Chapter 409: Mysterious Figures!

Chapter 409: Mysterious Figures!

“The emperor is furious. He wants to investigate all puppet masters within the city. Not only so, but from how he had said it, he also doesn’t intend to spare either your Thunderstorm Bandits or the Globe Merchant Group people. He wants to include everyone.”

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s words, Nie Qing was horrified.


“Why would I lie to you? What’s more, the garrison and the royal guards should have been mobilized by now, and all the city gates are definitely closed. If there are no accidents, they will move to the Bright Road Merchant House. After all, there are so many outsiders here.” Bai Xiaofei calmly analyzed, then looked at Nie Qing.

Just as he expected, she could not sit still.

“I can’t leave it like this, I’m going out!” Nie Qing abruptly stood up, but almost fell down as there was no strength in her legs. Luckily, Bai Xiaofei was quick enough to support her.

“How do you intend to go out like this? You’d be arrested by the patrols in the city as soon as you step out of the Bright Road Merchant House. They should be worried that they can’t catch anyone to report back to their superiors right now, and a weak illusion puppet master like you makes a good target.” Helping Nie Qing sit down, Bai Xiaofei told her a cruel reality.

“You’re the one to blame! If you had been gentle, I wouldn’t have to be like this!” Nie Qing threw him a cold glare. The anxiety on her face hadn’t lessened one bit.

“Whatever it is, stay here like a good girl until recovery. If they investigate this place tomorrow, I will help you fool them, but you’d better find a way to inform your companions. Being too passive is not good for them, and I bet they are really worried about your safety as well.” Bai Xiaofei’s idea in the last sentence couldn’t be any more obvious.

Call your family so I can get to know them. It’s time we met!

“I can’t contact them, they usually come to me,” said Nie Qing with a hint of loss. In fact, even if Bai Xiaofei was willing to let her out, she wouldn’t know where to find them either. In order to ensure absolute secrecy, the Thunderstorm Bandits didn’t appoint a fixed foothold in Nabu City.

“Then wait, either they find you, or the imperial soldiers find them. In any case, we must meet,” stated Bai Xiaofei. Nie Qing fell silent.

This meeting may not be very pleasant.

However, Nie Qing didn’t say this out loud. She was afraid that it would affect Bai Xiaofei’s mood…

Meanwhile, somewhere in Nabu City, six people were gathered in a humble room. Sitting in the center was a girl dressed in blue whose eyes were closed in contemplation. Everyone else was looking at her anxiously, not daring to even let out a loud breath.

After a while, the girl in blue slowly opened her eyes with a frown.

“What happened? You can’t find her?” The speaker was a short-haired, competent-looking man in his 30s.

“I found her, but the situation is a bit pessimistic,” replied the girl. Hearing this, the rest were relieved.

“Fourth Sister, you scared me. I thought we lost our little sister. Where is she? I’ll go pick her up!” said a thin man carelessly as if he had no troubles on his mind.

“Yeah go, she’s at the Bright Road Merchant House.”

The location the girl in blue gave stunned the thin man. He didn’t have the courage to go to such a place by himself…

“Our lil’ sis was captured?!” exclaimed an aged man. Everyone’s heart sank.

“From my detection, this seems like the case. Her breathing is weak and she has been staying in one place without moving.” The girl in blue paused a little. “And not only does her situation not look optimistic, but there are also garrison troops and royal guards everywhere in the city. They seem to be searching for us.”

Everyone’s face darkened at the bad news.

“Let’s do it. We have been waiting long enough. Now that our little sister is caught, we can’t wait any longer,” declaring with a hint of ruthlessness was the youngest-looking among the group. On his shoulder sat a white-furred, blue-eyed cat.

When he finished his words, everyone looked to the first competent-looking man. Obviously, he was the one who made the decisions in this small group

“Yun Mo, what do you think?” the man hesitantly asked another man sitting next to him. This person, who was dressed in a white outfit, had not spoken yet.

“We may have a better option if Qingshuang is awake, but I agree with Mumu. We must break into the Bright Road Merchant House.”

At his statement, the group grew determined. The man who asked the question took a deep breath and looked around at everyone.

“Since we all agree with this, we’ll move tonight! Rushi, you are still with Mumu. You two divert the patrol guards’ attention, control the situation, and then regroup with us.”

“Yun Mo, Lan Qu, you two and I will head straight to the Bright Road Merchant House and act according to the situation. Our first priority is to rescue our lil’ sis. Don’t be distracted by the Skypatch Pill. We still have a chance later.”

“Wife, you keep an eye on the overall situation and lend us a hand when necessary. Make sure to pay attention to that person from the Globe Merchant Group. If he comes, let us know as soon as possible.”

Having assigned everyone’s tasks, the man’s expression became serious.

“If you get any information from Xiaohe, retreat no matter what you are doing. Just leave lil’ sis to me. Although I’m no match for that person, I can still manage to escape safely in a confrontation.” The man again looked around at everyone. “You all understand?”

The rest solemnly nodded. They had always complied one hundred percent to this man’s commands because he had never let them down!

“I have a question.” The aged man slowly raised his hand, drawing all eyes to him.


“About that uncle, should we take him too?” Rushi was talking about He Tian who Bai Xiaofei had met with the other day. Obviously, he wasn’t yet a member of the Thunderstorm Bandits but was on the candidate waitlist.

“Not for now. His identity is still helpful to us, it’s not time to expose him yet. We will not touch this trump card unless we’re at a dead end. Him staying in that position will be more helpful for the moment,” the man rejected Rushi’s idea of pulling in another comrade for this mission.

Now that everything was finalized, the only thing left to do was wait for the night to fall. The night had always been a good partner for mysterious figures!

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