Chapter 407: The Emperor’s Reaction!

Chapter 407: The Emperor’s Reaction!

Under Bai Xiaofei’s stick and carrot ploy, Huskie gave in. As a result, it resumed Bai Xiaofei’s appearance and ran outside to do activities while Bai Xiaofei, with Blackie’s help, transformed into a palace manager who he had once met while preparing the banquet – an old eunuch…

There were too many people that had eyes on him at the moment. If he didn’t show up for just one day, those who looked for him would make a long queue. Therefore, Huskie’s new ability came in time and did him a huge favor.

As for why he transformed himself into the old eunuch, the reason was simple. He wanted to enter the royal quarters!

After yesterday’s event, the emperor would definitely make a big move. Counting in his recovery time, today was probably the day he would implement it. If Bai Xiaofei wanted to be prepared, he must find out what the big move was, and in order to do that, he must get inside the palace.

“Saluting Manager Fan!” Bai Xiaofei had just arrived at the entrance when the powerful-looking guards performed a formal salute.

“Forget it, forget it. I’m in a hurry, move aside.” Bai Xiaofei tried his best to make his voice taper. While he still couldn’t make it exactly the same as Manager Fan, the tone was similar.

This was the gap between Blackie and Huskie. The former could only veil the outer appearance with an illusion, while the latter could completely copy the target!

“Manager, hurry or not, procedures are still necessary. The imperial quarters have been unstable lately, so we have to be careful. I hope that you can understand,” said a captain with a big smile, but he wasn’t letting Bai Xiaofei pass.

Until Bai Xiaofei sneered and took out a gold token.

“Now I should be able to pass, right?! I promise you will regret it if you delay my business!”

Seeing the token, the captain hurriedly made way, his face ingratiating.

“Please don’t blame this little one, Manager Fan. We only follow the rules, all in consideration of the emperor. I will definitely come to the door and apologize to you as soon as I have the time,” said the captain with a knowing smile. Bai Xiaofei also broke out in a smile.

“Alright, I’ll prepare the best wine and food.”

After passing the entrance checkpoint, Bai Xiaofei headed straight for the emperor’s bedroom, which the maid leading his way yesterday had shown him when they had passed by. There was no end to the number of people who saluted to him along the way, fully demonstrating Manager Fan’s position in the palace. However, the closer Bai Xiaofei got to his destination, the more nervous he was.

This was a very important part of this risky adventure – Handling the real Manager Fan! Otherwise, it was only a matter of time before he was exposed.

Walking to a deserted corner, Bai Xiaofei’s appearance changed again, this time it was the queen’s attending maid. He couldn’t think of anyone other than this servant girl who would be able to call Manager Fan away from the emperor’s bedroom.

“Sister Feng, what did you come here for?” Two little eunuchs stopped Bai Xiaofei, hence came his first real test.

Q: How to speak like a woman.

A: He couldn’t learn how to…

However, Bai Xiaofei had his own way.

“Go and call your Manager Fan, tell him that Her Majesty the Queen has something urgent to see him.” When a person’s voice was hoarse to a certain extent, the distinction between men and women wasn’t so obvious anymore. Even if there was, what Bai Xiaofei did was still enough to fool these little eunuchs.

Sure enough, they didn’t have any doubts, and one of them hurriedly ran in to report.

A while later, Manager Fan came out running. Upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, he was a little surprised. “The queen wants to see me?” he asked.

Bai Xiaofei muttered ‘yes’ in a high-pitched, almost inaudible voice and then nodded his head.

“There is no need to worry about His Majesty. He has basically recovered completely. Your voice got so hoarse, even I feel bad,” Manager Fan commented with a hint of sympathy on his face. He hadn’t fared much better yesterday upon hearing that the emperor was seriously injured. Subjects accompanied their king for life. If any misfortune happened to the emperor, he might no longer be able to keep his job.

“Lead the way. I suppose the queen must be very worried.”

As soon as Manager Fan said this, Bai Xiaofei started to lead the way. While he didn’t know where the queen’s quarters were, it should be in the direction of the harem. Moreover, he didn’t intend to really take Manager Fan there anyway.

After turning a corner, Bai Xiaofei suddenly stopped. Following him, Manager Fan was slightly startled.

“What’s the matter?”

Those words had just dropped when Bai Xiaofei chopped his hand at the manager’s neck. Manager Fan, who was more fragile than an Apprentice martial artist, lost consciousness right away. Bai Xiaofei found a large water tank nearby, poured out the water inside, and threw Manager Fan in, leaving behind a note. The content was concise: ‘Don’t say anything after waking up or your whole family will die.’

A simple threat, but it would always work. There was no person who wasn’t afraid of death!

After taking care of everything, Bai Xiaofei again resumed Manager Fan’s appearance. Walking around to waste enough time, he returned to the emperor’s room. Coincidentally, the emperor had just woken up.

“Bring me Commander Kang and Garrison Commander Wang.” The emperor’s voice was full of anger. Bai Xiaofei muttered assent and withdrew to deliver the order.

Before long, the two summoned people arrived in a hurry. The emperor sat at his bed while they knelt on the ground, not daring to lift their heads.

“From now on, impose strict control over the personnel entering and leaving the royal grounds. Puppet masters are forbidden entry and exit. Simultaneously conduct a search in the city and inspect all puppet masters. Those of unknown origin, detain. Those who resist, kill on the spot! The same applies to their accomplices!”

The two kneeling secretly exchanged glances and saw surprise in each other’s eyes.

“Yes!” they shouted in unison, signaling the beginning of a storm.

“Go, do this well and your paths will be smooth. If not…” The emperor didn’t finish his sentence, but his tone was telling enough.

“We shall not fail Your Majesty!” Knocking their foreheads thrice on the ground, the two got up and withdrew.

“Bring the imperial jade seal, I’m declaring an imperial edict!” This was said to Bai Xiaofei.

After a slight fright in his heart, Bai Xiaofei withdrew from the room. Once he was outside, he frowned. The reason was very simple, he didn’t know where the jade seal was. Considering all options, he went to the water tank where he had hidden Manager Fan and pulled him out. Then, he waved a porcelain bottle containing something smelly under Manager Fan’s nose. The smell was so bad it quickly woke the unconscious guy.

Opening his eyes to see a person with his face in front of him, Manager Fan’s rational mind froze.

“Listen to me closely. If you miss a word, you may lose your precious little life.”

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