Chapter 38 All Of You Are Too Weak!

The first reaction everyone had when facing Xue Ying, who had appeared abruptly, was fear, but a deep feeling of humiliation assaulted their hearts once more when they saw the student uniform she wore.

I was actually intimidated again by a new student!

“Junior Sister, you’re rather beautiful. There’s no need to stand up for this kid. Moreover, you aren’t capable of dealing with all the people present here. So, it’s best if you keep your distance if you don’t want to be injured!” Zhao Han took a step forward, and the threatening intent in his tone was extremely obvious. If Xue Ying wasn’t a beauty, he would have most likely summoned his puppet a long time ago.

The attitude of the others was very obvious as well. So long as Zhao Han gave the order, they wouldn’t mind destroying a beauty ruthlessly. Of course, it couldn’t be avoided if a little bit of “friction between bodies” occurred during this process…

But there was an exception within the crowd, and it was Bai Ye who had stood out to expose Bai Xiaofei earlier!

Not only did he not stand out to encourage everyone when he saw Xue Ying, he slightly retreated a few steps. He withdrew himself from the central area before looking at Xue Ying vigilantly.

“That’s really reasonable. But what if I don’t want to move aside?” Xue Ying grinned and didn’t take this group of first-year “seniors” seriously at all. But she really didn’t take them seriously…

The “seniors”, however, didn’t think like this. In their eyes, Xue Ying was only a junior sister adept at acting!

“Then we can only offend you!” Zhao Han’s voice didn’t finish spreading out in the air when he charged at Xue Ying. The sword-shaped puppet in his hand was suffused with a yellow glow as it struck towards Xue Ying’s right shoulder.

At the same time, the remaining ten plus people followed him and surrounded her to completely seal off Xue Ying’s path of retreat. But they had forgotten to consider a single thing: what if Xue Ying didn’t require a path of retreat?

It was exactly like this in reality!

When Zhao Han’s sword was about to pierce Xue Ying, she moved slightly to the side and caused his sword to miss. Zhao Han seemed to have been prepared for this, and his empty left hand pressed down towards Xue Ying’s waist.

Since the very beginning, Zhao Han had held the intention of seizing the opportunity to grab her. After all, Xue Ying was only a new student in his eyes, and she was a new student from the Savage Class!

But Xue Ying’s reaction far exceeded his expectations. She vanished from his field of vision long before he could react to what was happening. In the next second, an enormous force assaulted the area beneath his ribs, causing him to curl up into a giant prawn as he flew out horizontally.

Besides Bai Xiaofei, no one had made sufficient preparation to face this sudden change of events, and by the time everyone recovered from their shock, Xue Ying had already pounced into the group like a wolf pouncing into a herd of sheep, and she started sweeping through them without restraint.

One after the other, the ten plus seniors became human-shaped punching bags and flew out in various postures. After they fell, not a single one of them had the strength to stand up once more. All ten plus of them lay all over the ground and ceaselessly rolled about with their hands holding their stomachs.

“Tsk tsk, too weak.” Xue Ying patted her hands together while bluntly expressing her contempt towards the group of first-year students on the ground. She looked at Bai Ye who was the only person still standing.

Because Bai Ye hadn’t entered the range of the battle, he had narrowly escaped disaster.

“Is there anyone else coming? This little bit isn’t even enough for me to warm up.” 

Bai Ye, who had already mentally prepared himself to be struck to the ground, was stunned slightly. He gulped down a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty when he reacted to what Xue Ying had said.

“You…are really a new student?”

“I am new, but you can guess if I’m a new student or not.” Xue Ying raised her brows at Bai Ye, and she didn’t have the slightest awareness of being a teacher. At this moment, she seemed to slightly resemble Bai Xiaofei.

“It’s impossible for someone with your strength to be a new student. But helping him like this is equivalent to going against the efficiency of the Bounty Ranking. Even if you’re able to deal with it for a time, it’s impossible for you to protect him for four years, and it might even drag you down as well in the end.” Bai Ye assumed a serious attitude as he analyzed the situation for Xue Ying and tried to convince her to give up on helping Bai Xiaofei. Otherwise, his road to revenge might become exceedingly bumpy.

“Come at me if you want, or go call others over if you don’t dare. Saying all this nonsense to me is useless because I’m protecting Bai Xiaofei for sure!” Xue Ying clenched her fists and didn’t have the slightest intention of giving up. Her firm attitude caused Bai Ye to instantly flush red with anger.

“You’ll regret this!” Bai Ye turned around and left as he spoke. On the other hand, Xue Ying turned around to look at Bai Xiaofei then saw a scene that almost caused her to spit blood.

“Letting you leave for fifty Starnet Stones isn’t expensive at all. Otherwise, you can continue feeling the might of my Big Sister Xue’s iron fist.” Bai Xiaofei casually pulled up a senior before shaking his jade token before the senior. Xue Ying’s name was really effective because the senior could only obediently choose to pay up when facing her tyrannical power.

“Bai Xiaofei!” Xue Ying roared furiously and seemed as if she was about to eat someone, because she was fighting in the frontline yet this fellow had actually started collecting protection money!

“Big Sister Xue, I heard there are numerous skincare products suitable for beauties in the academy’s shopping district. With these Starnet Stones, Big Sister Xue will surely be able to charm a myriad of handsome young men!” Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was extremely swift, and he stopped her before the rest of what Xue Ying wanted to say could rage out of her mouth.

The temptation of beauty was something few women could resist, and Xue Ying was no exception.

“Ask for a hundred!” Not only was she no exception, she was even more ruthless than Bai Xiaofei!

Bai Xiaofei turned around helplessly before looking at the seniors whose faces were completely ashen. He revealed an expression of being extremely wronged.

“Seniors, you heard her. This isn’t something I said, so, how about…” 

As they forcefully suppressed the impulse to spit blood, all thirteen of them handed over a hundred Starnet Stones to preserve their lives. They were practically crying when they left the classroom.

“Big Sister Xue, I’ve finished collecting it.” Bai Xiaofei held up his own jade token towards Xue Ying. A wisp of excitement flashed past Xue Ying’s eyes, but she helplessly gritted her teeth and pushed the token back to Bai Xiaofei in the end.

“I’ll have to leave if I receive this. But you said you’d buy me top-quality skincare products.” Xue Ying clenched her fists as she spoke ferociously to Bai Xiaofei.

“Hehe. Don’t worry. Big Sister Xue, I’ve never failed at handling things.” Bai Xiaofei raised his brows as he put away the jade token with extreme delight, and no matter how one looked at it, based on his expression, it seemed as if he had expected this would be the outcome from the beginning.

While the two of them were dividing the spoils happily, another large group of people surged over, and they emanated a pressure that was at least ten times stronger than the previous group’s!

“Big Sister Xue, it’s up to you. We’ll be rich once we’re done with this group!” Bai Xiaofei didn’t have the slightest intention of feeling fear, and he instead gulped down a mouthful of saliva in excitement. As far as he was concerned, so long as it wasn’t third-year students, the group was basically here to give away Starnet Stones!

However, Xue Ying didn’t think so…


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