Chapter 410: The Fragile Mu and the Unethical Alchemist!

Chapter 410: The Fragile Mu and the Unethical Alchemist!

The night arrived and the bright moonlight illuminated the dull night sky, but no one was in the mood to enjoy it.

In the city, the garrison troops and the royal guards were searching from house to house. Bearing the pressure from the king, Commander Kang and Commander Wang dared not relax, and grievances from the citizens were no longer something they could consider.

Compared with their lives, everything else was insignificant!

“Xi Ruo, perform your best tonight.” Qiu Mumu smiled as he stroked the little white cat on his shoulder. The next second, bathed in a surge of origin energy, the cat rapidly turned into a girl with a haughty expression standing beside him.

“What took you so long to let me out? Are you tired of living?!” The moment the transformation was complete, the girl slapped Qiu Mumu’s head. The latter pulled a pitiful face.

“I’m innocent, my sister! I just didn’t have a chance! Look, didn’t I let you out so you can display your great might as soon as there’s a situation?!” The ruthlessness Qiu Mumu had shown before vanished without a trace and was replaced with a weak character as soon as the girl appeared.

“Humph! We’ll get back to this later. Say it, who am I beating up this time?!” asked the girl with expectation, but then, she suddenly noticed the presence of someone and was surprised. “Huh? Isn’t this our big bro Rushi? When did you come?”

“Ehh… I’ve been here all the time…” gulping, He Rushi answered weakly. This girl was like a little ancestor that none of them could afford to offend…

“If even someone as chill as you are deployed, tonight’s action shouldn’t be small! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a good workout!” cheered the girl excitedly as she had completely forgotten her earlier question. Qiu Mumu hesitated whether he should still answer or not.

During his hesitation, the young girl slapped him on the head again.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t I just ask you a question? Why didn’t you answer? You made me forget what I asked!”

What is that?? Blaming me when you forgot your own question?! If anything, I’m a man with pride! You don’t think I need any face?!

Despite his thoughts, the words rolling off his tongue took a U-turn when he saw the girl’s expression. “My fault, it’s my fault. You just asked me who our opponent tonight is.”

Watching him in amusement, He Rushi tried hard to hold in his laughter. When being grouped, he liked to be in a group with Qiu Mumu the most. It just felt great to see others being bullied!

“You know the question and still won’t give me the answer?! What are you waiting for?!”

Bang! Another slap in the same spot! Qiu Mumu was on the verge of crying…

Alright alright, I don’t need any face…

“Over there, that’s them.” From the rooftop they were standing on, Qiu Mumu pointed at the garrison soldiers who were inspecting house to house.

“Normal people?!” The girl raised her hand again, seeming very much dissatisfied with the enemy’s identity. However, Qiu Mumu had learned his lesson and snuck behind He Rushi in advance.

“Not only normal people but also many puppet masters and martial artists. And our opponents are all over the city!” If the quality wasn’t enough, one could always use quantity to make up for it.

“That’s more like it.” The girl withdrew her hand and made a fist. “Off we go!”

As soon as she threw out those words, the young girl had already jumped down. The first batch of unlucky soldiers was sent flying in various positions from her ghostly attacks.

“I have to go too, or I’ll be one of the beaten.” With a long sigh, Qiu Mumu got ready.

“Wait, I developed a new drug, do you want to try…” Before He Rushi could finish, Qiu Mumu already dashed out as if fleeing.

What a joke, who would dare to try your new drug? Last time, a new drug of yours took down our boss alright?!

With the only drug tester running away, He Rushi sighed. After a long hesitation, he reluctantly put away the red pill in his hand.

Forget it, let’s find someone else to try this unreliable drug…

Having made a final decision, He Rushi then took out another pill and stuffed it into his mouth. After a short while, his originally normal body turned into a little giant, the bursting muscles looking particularly terrifying.

“I’m coming!” With a cry, He Rushi jumped off the roof. Different from the lightning-fast Qiu Mumu, he smashed onto the ground like a heavy boulder. The loud thud instantly attracted the attention of the soldiers around.

“There’s one here! Catch him!”

Seven or eight soldiers sprinted over and greeted He Rushi with their blades. However, after slicing at him, besides the clothes, their sharp blades couldn’t cut in another millimeter. The muscles weren’t just for show.

“Damn you, damn you all! Do you know how long I begged my boss for these new clothes?! I’ll smash you into paste!”

Cursing loudly, He Rushi threw a slap at the soldiers. Five were sent flying with terrifying power, immediately taking half their life force. At least, it was impossible to get up again.

“Why this turtle form again? Can’t you come up with something new?!” In a flash, the young girl jumped onto He Rushi’s shoulder and so did Qiu Mumu in the next second. With their linked ability, Qiu Mumu and the girl, who was his puppet, could teleport to each other.

“What do you mean the turtle form! I call this the God of War, the God of War!” He Rushi retorted in displeasure. However, the girl didn’t listen to a word.

“Turtle chariot, charge!” On He Rushi’s shoulder, the girl swung her legs with a smile full of youth.

Helpless, He Rushi could only sigh. Forget it, no one can reason with this little boss.

During this brief pause, another group of soldiers rushed towards them, and these were obviously much stronger than the last. One of the squads was even formed of Martial Warriors and Proficient puppet masters from the royal guards.

However, none of them was enough to make the trio get serious.

“Sit tight!” He Rushi slightly leaned forward. His pillar-thick legs started to move, and he charged straight towards the group of soldiers.

What was called trying to shake a mountain? He used his rush to give the soldiers a lesson. No matter how the soldiers attacked, it didn’t matter to him. Their so-called formation was as weak as paper in front of him.

There seemed to be nothing wrong naming it the turtle chariot…

Gradually, the news that the three unidentified puppet masters were wildly killing soldiers spread all over the city. Basically everyone was coming for this trio!

The first phase of the mission: Completed.

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