Chapter 415: Seeking Help?

Chapter 415: Seeking Help?

Since he had accepted Shang Youdao’s request, Bai Xiaofei stepped out despite his reluctance. Facing the remaining tattered teams from various organizations, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

He really hated seeing this kind of defeatist attitude!

Perhaps this was the difference between Starnet and others. While Starnet students might develop arrogance and blind confidence due to their genius title, most of the students Bai Xiaofei had seen possessed an indomitable spirit. If it were Starnet students in these people’s shoes, their states should be just the opposite…

“Damn it! Where is that geezer Shang Youdao? He f*cking called us here but not showing up himself? He’s making us wait for him?!” shouted a big fellow with bare arms in annoyance. That kind of complaint could be heard everywhere in the crowd below, and with the big man’s loud voice adding to the fuel, the crowd seemed to be going out of control.

“Garbage, are you lot blind?!” roared Bai Xiaofei at the front. For a moment, everyone lapsed into brief stupefaction.

But it led to an even bigger outbreak after that.

“F*ck your mother, who the f*ck…” loudly cursed the burly man from earlier. However, he couldn’t finish as Bai Xiaofei appeared in front of him in a dash, lifted him by the neck, and heavily smashed him on the ground.

Seeing this, the burly man’s teammates drew their weapons and puppets. But the moment they just made a move, Qin Lingyan and Bai Ye bolted over. Bai Ye merely restrained one while Qin Lingyan already pressed her sword at another’s neck. As for the last person of that party, they were frozen on the spot by Chu Yue and couldn’t move.

“If I say you are garbage then you are garbage, and you shall pay for insulting my mother!” Bai Xiaofei raised a foot and heavily stepped on the burly man’s ribs.

A miserable scream echoed as at least four ribs of the burly man were broken.

With a cold snort, Bai Xiaofei ignored him and looked around. “Does anyone else have anything to say?”

This time, everyone was quiet.

If you played nice, others would regard you as a soft persimmon to squeeze as they pleased. Only when you acted tough would they remember that you were one to be feared. The name Starnet was enough to overwhelm anyone present, and moreover, Qin Lingyan’s team fully proved that they lived up to it in last night’s battle.

“If no one wants to speak, then you will all obediently listen to me. Someone dares to make a scene again and I promise it definitely won’t be as simple as breaking a few ribs!”

Different types of people required different methods to handle. When Bai Xiaofei showed his ruthlessness, the people around him grew completely meek.

“I know you all want to leave, and I guarantee that everyone standing here will leave Nabu safely, but I need time to prepare. In the meantime, you all better stay quiet. If I hear of anyone trying to cause trouble, this idiot on the ground will be your example!”

Finishing his speech, Bai Xiaofei swept a glance at the crowd, his expression frosty.

“Let’s go,” he said coldly and turned to leave. Qin Lingyan and the others put away their puppets and followed.

During the whole process, everyone was quiet, they didn’t even dare to gasp… Cowards always feared those who were stronger than them.

“Little Feifei, just what are you waiting for?” Zhao Tiantian suddenly asked on the way back. Someone who excelled at wartime analysis definitely had high intelligence, and she also ranked quite high on the Command Ranking. However, she was unable to guess Bai Xiaofei’s intention at all.

“The crown prince. He said he would look for me, and I can feel that he’s coming soon. Since our clue at the Thunderstorm Bandits’ side was cut off, the royal family is our only lead. Moreover, we also need the royal family’s help to send those people out safely. The crown prince is an excellent choice,” explained Bai Xiaofei clearly as he had no interest in creating suspense at this moment.

The two words ‘crown prince’ stunned everyone.

“You have contact with the crown prince?!” asked Qin Lingyan with surprise in her tone.

“The emperor knew he was in danger and wanted to write an edict. If there is no accident, that edict should be declaring the next prince to sit on the throne. All of those princes should be panicking and busy running around at this moment. The crown prince naturally wants to win over as many people as possible. He will definitely come to me.”

The amount of information was way too much. The rest stared in shock for a long while.

“You mean there will be problems with the royal family too?” Qin Lingyan asked again with even more surprise.

“Not 100%, but there’s at least an 80% probability,” said Bai Xiaofei.

The others gulped. They hadn’t expected that so much would occur when they had accepted the mission. Who said it was just a delivery escort? The matter had gone way far off-topic, alright?!

“Should we ask the academy for help?” suggested Chu Yue anxiously. This was a rule in Starnet: in order to protect the students, they could ask for help when a mission exceeded expectations, and the academy would respond at the fastest speed.

“There’s no need. It hasn’t gotten to the point of being unsolvable yet. With the current situation, it’s useless no matter how many more people join as the gap in combat strength actually isn’t very big. The key is how to figure out everything first. I will call for help when it gets impossible to deal with.”

Everyone had pride, especially Bai Xiaofei. He considered it an insult to himself to seek help at a time like this. As long as no puppet masters above the Grandmaster Rank appeared, he would never ask for help!

“Brother Bai! Brother Bai!” The group had just returned to their place when Shang Youdao came running in a hurry. In front of Bai Xiaofei, he no longer put on the airs of a business president.

“What? You have more bad news to tell me again?” Bai Xiaofei’s face instantly became cold. He didn’t have any respect left for Shang Youdao.

“No…” Shang Youdao wasn’t stupid, he could how much Bai Xiaofei despised him. With an awkward look on his face, he said, “The crown hopes that you can go see him. The person he sent said that the crown prince can’t leave, or he would have personally come.”

Although it was only paraphrasing from Shang Youdao, everyone could tell that the crown prince’s attitude towards Bai Xiaofei was quite humble. Otherwise, it would at most just be ‘the crown prince is looking for you.”

“Alright, I will go,” Bai Xiaofei said and walked away, having no intention to further conversing with Shang Youdao.

“Erm, Brother Bai, about the…”

“I will send those people away. As for other stuff, it’ll depend on my mood. If I can, I might help you a little,” Bai Xiaofei waved his hand and interrupted Shang Youdao.

People with different principles should not get too involved with each other!

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