Chapter 420: Getting One-Sidedly Beaten!

Chapter 420: Getting One-Sidedly Beaten!

With Qiu Mumu fixed in one spot, the haughty girl became a rooted puppet. Fast as she was, both Qin Lingyan and Bai Xiaofei absolutely crushed her in terms of power, and all they needed was one chance to get close to Qiu Mumu.

The haughty girl blocked Qin Lingyan who was closer, but Bai Xiaofei wasn’t any slower. He got in front of Qiu Mumu in a swift dash.

“This fight will have nothing to do with you!” Bai Xiaofei hand-chopped Qiu Mumu’s neck. The latter instantly became unconscious.

If Bai Xiaofei let Qiu Mumu jump around freely in this kind of battle, his group would suffer. After learning about the ability of all the Thunderstorm members from the records, Bai Xiaofei had set QiuMumu as the first target. No matter what, he must be the first one to be taken down!

And Bai Xiaofei had succeeded.

After Qiu Mumu went down, the haughty girl who was confronting Qin Lingyan, turned into a snow-white cat. Half of the enemy party was incapacitated just like that in a matter of seconds.

“Lightning Storm!” Fang Lei went berserk after losing half of his manpower. This coupled with the fact that he had been poked fun at by Bai Xiaofei greatly provoked his self-esteem. With his furious roars, the originally clear sky darkened before countless lightning bolts fell from the sky. The most terrifying thing was that those lightning strikes were under his control!

Fortunately, Fang Lei’s spirit wasn’t too strong. It took him nearly half a second to guide the lightning, so although it looked dangerous, Bai Xiaofei’s group managed to avoid them all. However, their advantaged momentum was lost as they dodged.

He Rushi shuttled freely beneath in the lightning, and his enlarged body rolled like a tank towards Zhao Tiantian, who was hiding in the distance. The Thunderstorm members knew they didn’t need to defeat everyone. As long as they took one hostage, the rest would naturally restrain themselves when attacking for fear of hitting their own. This was also why Fang Lei didn’t want Qiu Mumu to fall into Bai Xiaofei’s hands.

“Violetflame Demon Snake!” Activating a protective barrier, Qin Lingyan blocked He Rushi as the fire demon snake shot out from her sword.

However, the response was only a sneer in the face of this attack. The next second, the clumsy-looking He Rushi accurately caught the snake at its weak spot. With a surge of origin energy, the snake was popped into a burst of sparkles, while He Rushi’s hand seemed completely unaffected!

At the same time, while everyone’s attention was on He Rushi, Fang Lei rushed towards Chu Yue in a lightning flash. If it’s not for him, Mumu couldn’t have been insta-KO. He must be removed for having such an unreasonable ability to immobilize people!

Trying to hurry, Chu Ye wanted to pin down Fang Lei as well, but his reaction couldn’t keep up with his thought. Fang Lei’s right fist pounded heavily on Chu Yue’s chest and lightning was injected into his body. Half of his body was immediately shocked. Not to mention using his origin energy, Chu Ye felt like even his soul was electrocuted out of his body.

You took down one of mine, I’ll take down one of yours!

In the first round confrontation, neither side had the upper hand!

At the same time, in order to prevent Fang Lei from taking Chu Yue hostage, Bai Ye, who had just gotten his hands free, bit the bullet and leaped over.

After analyzing the situation, Bai Xiaofei came to a conclusion. No one on his side was a match for Fang Lei in a one-on-one. Thus, Bai Ye was entirely sacrificing himself by taking on Fang Lei. He was betting on the chance that his teammates took down He Rushi before he got taken down!

However, things didn’t seem to be so optimistic. He Rushi used reality to prove that the nickname ‘turtle’ the haughty girl gave him hadn’t come about randomly. No matter how Qin Lingyan and Bai Xiaofei attacked, his stone-hard muscles perfectly blocked them, and whenever either of them tried to pass him, he would tell them with his terrifying strength: Want to pass? Alright, but not without injuries!

For a while, the three engaged in a long tussle…

And meanwhile, Bai Ye became a tragic victim.

What was being one-sidedly beaten? He was the perfect example!

He had no chance to fight back. The only thing that Bai Ye could do was harass Fang Lei with his speed advantage. Even so, he was sent flying again and again. Worse yet, Bai Ye could feel thunder energy accumulating in his body as time passed, but Fang Lei didn’t give him any time to use his origin energy to offset the element. If the accumulation continued like this, he would be in a very bad place.

According to the records from the All-Knowing Pavilion, Fang Lei had the ability to activate the thunder element in his opponent’s body. This kind of attack was not only unavoidable but also fatal!

“Sister Lingyan, you go to help Senior Bai, just leave this stupid giant to me!” said Bai Xiaofei. Clenching his jaw, he sprinted at He Rushi. Halfway, he stamped his right leg and used the force to hurl himself towards the latter’s chest.

During this, Qin Lingyan decisively activated the third skill of her Violetflame Sword, Linking Flame, and teleported to Fang Lei in the blink of an eye.

“Crimsonblaze Slash!”

“Thunder Barrier!”

The burning Violetflame Sword collided with the thin, sudden thunder barrier. Obviously, the latter was more competent as the flame on the sword gradually weakened…

“Imperial Armor!” Withdrawing her sword, Qin Lingyan activated her defense and directly passed through the thunder barrier. In a swing of her hand, the demon snake on the sword quickly coiled itself around Fang Lei.

“Don’t you know that the thunder element is above fire?” Fang Lei extended his hand and grabbed the Violetflame Sword. The demon snake attached to it fizzled out.

“Don’t you know that there’s something called a puppet core?” retorted Qin Lingyan coldly as she threw a ball at Fang Lei. An ice blue light radiated. Except for Qin Lingyan who escaped in time, everything around was frozen into ice sculptures.

Bai Ye, finally able to retreat from the battle, immediately ran to Zhao Tiantian. The latter shot a green light into his body which then slowly expelled the erratic thunder element inside.

“Let me deal the last blow!”

After his injury recovered, Bai Ye rushed to Fang Lei again. On the way, he jumped into the air and started spinning at a terrifying speed, forming a small tornado that hurtled straight towards Fang Lei.

However, just as Bai Ye was about to hit, the ice covering Fang Lei suddenly cracked and a left hand wearing a combat glove stuck out, accompanied by a shrill sound of friction. Bai Ye’s powerful attack from his third puppet was also forcefully stopped by this hand!

“You think the ‘storm’ in Thunderstorm is just there for fun?”

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