Chapter 390: Unexpected Ambush!

Chapter 390: Unexpected Ambush!

“The Price of Blood!” shouted the guy who had conjured the barrier. His hat flashed, and five scarlet silk threads shot into the bodies of his team members.

The next second, the three frozen in mid-air broke free from Bai Ye’s control. At a close range, Bai Ye clearly saw that their eyes were blood-shot. The buff skill just now was definitely not something good but was scarily effective in boosting strength. It allowed the barrier man to forcefully skyrocket them to the Master Rank!

“Back!” Launching a defensive ability, the first person who landed punched at Bai Ye’s shoulder.

Having no intention to pursue the fight, Bai Ye used the opponent’s force to fly out of the battle range. However, the next person who landed raised their hands towards him and a light circle glowed in between, from which countless light arrows shot out.

“Fair Replacement, Strong Shield!” Chu Yue behind acted, his target this time being Bai Ye, who was unable to dodge. A huge energy shield rose in front of Bai Ye and blocked the arrows.

“You can’t choose two people at the same time, can you?! Open Mountain!” At the same time as Chu Yue rescued Bai Ye, the opponent captain suddenly moved in an unimaginable burst of speed. His long staff glowed a blood-red color, different from the puppet level, as he slammed it down on Chu Yue’s head with terrifying power.

At that moment, Qin Lingyan was unable to lend a hand as the last opponent found her right after landing. Although this person had no offensive ability, they were a puppet master proficient in super restrictive defensive ability.

“Starnet Brilliance!”

Everyone else was fighting, but Bai Xiaofei had been so idle that it hurt. In a swift slide, he got in front of Chu Yue with a golden light barrier around him. Then, the supposedly fatal blow of the enemy captain hit his hand without any damage.

The second second of Starnet Brilliance, he grabbed the captain’s long staff and yanked it. The captain lost his center of gravity and was pulled towards him.

In the third second, with origin energy resonance plus the force of Devouring the Heavens and Earth, Bai Xiaofei turned his body and punched into the captain’s back, smashing him to the ground.

When the golden light disappeared, Bai Xiaofei ruthlessly twisted the captain’s arms and disconnected their joints.

“Stop, or the next thing twisted will be his neck!” shouted Bai Xiaofei as he dragged up the captain who had lost all ability to resist.

The remaining four people immediately stopped attacking. Soon after, the scarlet lights on them faded, and their faces turned a lifeless pale. Sure enough, the barrier man’s assistance was not a good thing. It forcefully exchanged their vitality for a short-term power-up. There was no suspense to victory as soon as Bai Xiaofei’s group resisted the first wave of attacks.

“You will regret this!” the captain, weakened and sweating profusely due to pain, said coldly. He refused to admit defeat despite his team losing the battle.

“That’s my business to care, not yours.” Bai Xiaofei smiled, not taking the captain’s cruel words to heart. He gestured to Bai Ye, and the enemy team was once again tied up under Bai Ye’s control.

“We were very close to delivering the Bright Road Merchant House’s item. You are ruining the mission by doing this!” the captain gritted his teeth and spat.

“Sorry, the item you got isn’t the item to be transported but just bait. A bait especially prepared for the big fish who was hiding among us,” said Bai Xiaofei indifferently. The captain’s heart tightened.

“What do you mean?!

“Literally, of course. Why, taking your spy job for the Thunderstorm Bandits so seriously that you forgot your real identity?” Bai Xiaofei said seriously, looking as if he was absolutely certain of the accuracy of his words.

“You fart! You are the fucking bandits!” the captain cursed loudly, but he failed to conceal the panic in his eyes.

“F*ck you, you’re the fart! Don’t want to admit it? Fine! But swearing at me? Are you out of your mind?!” Bai Xiaofei kicked the captain flying then walked over and stepped on his chest, glaring murderously at him. “The Bright Road Merchant House has people following you all the time. Do you want me to show you the records of your communications on the road? Won’t cry until you see your coffin? You think you’re so tough?”

This time, the captain was completely aghast. Terror was written all over his face. I’m done for…

“I won’t capture you back and interrogate you as long as you tell us everything you know about the Thunderstorm Bandits here. If you do, I promise that you will be safe and sound after we return. But if you don’t, your fate will be up to the Bright Road Merchant House. I believe they will have a way to make you speak.”

A naked threat!

However, threats did work wonders…

“You… do you promise you can keep us safe?” asked the captain with a hint of hesitation.

This sudden change of attitude stunned Bai Xiaofei. It wasn’t that he hadn’t expected this kind of result, but that its abrupt arrival caught him off guard. In his imagination, the captain should be refusing to give in with his life. What about your ‘integrity’?

With those loose lips, it should not take years, but maybe only a few months before the Thunderstorm Bandits were thoroughly exposed. Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei felt like he had grasped something.

“As long as you…”

“Watch out!”

Bai Xiaofei’s words hadn't finished when Zhao Tiantian suddenly yelled. Everyone looked up to see a group of big dogs rushing towards them, flashing with different colors!

“Energy bodies! Erratic energy bodies! Dodge!” cried Zhao Tiantian.

In just seconds, the energy dogs approached their position. Bai Ye and Qin Lingyan each took a prisoner and jumped up, but the energy dogs leaped at an even faster speed and bit at the prisoners.

“They’re gonna explode! Let go!”

In that crisis, Bai Ye and Qin Lingyan could only protect themselves. The two prisoners who had no power to resist instantly exploded into pieces by several energy dogs. The rest of the energy dogs fiercely rushed to the others and detonated themselves. Except for Chu Yue who chose to take it head-on with his defense ability, the rest dodged.

Over thirty energy dogs blew up. After the explosion, the surrounding area had been completely devastated by the terrifying sweep of energy.

Chu Yue tried desperately to protect the captain, but unfortunately, he failed and even got himself seriously injured. Zhao Tiantian rushed over. After stabilizing Chu Yue’s injury, she looked at the prisoners, who were the focus of the energy dogs, then helplessly shook her head toward Bai Xiaofei.

All dead…

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