Chapter 419: Last Chance!

Chapter 419: Last Chance!

Three days slowly passed after Bai Xiaofei came back from the meeting with the crown prince before Gu Heng’s summons finally arrived. According to Bai Xiaofei, this was Shang Youdao’s last chance, and it was up to him to grasp it.

Moreover, success would only depend on fate!

After a long morning of communication, Shang Youdao returned with obvious joy and excitement on his face. Bai Xiaofei hadn’t lied to him, this was indeed the one opportunity in which he was most likely to succeed!

Shang Youdao once again gathered the mercenaries, and because Bai Xiaofei’s group was present, no one caused a ruckus this time and everything proceeded in peace. Giving them a large amount of compensation, Shang Youdao announced how he would send them away, which might be the only good news they had heard ever since their arrival at the Bright Road Merchant House.

It was ridiculous to think about. They had come here to help, yet had to receive the hirer’s help to get away safely. This wasn’t just a setback anymore, but a bare slap on all their faces, and a huge one at that. But what could they do? Who would have thought that the Thunderstorm Bandits would be so formidable?

After appeasing everyone, Bai Xiaofei called Qin Lingyan and the others in for a private discussion. From the grave look on his face, everyone knew it was going to be a fierce fight…

“The plan is just like what I said. If we carry it out, our position is absolutely the most dangerous, but this is the only choice we have for this mission.” When Bai Xiaofei finished, he looked at the rest of the group. The response from them was no different from his imagination.

They could risk their lives, but they would not risk Starnet’s reputation!

“That last fight wasn’t satisfying enough. I finally can enjoy it to my heart’s content this time!” Bai Ye waved his fists with expectation on his face.

“Be careful not to be killed and trouble me to have to collect your body.” Qin Lingyan instantly doused cold water over Bai Ye and he fizzled out. The pitiful aura he exuded made everyone burst into laughter.

Relaxing could act as a way to vent stress sometimes…

Early the next morning, all the people who were leaving the Bright Road Merchant House gathered at the city gate. Since the crown prince had passed down his words, their passage was unhindered. Not only so, the crown prince especially asked the Royal Guards to dispatch a team of 100 to escort them.

With uneasy hearts, the large group moved slowly on the road, until they saw Yun Mo and Lan Qu blocking their path.

“Gentlemen, please don’t attack! We really don’t have what you want. All of us are willing to accept your inspection, we just ask you to let us go!” said the leader, who then called out his puppet and threw it aside.

At the same time, the people behind him also laid down their weapons, then squatted down with their hands at the back of their heads. Meanwhile, the Royal Guards stepped aside.

“I’m sure that you two don’t want to have to fight against so many people. They just want to leave. It’s not good for any of us to make a big deal out of this,” said the Royal Guards’ squad captain as he quietly looked at Yun Mo.

This stunned Yun Mo and Lan Qu.

What are they trying to play at? They’re scared?

However, this method provided by Bai Xiaofei was admittedly a perfect one. He created a simple two-choice question for Yun Mo: either fight to the death or resolve in peace.

Obviously, anyone with a normal brain would choose the latter. Who knew what would happen when everyone fought with their lives on the line?

After exchanging glances with Lan Qu, Yun Mo summoned the Gate of Good and Evil.

Squatting on the ground, everyone saw Yun Mo’s movements and their hearts tightened. The guards also grew alert and entered a ready-to-fight state.

“You go check, I’ll be ready to back you up at any time,” said Yun Mo.

“Me?!” Lan Qu was dumbstruck.

“Who else? Do you have any fighting capacity? If I leave you to back me up, I might drop dead without knowing why,” rolling his eyes, Yun Mo provided a reason that made Lan Qu sigh in helplessness.

Fine, that makes sense…

“I warn you, I’m very strong. If I see anything off, I will destroy you in minutes!” Lan Qu viciously threatened as he walked to the squatting group. Then, he took out a bright cyan bead.

Pill Seeking Pearl: this pearl shone when approaching pills of grade-seven and above. The higher the grade of the pill, the brighter the light emitted. However, the detection range of this thing was limited, so Lan Qu could only inspect them one by one…

Looking at the huge number of people before his eyes, this would take quite a while!

“They have started over there.”

The moment Lan Gu started his inspection, Bai Xiaofei’s group in the city quickly got the news. Getting on their horses, everyone grew tense.

“Here we go. Don't hold back on any trump cards this time or you might die,” Bai Xiaofei lightly reminded. He then clipped his legs and his Blackscale Horse took off running. The rest quickly followed, vividly demonstrating the speed of Spiritual Rank magical beasts.

Their movements naturally didn’t escape Xia He’s detection. The moment they left the city, the news was delivered…


The fast galloping Blackscale Horses collectively came to a screeching halt and steered from their original route. The next second, a huge lightning ball smashed down from the sky, blowing the main road into ruins.

When the lightning dispersed, Fang Lei’s figure appeared in the middle of the ruins. At the same time, Qiu Mumu and He Rushi emerged at the left and right side of Bai Xiaofei’s group, surrounding them.

“Sorry, this road is impassable!” Fang Lei coldly stared at Bai Xiaofei. There was no trace of goodwill on his face as the murderous intent in his eyes basically condensed into essence.

However, there was still a subtle hesitation in it.

“I thought Qing’er would come.” Bai Xiaofei dismounted and patted his Blackscale Horse on its head, then untied a big cloth bag off its back. After he did this, the horse ran out of this zone that was about to become a battleground.

“Qing’er isn’t a name you can call!” growling with gritted teeth, the lightning arcs around Fang Lei’s hand thickened.

“My mouth is mine, it’s my business however I call her. As long as I’m alive for one day, I’m destined to be her man. You can’t change this!” Bai Xiaofei had no intention to back down as his eyes were fixed on Fang Lei.

This attitude successfully provoked Fang Lei.

“You’re seeking your own death!”

When the words dropped, there was a flash of lightning as Fang Lei dashed straight at Bai Xiaofei. He Rushi swallowed a green pill and Qiu Mumu summoned his puppet. The haughty girl made her appearance again.

However, just when Fang Lei approached Bai Xiaofei, a scene played out that made him feel regret.

The Bai Xiaofei before him instantly transformed into Huskie. At the same time, the big cloth bag turned into Bai Xiaofei, who bolted towards Qiu Mumu, who was held fixed in place by Chu Ye’s ability. Qin Lingyan followed Bai Xiaofei while Bai Ye dealt with He Rushi.

It was better to break one finger first than trying to hurt ten at the same time!

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