Chapter 426: The Queen the Fisherman?!

Chapter 426: The Queen – the Fisherman?!

This unexpected scene shocked the youth. He had done this so many times before, but this was definitely the first time he saw this kind of unresponsive result.

What the hell is this guy?!

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t know what he was surprised at, he only knew that his chance had come!

Huskie, who had stayed with the crown prince, had already informed Commander Kang about what had transpired, and they were now on the way to his rescue. As long as Bai Xiaofei delayed the other party until then, the situation wouldn’t be completely out of control.

“Sorry, I don’t need to feel any unwarranted ‘insanity’ for what I didn’t do. Even if someone should feel so, it should be you.” Bai Xiaofei looked at the third prince as he said this, simply ignoring the youth. The fellow wasn’t someone Bai Xiaofei could scare, but the third prince was a different story. “Am I right, His Royal Highness Third Prince who killed his father and attempted to murder his own brother?”

Upon this declaration, everyone present exclaimed in shock while Gu Li’s face instantly went pale. He couldn’t afford to be imposed with such a heavy sin!

“Men, capture this nonsense of an assassin!” In his panic, the third prince immediately ordered Bai Xiaofei’s capture. However, the latter took out a token from his chest pocket.

“With the crown prince’s imperial token here, who dares?!” shouted Bai Xiaofei. The guards instantly halted and looked at one another. No one dared to take a step.

“You lot want to die? You don’t know who your master is?!” yelled the third prince, strengthening his guards’ confidence…

Until Bai Xiaofei spoke again.

“After the emperor passes away, the crown prince is to legally ascend to the throne. Make a move against me and you’ll be opposing the crown prince. You think the connection between your head and neck is strong enough for that?”

The guards once again stopped and their stand once again swayed. In this big world, their own lives were the most important! As mere workers, they couldn’t afford to get involved in this kind of imperial power dispute!

At this moment, the youth, having recovered from the shock, took out a scroll from his storage ring. Seeing this scroll, Bai Xiaofei furrowed his brows.

“His Majesty the Late Emperor’s imperial edict: the crown prince is unfilial and has been deposed. The throne is to be inherited by the third prince. Why aren’t you lot capturing this traitor?!”

With an imperial edict, the guards were completely reassured and started to move.

“Interesting, I also happen to have an imperial edict with content that is just the opposite of yours! The third prince colluded with the Globe Merchant House with intentions to usurp the throne, anyone can kill him!” Bai Xiaofei also took out a scroll. The rushing guards stopped again.

By now, they already regretted coming here. Who the f*ck should I listen to?!!

For a moment, the third prince and the youth were floored as well. Never in their wildest dreams could they have expected Bai Xiaofei to pull out one countermeasure after another. And the most crucial thing was that he could completely ignore the youth’s spirit attack!

Or else, an unconscious Bai Xiaofei would basically be theirs to execute as they pleased. Too bad this was only their expectations. Sometimes, there were disparities between expectations and reality.

As the two parties were locked in a stalemate, Commander Kang leading a group of Royal Guards arrived and surrounded everyone.

“Put down your weapons or be executed on the spot!” As Commander Kang’s vigorous voice rang out, the guards all felt relieved.

Finally, they no longer had to struggle!

In this round of confrontation, it could be said that neither side had the upper hand, and the stalemate benefited neither side. The third prince needed a quick victory, while Bai Xiaofei’s identity was now sensitive.

“Your Highness, please go back. Now that the crown prince’s condition is uncertain, it is open to question whether Brother Bai is really the assassin. Before the crown prince wakes up, I ask Your Highness to keep to yourself!” said Commander Kang in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

The third prince’s face changed again and again. In the end, he was at his wit’s end.

“Let us go!” With a cold snort, the third prince turned to leave, but at this moment, a crisp voice rang out.

“Her Majesty the Empress has arrived!”

Everyone looked over in unison. From the phoenix sedan, a sorrowful-looking empress alighted. Both the third prince and Commander Kang’s group knelt down to pay their respects. Bai Xiaofei bowed slightly.

“His Majesty has just passed and you are here starting a fight. Have you no regard for His Majesty? For the royal dignity?! And for me, a living person?!”

The third prince’s head got lower and lower as the empress fired three questions in a row, but from Bai Xiaofei’s point of view, there was a hint of cruelty in his face.

He harbored killing intent towards the empress!

“Your Majesty is right. We will go back now…” the third prince complied in a low voice. The anger on the empress’ face subsided a little.

“Yue’er, go and collect the imperial edicts in their hands!”

At those words from the empress, Bai Xiaofei and the youth tensed. The contents of these two imperial edicts were completely opposite. No matter what, in the end one would be fake, and the great sin of forging an imperial edict was to be punished with beheading!

Not to mention that if they fell into the queen’s hands, it was likely both of them would be deemed as falsified. With the second prince still in the game, there was no way the empress wouldn’t think for her own son. And even if she didn’t think for him, she still had to consider herself.

A mother’s fate was linked to her sons. If the second prince was enthroned, the queen would enjoy a very comfortable life. If it was some else, whether she could live or not would already be in question!

The queen’s personal maid went over to the youth and Bai Xiaofei and collected both imperial edicts. They did not dare to resist because resistance meant doom.

At the moment in this imperial city, the queen was the absolute boss!

“I will investigate this matter with the imperial edicts. Before that, you two and your people will be taken into custody. With respect for Starnet Academy and the Globe Merchant Group, prison can be exempt, but confinement is a must! Once that matter is clear, I will ask you for an explanation!” declared the queen coldly before she boarded the phoenix chariot. “Commander Kang, you should be clear about what I’ve said. I’ll leave it to you. I hope you can live up to the position given to you by the late emperor!”

As soon as the empress’ final words dropped, her maid gave a light cry to move the sedan chair, and the queen’s chariot gradually left the scene.

“Tch, what a bummer, the fisherman jumped in and took all the advantages. I wonder how His Highness the Third Prince is feeling right now?” Bai Xiaofei laughed gleefully and then walked to Commander Kang. “Commander Kang, you must find me a good place to be confined. A lousy one would be uncomfortable for me. After all, I am a good person, and a good person shouldn’t be wronged!”

When Bai Xiaofei finished, the youth already stood up. Unlike Bai Xiaofei, his face was especially ugly. Bai Xiaofei could enjoy Commander Kang’s care, but he could not. The Empress’ command was equivalent to taking sides with the crown prince, albeit very subtly.

However, the crown prince was no longer the youth’s concern. For an ordinary person who wasn’t a puppet master to take his Soul Shock attack, it was already tremendous luck to be able to hold on to life.

Now, his only obstacle was the empress who wanted to be a fisherman!

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