Chapter 427: Birth Brothers

Chapter 427: Birth Brothers…

Everything was going according to the empress’ wishes.

Bai Xiaofei’s group was isolated in a small courtyard outside the imperial city under the constant watch of the Royal Guards, but the supervisor of those guards was a confidant of the empress. Without exception, the young man from the Globe Merchant Group shared the same fate, only that he wasn’t locked up in the same place with Bai Xiaofei.

However, the interesting thing was that both of them were very calm and didn’t act like they were being locked up at all, but more like taking a break in their busy schedules.

Borrowing Qing Lingyan’s words, even if someone lent the Ancient Yue Kingdom the guts, they still wouldn’t dare to do anything to anyone that was locked up. Not to mention the name of Starnet and the Globe Merchant Group, Qin Lingyan alone could shake their small kingdom with a stomp of her foot as a daughter of a noble of the Violethorn Empire, a noble that held real power at that!

As long as Qin Lingyan retained that identity, Ancient Yue probably wouldn’t even have the courage to lock them up. However, it wasn’t time to make use of that yet.

One thing was for certain though, no matter how calm Bai Xiaofei and the youth were, there was something that they could not change: the situation development in the royal grounds had spun out of their control!

At the moment, three pieces of explosive news were sweeping through Nabu City like a storm.

First, the emperor was assassinated, thus starting a national mourning period.

Second, the crown prince was suddenly infected with insanity, making it difficult for him to inherit the throne.

Third, the late emperor had not left behind any information about the succession of the throne. All government affairs were temporarily managed by the empress while the heir to the throne would be decided according to ancient law: by Heaven’s will!

From this information, Bai Xiaofei extracted a conclusion that put him between laughter and tears. The empress had no intention of investigating the assassination or the false imperial edict!

Judging from the present situation, this was a good thing for Bai Xiaofei because it would save him a lot of trouble, but behind all this, he saw a sad reality of this continent.

An entire kingdom actually chose to bow to a few young people! Isn’t this absurd?

This was also the first time that Bai Xiaofei experienced what was called ‘the strong rules over all!’

If your organization was weak, you could only bow and bend in front of others because you had a home and a business to protect, and your business was worthless in front of these giants!

All good things were but relative, any position would be accompanied with corresponding difficulties. The civilians of the Ancient Yue Kingdom could never imagine that their high and mighty royal clan would have such a headache.

Bai Xiaofei, on the other hand, strengthened his belief in building up Illusion Demon. Starnet could not protect him his whole life, and Revelation wasn’t very reliable. The only one he could rely on was himself. One day, people would think twice before touching him when they heard the name ‘Illusion Demon’!

Just as Bai Xiaofei reaffirmed his resolution, the crown prince also welcomed his own trial, one of life and death!

“Sister-in-law, I want to be alone with my brother for a private brotherly chat. I think you would give me this time with him,” said the third prince aloofly as he stood in front of a furious royal consort and a silly crown prince playing by himself.

“Gu Heng is already like this, I beg you to leave him be, alright?! It is impossible for him to compete for the throne anymore. Do you have to push your own brother to his death?!” The royal consort sobbed as if she was displaying her true feelings.

“What are you thinking, sister-in-law? I come with goodwill and just want to be a good brother.” The third prince smiled, then coldly looked at the two eunuchs behind him. “Why aren’t you escorting Her Highness out yet?!

Immediately, the two eunuchs stepped forward and dragged the royal consort out while the third prince watched emotionlessly. Once she was out of the room and the door was closed, the third prince slowly walked to the crown prince, who was wholeheartedly focused on playing with a worm on the ground.

“My royal brother? How have you been, huh?” the third prince stressed each word slowly, but the crown prince still played on with a silly expression as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Upon this sight, the third prince snorted coldly. He stepped onto the worm, grinding it into paste, and then abruptly grabbed the crown prince by the neck and lifted him up.

“Royal brother, I’m talking to you!” the third prince said and threw the crown prince to the bed.

The crown prince finally noticed him. He looked up with eyes full of panic and fear as he curled up in the corner trembling.

“Royal brother, when are you going to stop this act? Now that Commander Kang has sworn loyalty to the empress, you are alone. If you don’t stand up and protect the remaining bits of your rights and interests, our second brother will become the first in line.”

As the third prince indifferently told the story, the crown prince looked nothing but frightened, as if he couldn’t understand what he was saying. Seeing this, the third prince couldn’t help but frown.

“Without your crown prince status, do you think you can still live in this palace? Moreover, I remember that our second brother is interested in Sister-in-law. You really aren’t worried that he will take your wife away?”

The third prince began exposing some secrets, but the crown prince still didn’t respond.

“Motherf*cker, keep f*cking acting!” roared the third prince as he simply lost his temper.

Under the furious punches and kicks, the crown prince only whined and tried to dodge. Even his cries were like that of an animal without one single complete sentence. In the end, when the panting third prince finally stopped – unknown whether he had had enough or had run out of strength, the crown prince was covered in bruises.

“Your endurance is commendable! Then I will tell you another secret.” The angry third prince revealed a sneer.­ “Do you want to know how Father died? It’s very interesting, I’m telling you!”

As he said this, the third prince scrutinized the crown prince’s face, only to see no change at all. The crown prince only trembled, and when he saw the third prince getting aggressive again, he ingratiatingly reached for an object nearby…

The chamber pot?!

“Why? You’re angry now?” The third prince was a bit confused.

The crown prince waved the chamber pot to him and then pointed it to his mouth.

“What do you mean?!” The third prince still didn’t understand.

The crown prince seemed to be anxious by this and simply poured the chamber pot onto his own mouth to explain. A stream of mixed colored liquid flowed into the crown prince’s mouth as he revealed a satisfied expression. Then, he handed the chamber pot to the third prince.

The stench from the chamber pot nearly made the third prince vomit on the spot. However, he finally understood what the crown prince wanted.

He was treating him to a meal…

“Pray for your own luck.”

Unable to take it anymore, the third prince directly headed out. Once he was outside, he slammed the doors shut with a frown, but didn’t leave and instead snuck back in through the side chamber.

Inside, he saw the crown prince still holding the content of the chamber pot and stuffing it into his mouth with relish…

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