear thoughts about the choice of your future puppets?”

The conversation had finally come to the main reason Lei Shan had come, and besides Bai Xiaofei, everyone else in the classroom turned solemn as they silently awaited Bai Xiaofei’s answer.

“I do,” Bai Xiaofei answered with extreme resolution, and his confident tone caused everyone to concentrate on him.

“Let me hear it.” Lei Shan grinned and seemed very much alike to an amiable old grandpa.

“Mimicry is a part of the Illusion Steam, and the Illusion Stream conforms to my habits. So, I plan to continue choosing puppets of the Illusion Stream in the future to make up for Huskie’s shortfalls.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Xue Ying and the others couldn’t help but frown. Obviously, this was the answer they dreaded the most.

“Then, how many puppets do you plan to use for this purpose? After all, a person’s limit is to only possess seven puppets.”

Seven puppets was something one had to at least be at the Exquisite Rank to accomplish!

Bai Xiaofei had a very long way to go to achieve this objective…

“All of them! So long as I can choose, my puppets will be related to illusions. Of course, I will consider some very good life-saving puppets, but I won’t consider the puppets of other streams.” His new answer was as firm as before, and it seemed as if he had gone through careful considerations countless times. 

Lei Shan was grinning slightly and showed neither approval nor disapproval.

“So in this way, you intend to take the extreme path?” Lei Shan spoke a term Bai Xiaofei had never come into contact with as he stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei’s eyes.

Bai Xiaofei frowned slightly, and a puzzled expression appeared on his face. He answered Lei Shan with a question. “Extreme?” 

“Right, you shouldn’t have taken a theory lesson yet, so I’ll do something beyond my duty and explain it to you on behalf of your future theory teacher.

“Since the first generation of puppet masters appeared, how puppets should be chosen had always been a problem of great dispute. But along with the passage of time and development, most people attained a common view in the end, and the notion of a ‘generation’ appeared after this.

“A ‘generation’ represents the common view that most of the puppet masters come to when choosing puppets during a certain period of time. Moreover, up until now, this common view has undergone three reforms. In other words, the generation we’re in is the third generation of puppet masters, but the extreme you’re pursuing is the creation of the last generation, the second generation.” As soon as Lei Shan finished speaking, Bai Xiaofei roughly understood what Lei Shan wanted to say, but it wasn’t enough to change his thoughts.

“What’s different in this generation?”

“The first generation was the initial stage of exploration. At that time, every single puppet master wished for nothing more than for themselves to become a godlike legend. So, they mainly chose a variety of puppets. The person with the most abilities and the most special abilities was the best. This generation was called the generation of diversification, and most of them fought alone. This generation really did give birth to numerous legends.

“But, after experiencing the development of time, someone found a method to completely counter the generation of diversification, and it was the extreme path. The extreme path revolved around the person’s first puppet, and the remaining puppets were entirely for the sake of serving the first puppet. It strengthened the first puppet to a terrifying degree and, using something refined to go against a variety, ultimately crushed the first generation.

“But countering different streams was extremely serious during the extreme generation. The Defense Stream countered the Assassin Stream, the Assassin Stream countered the Ranged Stream, the Ranged Stream countered the Onslaught a person who dared to say he was number one in the world didn’t appear during this generation. But a terrifying product appeared from this generation – an Extreme Team!

“A group of people who strengthened their puppets with the extreme method and made up for each other’s weaknesses assembled together to form a formidable group called an Extreme Team. Moreover, this sort of team hasn’t vanished along with the passage of time. They can still be seen on the continent, but they are no longer the mainstream composition of a team.” Lei Shan stopped here, and it caused Bai Xiaofei to suddenly feel that he was being strung along.

He impatiently asked Lei Shan, “Then what about the third generation? What's our current generation like?”

Lei Shan, having achieved his goal, smiled lightly and drank a mouthful of the tea Xue Ying had served him. He then began slowly speaking once again….


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