Chapter 408: Nemesis of the Illusion Stream, the Eye of Truth!

Chapter 408: Nemesis of the Illusion Stream, the Eye of Truth!

Staring intently at Bai Xiaofei, the scared Manager Fan hurriedly nodded as cold sweat flowed down his old face.

“The emperor wants to write an imperial edict, so take me to get the imperial jade seal. I’ll leave after I get it, and you will pretend that nothing ever happened, okay?” At the last word, Bai Xiaofei’s tone was not that of a question at all. He was only giving Manager Fan one option.

“Yes!” Gulping and shaking like a leaf, Manager Fan immediately agreed.

Bai Xiaofei then changed his appearance right in front of Manager Fan. In the blink of an eye, he became one of the two little eunuchs earlier.

Following Manager Fan, Bai Xiaofei arrived at the place where the imperial jade seal was stored. After opening a brocade box locked with mechanism, a jade seal engraved with five golden dragons was revealed. Taking a blank edict scroll, Manager Fan nervously looked at Bai Xiaofei.

“Shall I bring this to His Majesty?”

“You’re going to give him another scroll. I’m taking this one,” Bai Xiaofei said and slowly pulled the scroll from Manager Fan’s grasp. He unfolded it, then picked up the seal and printed it on the scroll. “This is a crime punished by beheading. I believe that Manager Fan will be very wise.”

Dropping that threat, Bai Xiaofei kept the imperial edict, and then stood quietly to the side. Swallowing his saliva, a sweating Manager Fan took out another scroll before escorting Bai Xiaofei out.

Exiting the place where the jade seal was stored, Bai Xiaofei changed his appearance several times until he finally got out of the palace. As for what would happen inside, it no longer had anything to do with him. The weather inside the palace was going to change, and this wasn’t something he could stop.

After returning to the Bright Road Merchant House, Bai Xiaofei summoned Huskie, who had been busy all day fully experiencing the hardships of being a human. It really thought this wasn’t something dogs were suitable for!

“Good job. I suppose nothing unexpected happened today?” asked Bai Xiaofei. In response, Huskie held out his paw to him.

“A crystal’s longing and I will tell you,” demanded Huskie in its baby voice. It had fully mastered Bai Xiaofei’s thug-like attitude!

“What the heck?! You actually dare to swindle me!” Bai Xiaofei instinctively cried out under the sudden shock caused by Huskie’s words. However, Huskie was completely unmoved.

“It has to do with women. If you don’t give, I’ll let it rot in my stomach, and I promise you will die miserably.” And thus, the creature who could restrain Bai Xiaofei the most in history was born. It knew Bai Xiaofei’s weakness just as well as knowing whether there were lice on its fur.

Gritting his teeth, Bai Xiaofei took out two crystal’s longings and glared at Huskie for half a day.

“If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, I swear you will regret it!” he threatened while placing the crystal’s longings in front of Huskie. At the same time, his heart grew a little nervous.

Things related to women were no small matters to Bai Xiaofei. They could give him an even bigger headache than the current problem in Nabu City.

“At noon, Sister Lingyan wanted to enter your room. I tried to stop her but I couldn’t find a way to force her away, so I kissed her and then she ran away. What do you think, aren’t I smart?” said Huskie smugly. Then, it felt the temperature around it sharply drop.

“You damn dog! I will skin you!!!” With a roar, Bai Xiaofei leaped up. However, his speed at the Master Rank didn’t let him catch up with the agile Huskie…

After Huskie ran off without a trace, Bai Xiaofei recalled its words, and the feeling of ‘death’ ran through his mind.

This was like the case with Chu Liuyun last time. Although Hu Xian’er had stepped in after and resolved the embarrassment, the memory still haunted him for a long time. Taking advantage of a woman wasn’t something one could do lightly. Any advantage taken demanded a huge price in the end!

And the current situation was that: Bai Xiaofei didn’t take the advantage, but he could not run away from paying the price…

Motherf*cker, is this the legendary ‘sowing the seeds of your own ruin’?!

After cursing Huskie in his mind, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath. Once he calmed down a little, he slowly pushed open the door to his room.

“You’re back. Huskie really scared me at noon,” Nie Qing’s surprised voice rang out as soon as he entered.

“Can you tell that it wasn’t me?!” asked Bai Xiaofei in shock, his eyes wide open in amazement.

His surprise wasn’t without reason. Huskie’s transformation could fool even the vice principals who were at the Exquisite Rank. Even Lei Min, who was proficient in illusions failed to distinguish between Huskie’s transformation and the real deal. Yet, Nie Qing said she could tell the difference.

“It’s nothing special, I was born with a special physique that lets me see through all illusions to their essence,” explained Nie Qing with a smile. Her words gave rise to another shock in Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

The Eye of Truth! The nightmare of every Illusion Stream puppet master!

All forms of illusion were a joke before the Eye of Truth. It was said that even the Divine-grade formation of Starnet was useless!

Isn’t this ability my natural nemesis then?!

When Bai Xiaofei thought of this, he felt his blood turn cold thinking of what could have happened. It was fortunate that he hadn’t used his transform ability in front of Nie Qing, otherwise, he might have died in a way he couldn’t imagine.

“Why, you’re scared of me?” Seeing Bai Xiaofei’s reaction, the intelligent Nie Qing instantly saw through his thoughts.

After a short time of knowing her, Bai Xiaofei discovered that Nie Qing’s IQ fluctuated wildly. When her brains worked, she was perversely smart. When they didn’t, her foolishness rivaled that of a child.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, I have no intention of ever lying to you anyway.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged, but secretly, he took an important note in his mind – Nie Qing wasn’t one to be offended!

“True. If you dare lie to me, I will chop off your little man, then I’ll kill myself! I won’t let you off even when I’ve become a ghost!” Nie Qing said it so earnestly that Bai Xiaofei’s little brother shrunk.

Damn it, have I offended some god without knowing? Why do all the girls around me like to use this to threaten me? What did I even do?!

Heh, what did he do? He was the one that provoked them!

“Ahem, erm, let us change the topic.” Despite complaining like crazy in his heart, Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to voice out any. As far as he could tell, Nie Qing was definitely the type to turn her words into action…

“Alright. Where did you go today?” Nie Qing smiled in an instant and looked at Bai Xiaofei with shining eyes.

“The palace,” he replied nonchalantly, startling Nie Qing.

“What did you go there for? You’re not afraid of being caught?!” Nie Qing was surprised and at the same time felt a lingering fear. If she had known that Bai Xiaofei was going to the royal quarters, she wouldn’t have let him leave.

“I’m not that easy to catch. And it’s a good thing I went, or I’d have missed a big event!” bragged Bai Xiaofei, his eyes flashing with pride.

“What big event?” asked Nie Qing. Somehow, she felt that this event was related to the Thunderstorm Bandits…

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