Chapter 40 Principal Lei Shan!


Amidst the long wait, Bai Xiaofei’s stomach started reminding him to replenish its energy, but the very seemingly excited Xue Ying had utterly no intention of letting him leave.

“Big Sister Xue, the principal might not be coming, right? Why don’t we go have something to eat first? It’s my treat!” Bai Xiaofei patted his chest and showed rare generosity. After all, he had just gotten a windfall earlier…

Unfortunately, Xue Ying had no intention of appreciating this kindness.

“If the principal isn’t coming, then Little Li and Xu Chen have to return right? Wait obediently. I’ll skin you alive if you make another noise!” Xue Ying turned around and glared fiercely at Bai Xiaofei before looking once more at the path leading to the classroom. The anticipation on her face was at least three levels greater than the time she was waiting for the students yesterday.

“Old hag! Once I’m f*cking capable of defeating you, I won’t pull out your skin, but I’ll pull off your clothes!” Bai Xiaofei muttered in a tiny voice then fell weakly into the chair that had been brought out earlier. He rubbed his stomach without end.

Every time this occurred, Bai Xiaofei would regret believing the words of his fourth father. The World Devourer technique did indeed possess numerous benefits, but it caused Bai Xiaofei to become hungry much more easily than a normal person, and it felt extremely terrible when he was hungry…

Luckily, the heavens weren’t blind, and just when Bai Xiaofei felt he was on the verge of going mad with hunger, there was activity on the path leading to the classroom.

Bai Xiaofei carried curiosity in his heart and directly bounced up from the chair.

He looked into the distance and saw an old man walking towards the classroom. The old man looked no different to a next-door old man carrying a grin on his face. Lin Li and Xu Chen were extremely ill at ease and were following closely behind him. When Bai Xiaofei looked farther behind the two of them, he saw an outrageously fat bald man. Merely a single glance caused Bai Xiaofei to not only feel his hunger subside but to also have the impulse to vomit.

“The person in front is the principal, Lei Shan, and he’s at the peak of the Legend Rank. He obtained the name Thunder Emperor while roaming the continent in his youth. Presently, he’s basically in a state of retirement, and no one has seen him fight in at least twenty years,” Xue Ying introduced the principal in a low voice as she stood by Bai Xiaofei’s side. Detest filled her face when she saw the fatty.

“That fatty is the chairman of the new students in the academy, Fei Guangshi, a fat pervert. When I was a candidate to become a teacher, this fellow actually wanted me to come see him at night. That’s why I immediately made the report about you to the principal. I never imagined he would actually come along.” When she spoke of Fei Guangshi, there was disdain in her voice. The disdain was also shown clearly on her face, and her tone sounded as if she wished for nothing more than to cripple him.

“Fei Guangshi? Does he have a son?” Bai Xiaofei thought of Fei Gou at the first possible moment, and he instinctively related the two of them. Coupled with their similar body sizes…

“Who knows. How could I have the mood to find out about him when I don’t have enough time to avoid him?”

The two of them hadn’t spoken much by the time Lei Shan’s group approached the classroom, and Xue Ying hurriedly brought Bai Xiaofei along to greet them.

“Hello, Grandpa Lei.”

“Hello, Principal.”

Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying spoke at practically the exact same moment. But Bai Xiaofei had played a little trick that caused even Xue Ying to be stunned as she never imagined that Bai Xiaofei would actually be shameless to such an extent when striking up relationships…

But she had no choice but to admire him because Lei Shan seemed to fairly enjoy being called “Grandpa Lei”, and the smile on his face grew slightly deeper.

“Little fellow, you aren’t bad. You’re extremely spirited and have my style from all those years ago.”

As soon as Lei Shan spoke, everyone thought in their hearts in unison, are they hitting off right from the beginning?

“Exactly, exactly. I noticed as soon as Principal said that this Young Brother Bai is really a great talent.” Fei Guangshi following at the back was extremely afraid of being unable to put in a word, and he forcefully gave out a wave of flattery that allowed even Bai Xiaofei to benefit.

“How can I compare with you, Grandpa Lei? I just rely on unorthodox methods, but I heard Grandpa Lei was the real thing all those years ago.” Bai Xiaofei was never convinced of anyone’s superiority when it came to flattery.

“That was the past, the past. Now I’m old and useless, and I’m only able to retire and dawdle through my days in this valley. I’m not young, full of energy, and possessing ample opportunities like all of you.” Lei Shan roared with laughter, and Bai Xiaofei’s disposition seemed to conform to his own.

“Principal, let’s go in and speak. There’ll be more and more people here soon, and it won’t be convenient to speak.” These words of Xue Ying’s were purely for the sake of making an excuse to drag the principal into the classroom because there was almost no living thing that would come over to such a desolate place as the Savage Class besides snakes, insects, rats, and ants…

“Alright, let’s go in.” Lei Shan’s voice was clear and powerful, and it was impossible to discern that he was an old man over the age of a hundred.

Xue Ying instantly led the way, and she lightly knocked Bai Xiaofei while passing him before discreetly pointing at the class’s wooden door which had just been kicked into pieces by Bai Xiaofei…

Bai Xiaofei revealed a smile of understanding, and he indicated with his gaze that Xue Ying didn’t have to worry.

“This door is…?” When he saw the wooden door on the ground that had already transformed into shattered bits, Lei Shan asked about the door before Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying could even mention it themselves.

“It hasn’t been repaired for many years, so the wind blew it apart. But we’ve already reported it to Chairman Fei, and he has agreed to repair it for us. Chairman Fei even fervently agreed to help repair our entire classroom as well, and he said that it couldn’t be inferior to the other classrooms for enrolled students.” Bai Xiaofei spoke as if it was true, but Fei Guangshi, who was at the back, was stunned from hearing it.

“Right, Chairman Fei?” Bai Xiaofei asked Fei Guangshi as he looked at him, and even Lei Shan’s gaze descended onto Fei Guangshi as well.

“AH! Right! It was already late when they came to see me today, so the people to repair it will arrive tomorrow.” Fei Guangshi’s reaction was extremely swift, and he directly accepted this vast project.

“Mmm, no matter who the academy causes hardships for, it shouldn’t be the students because the students are the foundation of our academy. Guangshi, you’ve done well this time.” Lei Shan nodded as he spoke, and a trace of satisfaction was within his smile.

On the other hand, Fei Guangshi revealed an overjoyed expression as if he had obtained a precious treasure. Even the gaze he shot at Bai Xiaofei became gentle.

“It’s something I ought to do, and I’ve been doing it all according to your intentions, Principal.” Flattery is king – this had already become a true saying for Fei Guangshi, and all his flattery had revolved around Lei Shan since the beginning.

Lei Shan, however, seemed to not like him very much. He grunted lightly before paying no further attention to Fei Guangshi.

“I won’t beat around the bush. I came here this time because I wanted to see your puppet.” After entering the classroom and sitting down, Lei Shan stared directly at Bai Xiaofei.

So long as one wasn’t an idiot, one would know who among the people in the classroom was the Mimicry Stream puppet master that Lin Li and Xu Chen had spoken of.

Bai Xiaofei took a very deep breath as a slight smile difficult to perceive appeared on his face. Then, he summoned over Huskie.

“If that’s the case, Grandpa Lei, Chairman Fei, I’ll display my little ability.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Huskie’s body started to transform along with the origin energy flowing into him. When the transformation was completed, Lei Shan appeared pleasantly surprised while Fei Guangshi was stupefied.

This was because Huskie had transformed precisely into Fei Gou!


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