Chapter 429: Tragic Third Prince

Chapter 429: Tragic Third Prince…

The youth of the World Chamber of Commerce could now leave his confinement, but the position of general that the empress promised him wasn’t in place yet. He still needed to perform a little act first…

“Tang Bing?! How did the empress let you go?!” Seeing the youth coming back, the third prince was first shocked, then the shock quickly turned into delight. The youth returned right when he didn’t know what to do with the present situation.

“You’re asking me? I thought it was you who arranged to get me out.” His tone laced with a hint of doubt, Tang Bing kicked back the question, stunning the third prince a little.

“Forget it, forget it! Who cares?! I’m just happy you’re back! I have so many things to ask you!” Pulling Tang Bing to sit down, the third prince left everyone behind before starting a long catharsis. When he finally stopped, he felt an unprecedented sense of happiness. “That’s the situation. Brother Tang, do you think I still have hope?”

The third prince gulped and looked at Tang Bing with eyes full of hope. Then, he saw the latter’s lips curl up.

“And here I thought it would be very troublesome. So that’s all it is.” Tang Bing waved his hand dismissively. “Just leave it to me. I’ll help you unleash a beautiful counterattack tonight!”

Seeing the confident Tang Bing, the third prince’s anxiety was put to rest.

This is probably what they call thorough accumulation! After staying still for so many days, he came out with a huge gift for me!

The third prince daydreamed. After He Tian left, Tang Bing had become his only hope which he now staked everything on. As for anything else, the third prince couldn’t care less.

Night fell. Doing as Tang Bing had told, the third prince set out towards the empress’ chamber.

According to plan, the empress would be under assassination when the third prince arrived, and he would be just in time for her rescue. Tang Bing would do his work, so even when the empress was saved, she would also turn out exactly like the crown prince.

After that, the third prince with his merit could gather court power while the second prince mourned for his mother. By the time the second prince reacted, everything would be too late. In the absence of an imperial edict, the second prince who could only rely on his mother was no match for the third prince who had been out developing his force early.

This was a perfect plan no matter how one looked at it. Unfortunately… the problem lay in the first phase.

The third prince went all the way to the empress’ bedroom unimpeded, which made him very pleased with Tang Bing’s work. In his view, it was Tang Bing’s credit. Well… it was indeed. If it weren’t for Tang Bing, this road wouldn’t be so smooth.

Soon, the third prince arrived at his destination and saw the empress’ attending maid.

“Your Royal Highness, this isn’t the time to pay respects.” With the empress as her backer, even a so-called prince was nothing in the eyes of this maid. As long as the second prince was enthroned, her status would naturally follow like a boat on a rising tide, while the third prince would be sent to some border as a soldier.

“I got the news that someone was going to harm Her Majesty! Is she in there right now?!” said the third prince as he tried to act nervous.

The maid’s expression instantly changed. Now that he mentioned it, she remembered she hadn’t heard any sound coming from the sleeping chamber for a while. Moreover, it wasn’t resting time yet…

“Why aren’t you making way?! What are you dazing out for?!” Fearing that his plan would be interrupted, the third prince pushed the maid away and rushed in. The moment the doors opened, he felt as if his head was struck by something before he blacked out and he fell unconscious…

Early the next morning, two more explosive news swept through Nabu City.

The third prince attempted to murder his father and brother in order to take the throne, which resulted in the death of the late emperor and the mental damage of the crown prince. Last night, he even attempted to attack the empress, which was also an unforgivable crime, and had now been put in prison.

Bodyguard Tang Bing, who had made a great contribution by saving the empress, was promoted to Mighty General and would take over the Royal Guards, while the former Royal Guard commander was transferred to the border as a general.

Compared with the third prince’s matter, Tang Bing’s exceptional promotion was insignificant as the phrase ‘attempted to murder his father and brother’ was too eye-catching!

At this moment, the sinner of the story – the third prince – was shivering in a small dark room. He didn’t know how long he had been kept there, and he didn’t even know what had happened. Many times he had repeatedly told himself that it was only a dream, but sadly he just couldn’t wake up.

“Mighty General is here!” a resounding voice echoed. After a while, Tang Bing, dressed in fine clothes, slowly arrived in front of the third prince.

“How have you been, Your Highness?” Tang Bing slowly squatted down in front of the third prince with a smile.

“Why?! Why would you betray me?!” The third prince stared intently at Tang Bing, fires of fury almost bursting out from his eyes. Unfortunately, it couldn’t burn the culprit.

“There is no reason. You were in my way, that’s all. This result should have been expected, but you just never noticed,” said Tang Bing nonchalantly. By now, the third prince was no longer worth his effort to lie to.

“What do you mean?! There is no conflict of interest between you and me, I can double what others can give you! Why would you want to do this to me?!” roared the third prince, but Tang Bing remained indifferent.

“Your Highness thinks too much. You can’t give double what I want, because you don’t even have it!”

When Tang Bing finished his words, the third prince fearfully backed up. Everything that was unfolding had gone completely beyond his cognition.

“Actually, I didn’t even want to come to see you this one last time. Unfortunately, there is no other way. The empress wants her arrangements to be foolproof, so I can only bite the bullet.”

“What are you going to do?!” Looking at Tang Bing approaching with malicious intent, cold sweat dripped down the third prince’s back.

“This place doesn’t need an intelligent man. I don’t want Your Highness to cause trouble for yourself in the future, so I’m just going to lend you a hand!” Tang Bing summoned his puppet, and an invisible force poured out and crushed the third prince.

“Tang Bing… you! You shall never be…”

Before the third prince could finish, his body collapsed limply. At almost the same time, two warders came in with a confession note that had just been written.

“Just make him leave any mark, it’s not the first time you guys have done this kind of thing. It’s just a different kind of people, there’s nothing to worry about.”

It didn’t take long for Tang Bing to leave the prison contentedly with a confession note sealed with a fingerprint.

The third prince was now history!

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