Chapter 403: Unexpected Incident

Chapter 403: Unexpected Incident

An unaware Bai Xiaofei didn’t do as he was told. After all, in front of him was the king of an entire country. Driven by curiosity, he still stared.

Then, he saw a scene that made him unable to look away…

“My baby, I miss you to death!” The emperor shouted in a perverted voice as he rushed to the illusion.

But he was blocked by the illusion’s coquettish complaint, “I just woke up and you already come to ‘torture’ me. Say, aren’t you a baddie?”

Listening to more and more bold banter outside, Bai Xiaofei knew why he was warned to close his eyes.

Meanwhile, Imperial Concubine Qing had to put all focus on manipulating the illusion outside and at the same time, constantly stimulating the senses that the emperor should feel during this.

It didn’t take long for the flirtatious banter to become actions. Then, Bai Xiaofei saw the illusion take off her bathrobe…

Although it’s just an illusion, the ratio should be exactly one to one! Besides, the one here pressing on me is real!

Swallowing several mouthfuls of saliva, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but gaze at Imperial Concubine Qing at point-blank range. Detailedly manipulation of the illusion not only consumed origin energy but also was a test for both her physical strength and spirit. She had started to shed sweat. From her cheek to her neck, slowly trickling into her looming ravine…

Bai Xiaofei now knew why she wanted him to close his eyes, but he learned too late. Bai Xiaofei was no honest man, he didn’t have the control to make himself look away from the beauty right before him.

Especially when there was still a live show outside!

What was this feeling? Taking a very simple instance, when you watch an adult movie with the very same main actress tightly attached to you, and the only gap between was two thin layers of cloth…

“Put your hands back where they should be!”

It didn’t take long for Imperial Concubine Qing to handle the emperor. After all, the guy was old and couldn’t last long. However, he’d usually rest here after finishing his workout, and this fellow was a very light sleeper, he would wake up at the slightest disturbance. This meant Imperial Concubine Qing and Bai Xiaofei would have to be stuck in this state for a while.

Yet, Bai Xiaofei suddenly became dishonest at such a critical time…

The imperial concubine’s position could be considered to be as in Bai Xiaofei’s arms. At this moment, his right hand was actively moving in the little space left.

“What is wrong with you?!” Imperial Concubine Qing thought Bai Xiaofei wanted to take advantage of her, but when she turned around to look at him, she found that it was not the case. Not only his eyes looked strange, but he also gave her no response.

“Didn’t you say you already have a woman? Think about her, think about what you are doing now!” Imperial Concubine Qing used her quick wits and pulled Bai Xiaofei’s crumbling sobriety back to him.

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly withdrew his hand. But upon coming to his senses, he realized a horrifying thing. His blood flow kept speeding up, as waves of insanity kept assaulting his thoughts, and even his origin energy was going out of control. Even worse, Bai Xiaofei used internal sight and found that his origin core, which should be quiet in his abdomen, was slowly spinning.

How could this be?! I haven’t mobilized the energy in my origin core! How did this happen?!

“What is with you? It’s only a weak aphrodisiac that even Proficient Rank puppet masters can resist, but you can’t? I warn you, if you dare to use this as an excuse to move your hands again, I can be very cruel.”

“Aphrodisiac?! Why would you use that thing?!” Bai Xiaofei almost yelled out this question. The horror on his face was not a pretense at all.

Because his body had once been dominated by the pink energy, plus he also misappropriated it from time to time, as a side effect, his abnormally powerful body had developed an unsolvable weakness. He must not come in contact with aphrodisiacs, otherwise, the effect would be magnified in his body and eventually activate the energy in his origin core.

This was discovered during an unintentional attempt by Hu Xian’er. At that time, she just wanted to have a little more fun in bed, but in exchange, she couldn’t get up the next day…

“How can I deceive people perfectly with just my illusion? Without this additional means, I would have been seen through!” Imperial Concubine Qing angrily glared at Bai Xiaofei.

In his current state, however, her every expression was a provocation that worsened the situation. He tried to keep his gradually blurring eyes wide open but it didn’t work. Her appearance just became more and more perfect, more and more alluring. This was no longer an impact of his visual sense, but that Bai Xiaofei’s brain was telling him that the person in front of him was a stunner!

“Let… let me out!” He breathed with difficulty, his eyes turning blood red. Seeing this, the domineering imperial concubine panicked.

“You can’t! Going out means death! What’s the matter with you? Can you just control it? If you can’t we'll both die!” She was in tears when saying this. She had witnessed quite many grand events, but none of them was this ‘grand.’

“I’ll take care of the emperor!” Bai Xiaofei mobilized the little energy that could still be used. In a flash of light, Blackie appeared on top of the cabinet where the two were hiding.

As their minds connected, Blackie instantly understood what Bai Xiaofei wanted. It gracefully jumped and reached the bed in a few flashes, making no sound during the process. The cat’s paw gently pressed on the emperor’s neck, and with a slight force, the emperor passed out.

He would not wake up this time!

“Okay, let me out quickly!” Bai Xiaofei roared again.

The panicked imperial concubine hurriedly reached for the lock. However, the more panicked she was, the more clumsy she was. It took her several tries to finally open it.

The instant the cabinet was opened, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly rushed to the hot spring where Imperial Concubine Qing had taken a bath, and plunged into it without delay.

“Don’t! Don’t go there!!!” Imperial Concubine Qing hurriedly shouted, but it was too late.

In the hot spring, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t helped sober by the water as he imagined. Instead, his desire in him was heightened. There was something wrong with the spring water! For women, it was the best medicine to maintain youth, but for men, it was poison!

Of course, for someone like the emperor, this ‘poison’ actually acted as an aid. But for Bai Xiaofei at the moment, it was deadly.

Standing up, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes had completely turned red. Seeing this, Imperial Concubine Qing, who planned to pull him out of the spring, was dumbstruck.

The next second, he grabbed her arm and yanked her in…

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