Chapter 411: The Gate of Good and Evil!

Chapter 411: The Gate of Good and Evil!

The ongoing battle in the city didn’t spread to the point where everyone knew. Those who temporarily resided in the Bright Road Merchant House were still worried about their own tomorrow, not knowing that tonight was already the last night for some of them.

A white-clad Yun Mo stood on the high walls of the Bright Road Merchant House. In the moonlight, his shadow added a touch of otherworldly aura.

“Life and death are up to fate, and your fate is up to Heaven. I hope you have already prepared for this when you decided to stand against us Thunderstorm Bandits.”

Mumbling to himself, Yun Mo then slowly raised his hand. In response, a huge stone gate of over seven meters high gradually took shape in mid-air. Its blue-gray slate exuded an ancient, mysterious vibe, and each of the left and right door panels was carved with a vivid dog head. The head on the left side was grinning while the one on the right side was glaring with wide eyes.

“Bare your fangs, hounds!”

As soon as the words fell, the eyes of the dog on the right shone brightly. The right door then slowly opened, revealing a portal of reddish light. The next second, a dog formed of pure energy with burning flames covering its body stepped out. It looked exactly like the energy dogs that had messed up Bai Xiaofei’s business!

And this was only the first one. There seemed to be countless such dogs inside the portal as one after another came out. In just a few breaths, a horde of energy dogs had gathered at the base of the wall.


At Yun Mo’s command, the energy dogs bolted off. Before long, shrieks and loud noises echoed all over the whole Bright Road Merchant House.

The first wave of attacks caught the resting puppet masters and martial artists completely off guard. After suffering heavy casualties, they finally noticed the gate in midair. Everyone quickly rushed towards it.

Looking at the crowd fast approaching, the expression on Yun Mo’s face didn’t change one bit. He waved his hand again, and more energy dogs poured out from the gate at an increasing speed, all quickly hedging against the incoming humans.

At the same time, the left door that had been quiet, also opened. It also released energy bodies, but unlike the right side, these were petite puppies that didn’t look any stronger than Huskie, and there were only seven.

However, right after the seven puppies came out, the energy dogs from the right door looked up at the sky and howled in unison. During this, their size instantly increased by half; their strength, speed, and resistance also increased by leaps!

The energy dogs that could be killed easily a moment ago became difficult to handle, and the unlucky humans at the very front bore the brunt, paying the price of their own lives.

Vestige item, special gold-rank puppet – the Gate of Good and Evil!

Left as good: Good dogs had no offensive ability, but they could command, buff, and at times aid the evil dogs.

Right as evil: Evil dogs were born to die. Besides being able to bite like normal magical beasts, their greatest skill was self-detonation. The explosive effects of wind, thunder, fire, ice, and earth were different, but each one was fatal. What was even more deadly was that this kind of explosion would always come wave after wave…

And yet, on this Gate of Good and Evil that could drive people to despair were huge characters that were quite enlightening.

Black and white, good and evil.

Good leads to evil, evil happens for good!

“Die!” shouted an Assassin Stream puppet master who suddenly jumped up from the wall behind Yun Mo. He could see the hope of victory from the distance of less than two meters between them. However, what greeted him wasn’t the fruits of victory, but a little puppy smiling foolishly.

An invisible barrier rose and blocked the assassin’s deadly attack. Then, another puppy trotted over and bound him into a cocoon using energy silk threads. And then, the assassin saw a vicious dog with lightning sparks all over its body…

“Melees, stand in the front, long-ranged puppet masters, attack him!” someone cried after realizing that rushing in was simply useless. The rest immediately cooperated. Under the threat of death, no one dared to be neglectful. As a result, they achieved tight cooperation without having to get familiar with each other first.

Unfortunately, they were still too slow.

Yun Mo’s only response was pulling another puppy to his front. The next second, countless long-range attacks shot at him from all angles. Just when everyone thought that he was going to die for sure, a puppy before him barked, and all attacks froze two meters away from him. With a gentle snap of his fingers, all the energy attacks were absorbed into the Gate of Good and Evil, while the physical ones feebly fell to the ground.

Upon this scene, everyone was thunderstruck.

Close combat was impossible, a sneak attack was a failure, and long-range attacks were useless. Is this person actually invincible?!

Scared by this idea, those who fantasized about capturing or killing Yun Mo all backed out. The side at a numbers disadvantage wasn’t Yun Mo, it was them!

“Did you get it?” While the mercenaries were retreating, Qin Lingyan, standing on a roof, softly asked her teammates. Except for Bai Xiaofei, everyone else was present.

“Partial Energy Stream puppet master. The big dogs do the attacking while the puppies do the defending. One puppy can enhance the big dogs’ overall power, the rest should have some life-saving abilities. From what we have seen so far, he must have other means of attack.” The one replying was Zhao Tiantian. There was a reason why Qin Lingyan invited her into the team. Besides her strong treatment ability, she was the best third-year student in wartime analysis.

“What about weaknesses?” asked Bai Ye with a hint of excitement as he could barely resist the urge for battle. He really wanted to challenge such a strong opponent!

“Isn’t it obvious? His strong self-defense ability already tells how weak his body is. As long as you can near him, victory is half yours.”

Zhao Tiantian’s answer put a smile on Bai Ye’s face.

“In that case, I’m gonna give it a try!” Bai Ye then looked at Qin Lingyan. “Mind doing me a favor?”

“Yes, I do mind!” said Qin Lingyan coldly. She summoned her Violetflame Sword and leaped out. She also wanted to challenge the strong!

“Crimsonblaze Slash!”

The aftermath of her smooth volley was a huge blast that sent the surrounding dogs flying. Standing up, Qin Lingyan looked coldly at Yun Mo on the wall.

“Qin Lingyan of Starnet Academy. I challenge you to a duel.”

As soon as she finished her words, Qin Lingyan dashed out, the Violetflame Sword in her hand turning into a purple demon snake.

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