Chapter 399: Shang Youdao Discloses Everything!

Chapter 399: Shang Youdao Discloses Everything!

“Why don’t you use such a good thing on yourself, or maybe your descendants? This pill can create a legend!” Bai Xiaofei raised a very realistic question. This was a continent where the strong dominated, and the value of an Exquisite Rank expert was definitely greater than that of a Bright Road Merchant House.

“It’s not that I haven’t considered this, but building a first-class merchant group is my lifelong cherished wish, and now that this opportunity is right in front of me, I can’t forsake it. Also, I can’t guarantee that I or my children will become a peerless elite after eating this Skypatch Pill, but I’m certain my merchant group will rise to a new level once I sell it!” said Shang Youdao, his eyes full of determination.

“How did you get this pill?” Bai Xiaofei grew serious as he suddenly realized a fatal problem.

According to common sense, whoever got this pill first would have used it right away. How could it change hands? Moreover, the Bright Road Merchant House didn’t look like someone who could handle holding this thing. Even if they were the largest business in the Ancient Yue Kingdom, the value of this Skypatch Pill was absolutely enough to ruin it!

Bai Xiaofei’s question rendered Shang Youdao speechless. There was hesitation in his expression.

“Killing and robbing?”

When Bai Xiaofei uttered these words, Shang Youdao’s silence was prolonged.

“I don’t care if it is, this is not my focus. I care more about where you got the news. Whoever got this pill first shouldn’t have held it for long if not he would have used it already. Don’t tell me that you have already targeted this Skypatch Pill from very early on.” Bai Xiaofei paused before adding, “You must answer this question, and you must tell the truth. Or else, your sweet dream may not be realized and will even take your life in the end.”

Bai Xiaofei said this extremely earnestly. A hint of struggle appeared on Shang Youdao’s face.

“The news was obtained from a small steward of the Globe Merchant Group. I don’t know how he learned of it, but it turned out to be accurate,” Shang Youdao finally said. Bai Xiaofei’s face grew icy.

“If I guess correctly, that steward and the person who helped you identify the Skypatch Pill are all dead, right?”

As his cold voice echoed around the room, Shang Youdao suddenly raised his head, his eyes stubborn.

“It mustn’t be spread! Otherwise, not only the Bright Road Merchant House will be in grave danger, but even the Ancient Yue Kingdom will be in trouble!” Shang Youdao almost shouted these words. Anyone who had done wrong needed a reason to comfort themselves, and Shang Youdao’s excuse was his sad long-cherished wish and his self-righteous sense of honor.

“But you can’t deny that you killed those who put their trust in you, and perhaps they still trusted you even in the moment of their death!” Staring intently at Shang Youdao, Bai Xiaofei gritted his teeth. They all said that the rich flourished from heartlessness, but this was the first time he actually saw it for himself. Ironically, Shang Youdao still thought there was nothing wrong with it!

“I took care of their funerals, and their families acquired the splendor they can never earn their whole lives! Isn’t that enough?” Shang Youdao argued, refusing to admit his mistake at all.

“I’m pretty sure their families would prefer them living over prosperity.” Sneering, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes were full of contempt before it all turned into self-mockery. “It’s ridiculous that I am working for someone like you. This may be the biggest shame of my life.”

In the whole process, Shang Youdao didn’t say a word and only looked at Bai Xiaofei quietly.

“You will still help me solve this problem, right?” A hint of pleading in the eyes, Shang Youdao didn’t intend to give up on Bai Xiaofei, his last lifeline. “Although you haven’t given away the Feature Locking PIll, I already had my people prepare the puppets to give to you within half a year. In addition, I shall present another gift as long as you help me tide this through!”

Shang Youdao no longer wanted his face. He even planned to drag Bai Xiaofei down with him.

“I will stay, but not because of your money or your so-called gift. I warn you, you are not allowed to use anyone as your pawn anymore, or I promise you will regret it!” Bai Xiaofei looked at Shang Youdao with no room for doubt. “Also, from now on, you will answer whatever I ask you. If you hide anything from me again, then I’m sorry, hire someone else!”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished, an ecstatic Shang Youdao raised his right hand. “I swear, from now on, if I, Shang Youdao, hide anything from Little Brother Bai, I will be struck by lightning!”

Shang Youdao’s severe oath didn’t earn Bai Xiaofei’s favor. Casting a cold glance at Shang Youdao, he asked, “Who are you going to sell your Skypatch Pill to?”

“Unify Business!”

“Do they know what you’re selling?”

“They don’t, I only told them that it was a grade-nine pill but not the name.”

“Can you be sure that what you have done with the Globe Merchant Group is fully covered?”


After three quick questions and answers in a row, Bai Xiaofei’s brows creased again. If this was the case, this problem remained inexplicable. From Shang Youdao’s information, it was absolutely impossible for the news about the Skypatch Pill to be leaked before he robbed it, or else he wouldn’t have a chance at all.

As far as the time of Bai Xiaofei’s stay in the Bright Road Merchant House was concerned, it was impossible for anything to be leaked either. Even if there was a mole, they would at best know that it was a precious item, since Shang Youdao certainly hadn’t mentioned the word ‘Skypatch’ to anyone. Bai Xiaofei only forced this out of him due to the desperate situation at hand.

Then came the main problem. Judging from the Thunderstorm Bandits’ actions, they obviously knew what Shang Youdao had, otherwise they wouldn’t have come at him like mad dogs, but where did they get the news?

This was like someone being able to see what was hidden behind an impenetrable wall. In this perfect closed loop that Shang Youdao presented, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t find an opening. Moreover, this matter kept expanding. At first, Bai Xiaofei thought it was just a gang of thieves and the Bright Road Merchant House. Later, a royal family with an ambiguous attitude came into the scene, and now two more top merchant groups joined the fray.

At this point, Bai Xiaofei suddenly thought of what He Tian and the crown prince had told him: The water ran deep here…

He found a paper window1!

If they knew the water was deep, they must know who poured the water as well! Neither the Thunderstorm Bandits nor the Bright Road Merchant House had this ability, which meant there was a third party who was the mastermind of the whole incident.

As long as Bai Xiaofei poked through this paper window and saw this third party, all problems would be solved!!

1. Paper window: A chance to easily acquire something that requires a bit of right poking.

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