Chapter 406: Ranking up again, Huskie’s Changes!

Chapter 406: Ranking up again, Huskie’s Changes!

The sea of fire that happened to Qingxue Palace shocked the whole capital city. The news of the emperor being seriously injured and Imperial Concubine Qing’s disappearance spread like wildfire. As a consequence, Nabu City entered a state of panic.

First, it was an assassination at the banquet, and now, someone’s hand even extended into the imperial harem. As these two events were definitely linked from the view of many people, a sense of uneasiness hung over their hearts.

At this moment, the instigator was carefully feeding porridge to the Imperial Concubine Qing that he had just brought back, so carefully that he looked like he was tending to a woman post-pregnancy… Wait no, even post-pregnancy didn’t look as bad as Nie Qing’s current expression.

“If you are full, sleep for a while. You need more rest now. If you don’t get well soon, those brothers and sisters that you mentioned will find fault with me.” Bai Xiaofei put down the empty bowl and intimately stroked Nie Qing’s hair in exchange for her angry face, only that her pouting expression really couldn’t pose a threat.

“How many times have I told you, don’t touch my head! You are younger than me, you have to call me sister! How can a younger brother touch his sister’s head!” said Nie Qing in fury. If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t have the strength to get out of bed, she would have definitely taught him a lesson.

“Okay, okay, I got it. Get some rest. You can’t teach me a lesson if you don’t recover.”

Bai Xiaofei put the blanket on her. Nie Qing, who looked so angry like she wanted to eat him alive one second ago, instantly turned into a behaved little kitten staring at him with two big eyes.

“Give me a kiss.” Her sparkling expectant eyes simply made people unable to refuse.

Bai Xiaofei gently pressed his lips on hers. Looking at Nie Qing’s face filled with happiness, he smiled as well.

“Alright, sleep tight.”

After appeasing the stolen kitten, Bai Xiaofei left the room. Outside, the sky had just gotten bright…

What did people say again? Be good to your woman and raise her like raising a pig, then she won’t ever run off…

Bai Xiaofei inhaled a deep breath of the fresh morning air. As someone who didn’t get up early once in a blue moon, this was a novel experience for him.

“The sun is rising in the west? You actually got up so early?” Qin Lingyan, who happened to come out of her room at this time also, asked in amazement.

Anyone would be surprised when they witnessed a miracle…

“I’m keeping a beauty in my room and she claimed the bed, so I can only come out and get some air,” answered Bai Xiaofei truthfully with a smile, only to earn Qin Lingyan’s contempt.

“Dream on. What beauty would let you hide her?” commented Qin Lingyan coldly, the contempt in her eyes growing.

Ah, such was life. When you said the truth, no one would believe. Tell a lie, and they insist it was true.

“How was your meeting with Imperial Concubine Qing yesterday? Did you get any useful information?” Qing Lingyan grew serious as she got down to business.

“I did get something useful. I’m still a little away from figuring it all out, but I will soon clear it,” replied Bai Xiaofei, his face relaxed. With Nie Qing, the trump card, in his hand, he was full of hope for the present situation. As long as he could meet the other members of the Thunderstorm Bandits, everything would be clear!

“Does the fire in Qingxue Palace have anything to do with you?” raising a lethal question, Qin Lingyan eyes flashed with a sharp light.

“I did as entrusted by someone, but you can rest assured that I won’t be exposed,” Bai Xiaofei straightforwardly admitted. After all, the news followed right after he returned, so this kind of thing couldn’t be covered up. Moreover, he believed Qin Lingyan enough not to hide.

“So long as you know what you’re doing. Our mission is already a headache. If any unexpected misfortune happens to you, I won’t be able to explain it when I return to Starnet.” Qin Lingyan pulled out a reasonable explanation, but Bai Xiaofei revealed a creepy smile.

“Can I take this as concern from Big Sister Lingyan?”

Looking at the sleazily smiling Bai Xiaofei, Qin Lingyan’s expression instantly grew icy.

“Yes, it is. I’m concerned that your harem won’t let me off.” With a cold snort, Qin Lingyan walked away. If she didn’t leave, she was afraid that he’d see through her panic…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei sighed. He hadn’t told Nie Qing about Hu Xian’er and the others. This was the real problem! Moreover, before he had left Starnet, Hu Xian’er had especially told him to not fool around with flowers and grass1, but what he had done was more than just that; he had uprooted a flower to take home…

“Forget it, let’s worry about it when it happens, there will be a way,” Bai Xiaofei comforted himself. Then, he called out Huskie.

After intercourse with Nie Qing, Bai Xiaofei once again welcomed a qualitative change. His Lunisolar Brilliance was upgraded from yellow grade to profound grade, resulting in the level-up of its recovery ability. In other words, his body became more perverse.

The promotion of the technique also brought about a series of chain reactions. His rank that had been stalled recently soared to the peak of the Master Rank. Now, not only could he mobilize more origin energy, but the intensity of his spirit was also strengthened, and it even reflected in Huskie and Blackie.

There was no obvious change with Blackie, but Huskie gained a new ability!

It could now speak human words!

“My black-hearted master, what do you need me for?” Huskie’s voice was babyish. Coupled with its address for him, Bai Xiaofei felt a bit embarrassed.

Your mother, how am I black-hearted?!

“Stupid dog, are you itching to be beaten?! Call me that again and I’ll stew you!” Raising his fist, Bai Xiaofei threatened.

“Tch, don’t think that I don’t know if you dare. If I’m stewed, what will you use to scheme against others? I’m a mighty, unique dog!”

Like owner, like dog. Huskie did look like Bai Xiaofei when he bragged…

Wow, I’d be damned! This little sh*t is opposing me?! All that upgrading went to your guts, huh?!

“I’ve heard that animated puppets don’t need to eat and can survive by absorbing origin energy alone. Seems like I can consider feeding some mighty dog only origin stones in the future,” Bai Xiaofei loudly mused as he stroked his chin seriously.

Huskie, who was so smug one second ago, immediately panicked.

“Don’t, my handsome and charming master. This animated puppet of yours is different, it can’t walk without delicious food. You can’t listen to those people’s nonsense!” It seemed to have also professionally learned flattery and acting pitiful from its master… This thing had really evolved!

“Oh? Not a black-hearted master?”

At Bai Xiaofei’s question, Huskie shook its head like crazy.

“Who said that?! Who dares to say that my great master is black-hearted? Bring them to me, see if I won’t bite them to death!” Huskie looked so wholehearted when it declared this. Seeing how it effortlessly turned black to white, it was simply cut from the same mold as Bai Xiaofei.

If it wasn't for the species being unaligned, no one would doubt if they were told these two were birth brothers! However, this wasn’t what Bai Xiaofei cared about.

Little shit, think I can’t handle you?!

“I have a mission for you, what do you think?”

Looking at the smile that was full of ill-intent on Bai Xiaofei’s face when he said this, Huskie instinctively took two steps back. It had seen this expression too many times!

1. Being promiscuous/flirting around with many people.

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