Chapter 37 - Let Me See Who Dares Lay A Hand On Him!

“Big Sister Xue, I'm utterly incapable of giving you an answer to this question. Faced with two drop dead gorgeous beauties like the two of you, how could anyone make a comparison? Every second of time would be spent admiring.” Bai Xiaofei revealed the silly expression of someone that had just seen beauty, something that he’d learned from Fei Gou and Chu Gan, causing a smile to bloom once more on Xue Ying’s face.

“Alright, alright. Since your mouth is so sweet, I won’t make things difficult for you today..” Xue Ying revealed a satisfied smile as she turned around and left while pulling Lin Li along, not giving Bai Xiaofei any further opportunity to take advantage of them.

“We’ll come by after we’ve finished changing. You return to the classroom first. Hold on if anyone comes, and if you can't hold on, then I'll rush back to bury you.” Xue Ying’s teasing voice was still reverberating in the air when she and Lin Li vanished without a trace.

For some unknown reason, Bai Xiaofei had a faint feeling of emptiness after the two of them left.

“Alas, no wonder Third Father said all women are venomous. Can I be considered to have been poisoned?” Bai Xiaofei revealed a doubtful expression as he looked at the direction Xue Ying and Lin Li and vanished in, falling into a state of contemplation.

Whose poison have I been poisoned with?

Bai Xiaofei found himself pondering this question to no avail. Eventually deciding that it was a waste of time, he began to run towards the classroom.

It's time to greet the storm!

After returning to the empty classroom, Bai Xiaofei felt a slight and indescribable sense of loss for some unknown reason.

Perhaps it was because he hadn't seen so many people of the same age at the Gorge of Heroes. Even though they’d only been separated for less than half a day, Bai Xiaofei had already started to slightly miss the noisy students from his class.

There was still another 20 minutes of time before class normally ended, leaving an extremely bored Bai Xiaofei to start playing rock-paper-scissors with Huskie.

Of course, the wager was Huskie’s dog food…

After all, when he was threatened by Xue Ying earlier, Bai Xiaofei had promised an entire five days of double dog food for Huskie. If he wasn’t able to win this back, Bai Xiaofei would probably spit blood from the amount Huskie would cost him.

And so, an extremely strange scene played out in the empty classroom. Two Bai Xiaofei’s sat opposite of one another playing rock-paper-scissors.

Even though Huskie was Bai Xiaofei’s puppet, he was ‘well experienced in the ways of battle,’ and didn’t lose at the first possible moment. Only when there were ten minutes  before classes ended did Bai Xiaofei win all the dog food back.

“Better luck next time. I believe you’ll be able to defeat me one day.” Bai Xiaofei forcefully suppressed an impulse to laugh as he rubbed the head of Huskie, who carried a wronged expression.

He loved Huskie’s stubbornness to always agree to play with him, even after losing every single time….

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t get to be happy for long before a wave of extremely noisy footsteps outside the classroom sounded out abruptly. He could discern just from the sound that there were no less than ten people!

With this many people, he didn’t have to think to know what they’d come for….

“F*ck, that unreliable Xue Ying wouldn’t be seizing this opportunity to f*cking trap me, right?” Bai Xiaofei suddenly recalled the meaningful smile Xue Ying revealed before leaving, and a drop of cold sweat couldn’t help but flow down from his forehead.

Motherf*cker! Looks like I can only rely on myself for this first round!

When he considered his current predicament, Bai Xiaofei decided to take the initiative. Charging over to the wooden door that had already been broken countless times, he unceremoniously kicked it down once again.

“Dammit! Who’s making such a clamor outside? Don’t you know I have a f*cking bad temper!?” His extremely domineering appearance shocked all the 10 plus seniors outside. However, their courage quickly returned when they noticed Bai Xiaofei’s new student uniform.

“You’re Bai Xiaofei, right?!” The person in the lead was a senior from the Sword of Assault that wore a first year’s uniform, while the rest of the students behind him were genuine first years.

Looks like the first wave of people is the weakest. Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but look down upon these people in his heart  when he realized this

You’re only first year students; basically the same as new students. If you were second year students, then perhaps I would be slightly afraid of all of you. 

“So what if I am, so what if I’m not? All of you have come here because my wife has probably resorted to some tricks again, right? Let me think…. The Bounty Ranking?” When facing Bai Xiaofei’s calm disposition, the student in the lead couldn’t maintain his blustering mentality . No matter if it was his attitude of speech, Bai Xiaofei didn’t act like a new student at all. In fact, he seemed more like a veteran who’d been moving around the academy for some time already.

“You know about the Bounty Ranking?” The student in the lead, Zhao Han, spoke with a tone of slight disbelief. Bai Xiaofei was the first person he’d seen who remained so composed after being placed on the Bounty Ranking.

“Shouldn’t you should be asking who my wife is at a time like this?” Bai Xiaofei spoke casually before turning around and shouting towards the classroom. “Huskie, bring me a chair.”

After a short moment, Huskie, who still maintained Bai Xiaofei’s appearance, walked out while carrying a chair, stunning everyone outside the door once again.


It really is Mimicry!

The rumors outside were actually true!

“I’m sorry fellow Seniors, but my body hasn’t been too well these past two days, so I’m unable to stand for long. Moreover, all of you don’t seem like you have any intention of leaving right away, so I can only apologize for sitting.” Bai Xiaofei acted as if he was completely disregarding the crowd of students in front of him, lounging in the chair as if he was the boss of a gang.

“You and Qin Lingyan….” The tone of Zhao Han couldn't help but become slightly weaker. Seeing this, the students behind him couldn’t help but break out into whispers.

As far as they were concerned, they’d already become the sacrifices of Qin Lingyan’s ‘domestic affairs.’

“Arranged betrothal at childhood. One of the reasons I came to study here was to see my future wife, yet I never imagined that we would get into a fight.” Bai Xiaofei sighed as he spoke, revealing a helpless expression.

These few simple words actually caused them all to enter a daze. So do we carry this assignment out now or not?

If we don't, then wouldn't we have skipped class earlier for no reason?

If we do, then what if the two of them make up? With Qin Lingyan’s connections, wouldn't killing us be a matter minutes?

They were all clueless as how to deal with the dilemma facing them.

“You said you were betrothed to Lingyan at childhood? Then why don't you tell us where she and her family are from?” A voice that was extremely familiar to Bai Xiaofei sounded out from within the crowd, immediately causing his heart to go cold.

Subsequently, the crowd split apart before an 'old friend’ walked out with a face covered in smiles.

Bai Ye!

“Not bad, not bad. Bai Xiaofei, you're absolutely the boldest new student I, Bai Ye, have ever seen. You even dared to lie so boldly in front of over 10 seniors. I hope you’ll be able to be so bold in the future as well!” Bai Ye didn't give Bai Xiaofei any time to explain before claiming his words as fact. On the other hand, the others instantly found their confidence with the support of his words.

Moreover, rage from being tricked by Bai Xiaofei came along with this confidence!

“Everyone, I don’t have to say anything else do I? No matter if it’s for the sake of personal grudges, or for the sake of completing the assignment, I presume that everyone will absolutely not disappoint me.” As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Ye moved to the side, allowing all of the students to bring out their puppets before charging towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Let me see who dares lay a hand on him!” Right when disaster was about to descend upon him, a beautiful figure descended from the skies and gave rise to a wave of air that directly blew down the group of people that were in the front.

Bai Xiaofei was almost in tears when he saw Xue Ying’s familiar figure!

Tears of fear that is.


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