Chapter 404: The Second Drop of Blood

Chapter 404: The Second Drop of Blood

“His Majesty is fierce today…”

“Indeed, I’ve never heard Her Highness scream this loudly!”

“Maybe she will conceive the dragon seed this time.”

“For sure! How long has it been? It’s been four, five hours!”


Outside Qingxue Palace, several small maids quietly chatted as Imperial Concubine Qing’s moaning echoed from inside, seeming like it wasn’t going to stop soon… When her voice turned from high to hoarse and until she couldn’t make any more sound at all, it was completely dark.

They were at it nearly the whole day…

Next to the hot spring, Bai Xiaofei was holding Imperial Concubine Qing tightly, sleeping with a face full of satisfaction. Meanwhile, the woman’s beautiful naked body had gone completely limp. Unlike Hu Xian’er, she was a real human being. Let alone move, she found even breathing a luxury at this moment.

It’s finally finished…

When she was first occupied by Bai Xiaofei, Imperial Concubine Qing was in extreme rejection. Gradually, it turned into catering to his demand, and finally into expectation. She expected him to quickly finish. Only, she could never expect that the wait was so difficult.

Turning her head with difficulty to look at Bai Xiaofei, her face was complex. This big boy who she had only seen twice actually became her man. Ironically, her understanding of him was limited to those commercial videos…

What will he say to me when he wakes up?

How should I face him?

Is this like, the consequences of my mistake?

What should I do in the future?

All kinds of questions flashed in her mind, destined to be unanswered. In her daze, Imperial Concubine Qing also fell asleep. She was dead tired…

After who knew how long, Bai Xiaofei woke up. The soft body in his arms made him completely sober. Looking intently at it, he couldn’t help but gulp.

I’m done for, I caused trouble in the end… What should I do now? Sleeping with somebody else’s woman in their territory is really asking for a calamity.

How do I even solve this? Take her away with me? Will she be willing to go with me? And where can I even take her?

His heart in a tangled mess, Bai Xiaofei once again looked at Imperial Concubine Qing. As he looked closely, he was surprised.

What was there to say… He was sure that the woman in his embrace was undoubtedly Imperial Concubine Qing because everyone had their own smell and vibe, especially women. However, the one he was looking at now looked very different from before.

Not uglier or something, but younger!

If the former imperial concubine was a fine dame, then the present her was a young woman who had just gotten married at best…

Did she use illusions to change her appearance?

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei affirmed his guess. If Imperial Concubine Qing wanted some sort of standing in the palace, a young face would only make others look down upon her. Sometimes, age was also a kind of qualification. Between her in her thirties and her in her twenties, the former was obviously more intimidating.

As Bai Xiaofei was musing on meaningless matters, Imperial Concubine Qing also started to wake up when she felt him moving. The moment their eyes met, an awkward atmosphere spread.

“I will take responsibility.”

“You have to take responsibility!”

The two blurted a similar sentence in unison, then looked at each other in surprise.

“I’ll get you out of the palace.”

“I can’t leave the palace yet.”

After a pause, they spoke at the same time again. Facing each other, they burst into laughter. This also dispelled the embarrassing atmosphere.

“My real name is Nie Qing. Twenty years old. Remember my name. If you forget me, I will hunt you and then I will kill you!” said Nie Qing with a hint of seriousness.

“You? Hunt and kill me?” Bai Xiaofei revealed a weak smile. He’d believe her if she said she would ‘drain’ him, but hunt and kill? Forget it…

You’re a puppet master who has to rely on external means to fool ordinary people. Who can you hunt and kill?

“Don’t look down on people! Even if I can’t kill you, my brothers and sisters can!” added Nie Qing in desperation, only to realize immediately that she had a slip of the tongue.

“You’re really one of the Thunderstorm Bandits?” His voice filled with surprise, Bai Xiaofei stared widely at her.

“What about it?! Are you going to tie me up and turn me in for credit or take me hostage?!” Nie Qing was very upset by Bai Xiaofei’s reaction, and her anger instantly hung on her face. She could tolerate his bad attitude towards the Thunderstorm Bandits before, but now, he must stand on the same side with her!

“Didn’t mean that, how could I do that, I just…” Bai Xiaofei suddenly became hesitant.

“Just what?” asked Nie Qing as she stared coldly at him.

“I’m afraid your brothers and sisters may not be willing to let me off…” Bai Xiaofei still spoke the words in his mind in the end. When he uttered those words, he felt guilty.

Because he was guiding her to give out more information…

“They won’t. They just can’t wait for me to get married. As long as you propose, you will be a member of our Thunderstorm Bandits!” assured Nie Qing, her tone and expression totally different from before. If this was her real nature, then her acting skills were too strong, probably even above Bai Xiaofei’s.

“I’m afraid this is a bit difficult…” said Bai Xiaofei weakly with some uneasiness.

He should be coaxing Nie Qing at this moment, but there were some things that he really just couldn’t promise. Otherwise, it would be even more uncomfortable if he went back on his words later.

“A bit difficult? You mean to marry me or join the Thunderstorm Bandits?!” Bai Xiaofei’s anxiety wasn’t unreasonable. As soon as he finished his words, Nie Qing instantly grew fierce.

“Both!” As if fearing that his previous words weren’t enough to make her blow up, Bai Xiaofei uttered a word that she never thought of.


What the hell do you mean? You want to wipe your mouth and dash after eating the body that I’ve nurtured for twenty years?!

As these kinds of thoughts flooded into her mind, Nie Qing’s eyes quickly reddened. If Bai Xiaofei really wanted to run away, there would be nothing she could do, and she couldn’t bear to let her brothers and sisters go after him either…

“Don’t cry! Don’t cry! It’s not what you think!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly comforted, but it unfortunately did just the opposite.

Silently, the two clear lines of tears streamed down her face, and there was no end to them.

“I accepted you even after what you did to me. Now I take the initiative to ask you to marry me, and yet you refused. What else can it mean? No wonder they all say that men are no good. You really are no good…”

Nie Qing’s voice is full of grievances. With this character of her, it was hard for Bai Xiaofei to imagine that she was a member of a legendary gang of thieves.

Or, are people in legends just weirdos like this?!

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