Chapter 39 Attention From The Academy!

A second before Bai Xiaofei saw the crowd of people, he thought they’d come to give away Starnet Stones, but once he did see the crowd, he instantly changed his thoughts.

They’ve come to f*cking take my life!

Xue Ying acted even more straightforwardly and withdrew the cloak that represented her identity as a teacher from her spatial ring and wore it without saying a single word. She had changed her clothes earlier for the sake of it being convenient for making a move, and wearing this now was for the sake of not having to make a move…

But even with Xue Ying’s identity as a teacher, no one had the intention of letting the matter go, and they tightly surrounded the classroom. An entire group of thirty plus second-year students...and every single one of them was at the Master Rank!

“Teacher, classes are over now, and your job has already ended. Can you consider—,” said the senior in the lead. He was Chu Mingyuan, the student president of the Gods Amongst Men for the second-years and was also a figure ranked on the Popularity Ranking. He seemed to have a scholarly air yet his words carried thorns. But he never expected that his speech would actually be interrupted.

Moreover, it was interrupted by fear!

Xue Ying didn’t say a single word as she stood before Chu Mingyuan, yet the killing intent that was suddenly emitted from her seemed to have materialized, and it forcefully cut off his speech.

“Student, pay attention to your status when you speak. If I want, I can take you to have provoked me, and you ought to know what sort of authority a provoked teacher possesses, right!?” A cyclone instantly appeared in Xue Ying’s palm. Her concentrated mind gave Chu Mingyuan the misconception that only he and Xue Ying remained in the world and that he was unable to hide no matter where he went.

“President! President!” The force exerted by the lackeys who followed by Chu Mingyuan’s side grew stronger and stronger, and they eventually woke Chu Mingyuan up from that special state. The instant he woke up, Chu Mingyuan’s back was already drenched with cold sweat!

Chu Mingyuan’s heart was filled with astonishment by the time he recovered his consciousness.

Earlier, Xue Ying had actually caused him to hallucinate by merely relying on her imposing aura! Moreover, it was a hallucination that caused him to lose heart!

For a time Chu Mingyuan couldn’t help but fall into a dilemma.

Making a move was absolutely impossible. He believed that so long as he dared to make a move, Xue Ying would absolutely reciprocate at the first possible moment, and this sort of belief was already branded into his heart as if it was part of his instinct.

But, if he didn’t make a move, his actions of utilizing his status as president to drag over so many people would have been in vain, and it would surely affect his reputation forever. The words “coming back empty handed” were sufficient to cause him to be unable to raise his head up high in society for a very long time.

“Senior, here are two hundred Starnet Stones. It ought to be enough for you to treat everyone to a meal. The matter between me and Senior Sister Qin Lingyan is purely a misunderstanding, and we’ll naturally take care of it when the time comes. I’m truly sorry for causing trouble for you, Senior.” At the critical moment, Bai Xiaofei abruptly walked up to Chu Mingyuan then grinned as he gave Chu Mingyuan a proper way out.

Chu Mingyuan relaxed in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to embrace Bai Xiaofei and shower affection onto him. But his intellect suppressed this impulse in the end, and he revealed a troubled expression.

“Even if it’s a misunderstanding between the two of you, the efficacy of the Bounty Ranking can’t be challenged.” Chu Mingyuan stared coldly at Bai Xiaofei as he took out his final bit of persistence. He hoped that Bai Xiaofei was a truly intelligent person and would know what he was thinking.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t disappoint him…

“No, no. Senior, you got it wrong. I don’t intend to challenge the efficacy of the Bounty Ranking. But teaching me a lesson is only worth fifty Starnet Stones in total. Senior, you’ve called over so many people, so how could it possibly be enough to divide it among them?

“Moreover, your arrival has already allowed me to clearly comprehend my mistakes. You have concurrently obtained even more benefits and accomplished the Bounty Ranking’s required objective of teaching me a lesson. Methods of teaching a lesson aren’t limited to physical attacks, right?” After speaking a very long string of words, Bai Xiaofei once more raised up his jade token. This time Chu Mingyuan went silent for a short moment and didn’t refuse it again.

“I hope the misunderstanding you speak of will be cleared up as soon as possible because the assignment was placed on the Bounty Ranking for an entire ten days.” Chu Mingyuan lowered his voice and sufficiently displayed the required attitude before turning and leaving. The thirty plus people turned and left along with him, and practically all their gazes lingered on Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying for a moment.

After successfully sending away another batch of the plague, Bai Xiaofei let out a long sigh of relief, and even Xue Ying patted her chest and revealed a relaxed expression.

“Not bad, Little Fei. I thought the matter would escalate for sure.” Xue Ying moved forward before stretching out her hand to raise Bai Xiaofei’s chin, and she revealed a teasing expression once again as she lightly licked her lips.


If it wasn’t for his inability to defeat Xue Ying, Bai Xiaofei would have already pounced forward at this moment. But his intellect defeated his desire when faced with reality…

“Big Sister Xue, where’s Lin Li?” If one wanted to make a woman that was teasing you instantly lose all interest, then asking about another beautiful woman was the most effective and fastest method.

Bai Xiaofei thanked his third father, a veteran in the art of flowers…

“Hmph! All you know is to ask about Little Li. Boring.” Xue Ying grunted with displeasure, and she was entirely like a little resentful wife who was acting in a spoiled manner.

“I asked her to go see the principal, our academy’s big boss, with Xu Chen.” Xue Ying raised her brows as she spoke, and it seemed as if the little resentful wife from before wasn’t her.

“Principal?!” Bai Xiaofei exclaimed with shock. His understanding of this word had stopped at Vice Principal Luo Xi’s furious face, and if it wasn’t for her, how could he have possibly fallen to the Savage Class?

Even though Bai Xiaofei was extremely satisfied with this class now, he had still bound the word principal with “excessively mean in conduct” and “an ever-changing attitude”.

“For what?!” 

Xue Ying revealed a trace of a smile once again when she saw Bai Xiaofei’s extremely unwilling expression.

“Do you think I wanted to? You’ve already been put on the Bounty Ranking, so do you think I alone can deal with wave after wave of people looking for trouble with you without his approval? After all, I’ll be dismissed if I help you bash others too many times. I was only able to assume the position of a teacher in Starnet Academy with great difficulty, and I don’t want to return home so quickly.” Xue Ying’s tone carried a trace of complaint as she revealed her true thoughts.

“He’ll stand up for me? Are you very familiar with the principal?” The surprise on Bai Xiaofei’s face grew slightly deeper. After all, no matter how he looked at it, a half-baked teacher like Xue Ying who wasn’t even too sure about the exact situation in the academy wasn’t someone with connections.

“What do you think?! If I was familiar with him, would I have to be overcautious? I would have directly made a move earlier, alright?! Do you even have a brain?!” Xue Ying knocked Bai Xiaofei heavily on the head, and she looked at him as if she was looking at an idiot.

“If you’re not familiar with him, why did you go call on him? Would the dignified principal of Starnet Academy care about a nobody like me from the Savage Class?” This was the main point that Bai Xiaofei was bewildered about. After all, the word “principal” was slightly too far away from him.

“I’m surely unable to move him, but he can!” Xue Ying grinned as she looked down at Huskie wagging his tail…


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