Chapter 394: Banquet, The Royal Family Arrives!

Chapter 394: Banquet, The Royal Family Arrives!

Under the pressure from everyone, Shang Youdao sent a shocking invitation to all nobles to attend a cocktail party.

At times like these, no one would be willing to respond to an invitation issued by the Bright Road Merchant House. After all, so many people had died recently, and everyone was afraid of being infected by bad luck. However, there was an exception to everything, and this time it was the last line in fine print in the invitation – At the cocktail party, a lady would be randomly selected and given a Feature Locking Pill!

Who cared about bad luck and whatnot now, even if the males didn’t want to go, their female partners would make them. Moreover, who wouldn’t want their women to stay young forever?

For a while, the whole city was stirred. Finally, the location of the party was changed from Bright Road Merchant House to the Imperial Banquet Hall. This alone pushed Bai Xiaofei’s plan halfway to success. The rest would depend on how he’d play his cards.

As the appointed date approached, Bai Xiaofei ran back and forth to the royal palace according to Shang Youdao’s guidance, meeting several key figures in those last few days. Although those people couldn’t provide him any information related to the Thunderstorms Bandits, they could introduce him to more useful people!

The palace garrison commander, the palace manager, and the queen’s attending maid… all of them were figures that could call up the wind and rain in the city, and all were excellent bridges. After Bai Xiaofei sent them several boxes of gold, they treated him with the best attitude they had. Treating people according to their benefits was forever an indelible habit in the royal quarters.

Before the party, several people offered to meet Bai Xiaofei in advance, but he rejected them with the excuse that he was too busy. These people’s enthusiasm had not fully peaked yet. When they were on the verge of an outbreak after the party would be the perfect time for him to make his move!

The much-anticipated cocktail party arrived after days of intense preparation. Miraculously, the Thunderstorm Bandits hadn’t acted again during this period.

“We must make sure that strict security is in place. The Thunderstorm Bandits are likely to make a move tonight. Any royal member kicks the bucket and we’ll be in for big trouble,” stressed Bai Xiaofei before entering the venue to Shang Youdao, who had heard the same words no less than twenty times.

“The garrison troops will keep everything out of the banquet hall. All the experts in the Imperial City will be on sentry duty at the banquet. I’ve also transferred those who took on my mission over, and there will be strict verification at the reception. Don’t worry, there are certainly no problems.” Shang Youdao patted his chest as he assured, but this did not bring Bai Xiaofei peace of mind.

If he were a member of the Thunderstorm Bandits, he would not fail to grasp such a good opportunity. However, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t imagine where they could break through from facing such a perfect defense, and it vexed him.

In any case, the party must go on!

Bai Xiaofei stood at the entrance with Shang Youdao and greeted the guests. Because of the Feature Locking Pill, everyone was very enthusiastic toward him. The invitation said that the pill would be given at random but didn’t mention what the rule was for this ‘random.’ Therefore, it was possible that Bai Xiaofei’s attitude would be the key.

“The Third Prince has arrived!”

As soon as the welcome staff announced loudly, Bai Xiaofei and Shang Youdao came up.

“Long time no see, Your Royal Highness the Third Prince.”

Bai Xiaofei’s greeting stunned Shang Youdao. The third prince is the hardest person to see in the imperial city. He actually knows him?!

“Brother Bai, you’ve done wrong by me. How could you not tell me that you had such awesome stuff? My wife wouldn’t stop admonishing me!” complained Gu Li as he gestured to his companion, a gentle-looking woman. Every expression she made exuded a refined, sensible temperament.

“It’s no wonder that His Royal Highness kept mentioning his wife every chance he had. You are beautiful, big sister-in-law. This little one is Bai Xiaofei, nice to meet you.” Despite being a super-low means of communication, flattery was suitable for any occasion.

“You are too nice, Master Bai. Anyone who comes from Starnet is a dragon if not phoenix. How can we people in such a small place compare?”

When people wanted to act polite, they could be at it for hours. After dragging the flattery for what seemed like half a day, Bai Xiaofei finally ushered them in.

Following behind the couple was He Tian. The only communication Bai Xiaofei made with him was a glance, as it wasn’t wise to let others notice that they knew each other.

“The crown prince has arrived!”

The welcome staff at the door shouted again, and the royal members entered the hall one by one. Thanks to Shang Youdao’s introduction, Bai Xiaofei basically figured out the royal clan.

There were five princes and two princesses among the ones present, as well as countless aristocrats. The cocktail party organized by Bai Xiaofei had also become an opportunity for many to rub shoulders with royalty. In the mind of most people, it was impossible for the Feature Locking Pill to fall into the hands of anyone else with the royal members here.

“Imperial Concubine Qing has arrived!”

Just when Bai Xiaofei thought that no one else was coming, a shout drew attention to an elegant woman surrounded by a group of people. Her bright red strapless dress perfectly outlined her enchanting curves.

In unison, everyone in the hall saluted to Imperial Concubine Qing at once. Shang Youdao knelt down, but Bai Xiaofei only bowed slightly. Those who held a Starnet Brilliance did not need to make big salutations to any royal. This was the consensus of this continent.

For everyone to have such a huge reaction towards her, in addition to Imperial Concubine Qing’s identity as a royal consort, it was more because of one word – Favor!

The emperor’s health was no longer what it used to be, so there was only so much attention he could divide to his female harem, and 99% of it was placed upon Imperial Concubine Qing.

What did that mean? To put it simply, she was the only person in the whole country who could affect the emperor’s opinion from bed! This was why she was also one of Bai Xiaofei’s most important targets.

“Please rise. I am here to attend the banquet, not to show off my majesty. I can’t bear staying if you are too cautious around me.” Imperial Concubine Qing’s voice was exceptionally pleasing, and her tone was exceptionally amiable. When she spoke, everyone felt like they were caressed by a spring breeze.

But suddenly, Huskie barked twice at Bai Xiaofei. For a moment, everyone’s attention was shifted, even the imperial concubine was no exception.

“You pervert dog, how many times have I told you to remain calm when you see a beauty?! I’ll stew you if you embarrass me like this again!” Bai Xiaofei viciously threatened as Huskie whimpered pitifully. Then, he turned towards Imperial Concubine Qing and cupped his fists apologetically. “This is my puppet. I hope I didn’t offend you, Your Highness. If you’d like, I’ll put it away.”

“Bai Xiaofei, right? I know you,” said Imperial Concubine Qing with a smile.

Stunned, everybody stared blankly at them…

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