Chapter 412: Intense Battle with Yun Mo!

Chapter 412: Intense Battle with Yun Mo!

“Ice and thunder!” Looking at Qin Lingyan fast approaching, Yun Mo’s expression finally changed slightly. He wasn’t afraid of her Starnet identity, but he could feel a threat emanating from her.

At Yun Mo’s words, two energy dogs that looked bigger than the others came out from the evil door. Not only that, but they gradually merged into one while running towards Qin Lingyan. The moment the newly formed two-headed dog leaped at her, Qin Lingyan hurled the Violetflame Demon Snake.

The energy snake and the two-headed dog quickly engaged in combat. Not caring about them, Qin Lingyan jumped forward!

“Explode!” shouted Yun Mo.

The two-headed dog instantly detonated with at least triple the power of a single energy dog. The heatwave swept through Qin Lingyan, but it was completely absorbed by a flashing energy screen around her. Her movement was completely unaffected.

Imperial Armor, Qin Lingyan’s only defensive puppet!

Facing the approaching Qin Lingyan, the puppy with melee defensive ability jumped out and blocked her path.

“Too late!” said Qin Lingyan when a thin line of fire appeared between her and Yun Mo. The next second, she swiftly flashed by the puppy to reach Yun Mo.

Linking Flame: Locks on a target and then teleports to them!

“Crimsonblaze Slash!” A horizontal slash drove burning fire towards Yun Mo’s waist.


Qin Lingyan’s attack landed on Yun Mo, but at the instant the flame touched him, he switched places with a puppy. The puppy vanished in the fire and Yun Mo dodged this attack!

Right after that, the puppy that manipulated energy threads appeared beside Qin Lingyan and cocooned her right hand. From this spot, the threads began to spread all over her body.

“Fair Replacement, Immovable like Mountains!” At this moment, Chu Yue chose to lend a hand. A light flashed on both of them and the puppy’s control turned into nothingness.

“Three-headed hound!” During this period, another giant dog rushed out of the gate. It was a big guy with three heads. The moment it appeared, beams of different elemental energy shot out from its mouths. At close range, Qin Lingyan found it impossible to dodge!

“Shield!” Chu Yue acted again. A huge energy shield assembled in front of Qin Lingyan and began a struggle with the three beams. However, it could be seen that the shield was gradually weakening!

Moreover, more new dogs were pouncing on Qin Lingyan from other directions without any intention of giving her respite. At this point, the result was already obvious. Qin Lingyan wasn’t a match for Yun Mo. She lost in having too few offensive abilities, and even more, in having little understanding of Yun Mo!

However, the battle didn’t end there. If one person didn’t work, then make it two, if two couldn’t, then three! No matter what, Yun Mo must remain!

“Heh, you seem to have forgotten something!”

Bai Ye, who had stealthily arrived at the battle zone, appeared right beside Yun Mo. Under the abrupt activation of the Wind of Entanglement, Yun Mo hadn’t any time to respond before he already lost the ability to move!

“Tell your dogs to stop and close that gate, or I don’t know what I will do to you!” Bai Ye stared coldly and seriously at Yun Mo.

“Bullying a few with many?” Yun Mo didn’t do as told and only smiled slightly.

At this reaction, Bai Ye realized something was off. A breeze coiling around his fist, he was about to deal Yun Mo a fatal blow, when a light suddenly fell upon him.

“Needle of Chaos!” In the middle of his attack, Bai Ye felt he was slowed as though something was pricking his head. Then, just as his fist was about to land on Yun Mo, the attack fell through!

“I have friends, too.” With that same smile, Yun Mo gently waved his hand. The next second, all the evil dogs around Qin Lingyan blew themselves up!


When the smoke cleared, Qin Lingyan was revealed at the center of the explosion. Just before it happened, she had activated her defense skill while Chu Yue had simultaneously used his last resort – Damage Sharing!

Looking at Lan Qu and Yun Mo standing side by side, Qin Lingyan felt a sense of powerlessness for the first time in her life. We can’t beat these two…

“Retreat!” saying the word that she didn’t want to say the most, Qin Lingyan moved back. Chu Yue and Bai Ye gritted their teeth and also withdrew from the fight with unwilling expressions.

A strange thing was that Yun Mo and Lan Qu only watched them without doing anything else.

There were two reasons.

One, they didn’t want to create a blood feud with the people of Starnet. Two, Yun Mo’s origin energy had reached rock bottom. The Gate of Good and Evil was perverse, but similarly, its energy consumption was terrifying. It wasn’t easy for Yun Mo to have lasted such a long time.

And as Qin Lingyan’s group retreated, the rest of the mercenaries lost all will to fight and fled like frightened birds. Little did they know, if they had tried just a little more, Yun Mo would have no choice but run…

This was fighting. Once you had scared the other party, you only needed to hold till your last breath and they would not dare to approach anymore.

“We have stalled for enough time.” Lan Qu heaved a sigh of relief.

“We? What else did you do besides helping me out once?” Yun Mo’s voice was full of grievance.

“Second Brother, I am auxiliary! Did you see how their support member couldn’t insert herself once from beginning to end? I already did my best by helping you that one time. Besides, I was exactly on time, or else they wouldn’t have run away!” Lan Qu ignored Yun Mo’s contempt and proudly praised himself.

“I should give you something with melee ability for your next puppet so you won’t have to stand by every time,” Yun Mo voiced his irritation aloud.

Lan Qu’s face immediately darkened. “Don’t! Second Brother, making a capable auxiliary like me to fight is a terrible misuse of resources!”

The reason Lan Qu had chosen to be a Support Stream puppet master was his fear of rushing into a battle. Yun Mo’s words had undoubtedly poked at his pain.

“Your opinion doesn’t count. Did you forget Rushi? He refused with the life of his to stay out of battles and still honestly became a soldier in the end. Since we have limited personnel, we must make a soldier out of every single one.” Yun Mo grew more and more enthusiastic as he spoke. Lan Qu’s heart sank.

It’s over. I can’t escape this fate…

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